Happy World Peace Day

Well, the day has finally arrived!!!  My dream for world peace starts today.  Again, six days may seem ambitious but it’s really not that hard when one knows what needs to be done – it’s just a matter of getting everyone on board for a higher Idea for all of man, then delegating to accomplish the task.  The rest is really up to You now, the people of the world.

I got a beautiful little text message from My Mother this morning wishing Me a happy birthday and telling Me that, “she worries but she is trying to understand.”

I told her that I spent seven years studying law so I could defend My Self in court and now they won’t take Me.  Consider how You might feel if You were My mother.  My mother would like to believe that Canada is a good country where her son can prove his innocence in a court of law, and hold those who have broken the law accountable for their transgressions.  I think that is what most of Us would like to believe.  I think most of Us would like to believe We live in a democratic country where public officials are here to serve the public, not dictate and rule over them with oppressive force, ignoring complaints and violations of the common law.

So what other course of action do I have?  I see two options.  I take Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Mr. Lloyd Longfield, Mr. Sean Kearney and all the officers responsible for the arrest in Toronto into an international common law court where they will each face charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, treason, slavery and any other crimes that infringe upon a man’s inherent rights under God for suggesting that these rights can legally be infringed upon for any reason whatsoever.  They are already guilty, there is no excuse for breaking God’s law.  The other option is to invoke the media.  Again, this is entirely up to the people of this country and the rest of the world.  Do You want to know if Your elected public officials have a responsibility and duty to answer concerns from the public, or Will We choose to believe that We are powerless to make positive change in Our own country, even if We do Our duty and invoke the Law?

If a man cannot use the Law to assert his Will for good, then what other recourse does he have?  I am as King of all of You…

Love and Blessings,

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