Ready to Conquer

Good evening, everyone.  Such a pleasure to be here, truly.  I am having the most magnificent time here in Ottawa.  It Will be difficult to leave here if that is what I feel I must do.  The reality of this being My first year as a living man in man’s fiction of law is only just beginning to sink in.  Just as the Magic of My Cestui Que Vie had an impact on My character, so too has My Birth Day.  I’ve been calling it My name day in My Mind since before I’d seen Game of Thrones (which I love, by the Way) because We are only born once – it seems silly to Me to call it a ‘birth’ day.  You are actually celebrating the beautiful name You were gifted by God.  Microcosm reflects the macrocosm in every Way, Your parents are ‘God’ on earth, Your Creator.  And even that Miracle required two; the perfect balance of God’s Love and God’s Power.  Now do You see why the correct number sequence is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8?

Eight is just two zero’s on top of each other.  Turn them sideways it’s a pair of eyes.  0=00=2=8=Infinite.  Three is the Trinity, the expansion of the first two Ideas.  Nothing is something (1) and everything (1) and at the same time, still nothing until it creates something.  To be Created, the zero needs both an observer and a creator.  The third Idea expands on this by knowing there must also be a canvas, a foundation for the Idea.  In the beginning, this canvas was Nothing.

But I digress, I was just going to tall King about conquering the world today.  I was feeling exceedingly inspired and motivated and the alternative canvas for this evening would have been My personal journal – and that just seems pointless.  Why would I want to keep brilliant Ideas like this to My Self?  That would be Self-ish, which sounds kind of like Elfish which makes it sound kind of like a small Idea.  And yes, I do play Word games like this on purpose because I told You conquering the world and creating peace was going to be all fun and games, sunshine and rainbows, the greatest Universal Pictures Presentation the world has ever seen.  And everyone Will play their Divine Part in God’s plan.

What I think surprises Me the most is that over the last nine years, those who have actually known Me and been a part of My life have always compared Me to Christ and I’ve never wanted anyone to.  I would say that what Christ taught was true, but I didn’t want to be that guy, I just want to be Me.  And My job is to save the world.  That is what I came here to do on a level no one else on this Earth can know but Me.  And perhaps I am the only one who truly know I can’t fail.  So it is My Duty to tell You now – that is truly all it takes to accomplish anything.  It is something I have shared from the opening prologue of My Book.  The only thing I know is that one day I Will accomplish peace on this earth, I just never imagined how I might do it.  Now I know, what can stop Me?

This is how I wake up everyday, a King in His Kingdom.  And I do think of Him as My father now, which is new for Me, too.  I usually call it the Universe because My only Idea of the Word father was the biological one.  If You knew him You would understand – never an authority figure in My Mind, never an inspiration except perhaps an example of all the things I am determined never to be.  The relay Sean Ship I had with God was more like it’s suggestion by My Sign, Gemini, the Twin, My Brother, My best friend.  God commands nothing of Me, He serves Me as much as I Him.  Anything I as King of Him is Done for Me.

So what with the date, June 5?  Because I can’t force anything upon anyone.  If none of You want to know Peace, You never Will.  I know better, I know You all do.  I know how easy it is and I’m Willing to put My money where My mouth is.  Six days.  Try Me.  How’s that for a political campaign?  What do I need money for, tell Me?  If You could only see the things I can do.  Funny things is, I know one day You Will.  These Magical gifts of mine Will not remain exclusive to the random few in My presence, My Power grows every day.  For now, these blessings and gifts remain mine, too numerous to count or Write about here, I walk in a Magical world, God calling Me to His throne.  And I am on My Way!!!

I can’t wait to meet You all!!!

Love and blessings,

Post Scripture:  God, I Will be Writing You more, too.  I’ve been practicing My Call I Graph with (Calligraphy for the rest of You 😉 ).


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