4 My 44th Name Day: Ask and it is Done.

Today is also the last day before My 44th name day, My most awaited day, My dream for Peace on Earth.  That is what I am as King for of God, My Father; that the world accept I am His Son and rightful Heir to His Kingdom so that I can Establish His dream for You, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  As above, So below.

“My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done.”

What I have not yet disclosed to anyone is that My Cestui Que Vie was also Created Ceremoniously.  As I mentioned previously, I have not been welcome in My own home for Christmas for several years now.  I always believed Christmas was celebrated on the wrong day, that it should have been the summer; or, more specifically, My name day, June 5th.

So this last Christmas, Christmas of 2016, I decided to dedicate the day to art and bringing My Dream to life.  I Created My Cestui Que Vie with the Intention that doing so would bring Jesus back from the dead, that I would give life to My corporate (corpus/dead) fiction.  All the corporate fictions Will be killed, it is in this Way that I am the bringer of Death with a Mighty Sword, the “S” Word; My Word, My Will and My Way.

I didn’t manage to get a copy of My Cestui Que Vie in the mail until a few weeks later but the Intention was set.  The reason I started this Blog after My awakening was because every Word I had ever Writ in My journal had Manifested in the physical Universe.  Everything.  This is My Gift from God.  And His intention is that I should share it with You, show You that Power by sharing it here.  This Way the Truth is there for all to find without My ever having to impose My Ideas on others.  You are the teacher and the Student when You understand the language of the Universe, the One Song of God’s We all Sing in Our own Tune.

I would also like Porsche, I’ve waited a really long time and I have worked very hard.  Even what I am doing now seems effortless to Me but it is something that would be very scary and intimidating for many souls.  Unless You have spent some time in a men’s shelter, You can’t really know what to expect.  I am blessed, people don’t mess with Me and if anyone did, I can take care of My Self.

What I need is to continue what I am doing now.  I can accomplish everything I need to do from a laptop, that’s how incredible Our world is now.  But in order for that to happen, I need to be able to connect to the internet, have a comfortable place to work from and I really don’t care where that is.  So I am asking the global (Glow-Ball, shine bright) community to provide Me with basic needs; primarily food and shelter while I accomplish My task and probably cigarettes, too.

I believe in the goodness of man, I believe it is Our natural state if only Our heads were not filled with false Ideals (Eye-dolls).  If the world wants peace, I ask You to let Me do this and provide Me with the things I Will need to accomplish My task.  Thank You so much, I love You.

Love and blessings,

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