Magical Monday

Good morning, world.  Life is so beautiful, I hope You are all ta-King time to ‘smell the roses’; their fragrance fills the air of My every day.  Yesterday’s Magic continued till the moment I closed My eyes to sleep and resumed the moment they opened this morning.  I truly am so blessed, thank You!

I forgot to mention yesterday that My opportunity to earn cash was not a one time deal.  The recruiter’s name is Tony and he said I’m the best worker he’s ever hired, was happy to pay for lunch and smokes though he’s never done it before.  I was going to tell him if he wanted Me back it was going to cost him $15/hr., but he as King of Me to come back today for $16/hr so there was no need.  The moment I declared what it would cost this guy to have Me do this work again was the moment God an Sweared to Me.  These are men of God, whether they know it or not.  They are listing in to some wisdom that tells them I am worth keeping around.  And Word of My reputation spreads quickly.

Also, just after Posting My Blog entry yesterday I had an opportunity to actually speak with one of My new Twitter followers who told Me she just wanted to hear My Voice.  That was her reply when I asked what I could do to make her day a little happier, to prove that I really do care when people tell Me they are sad.  I want to lift the heart of everyone I know (and the Placebo Song “Too Many Friends” plays in the background of My Mind).

“I got a reason to complain, the applications are to blame…”

Access to human rights restricted by applications?  What kind of world do You want?  I’m going to be changing that.  Money and applications Will not be given any Power to deny anyone any ‘benefit’ of society.

The music is a beautiful Way to start any new week and it leads into My Monday morning perfectly.  After French toast with maple syrop, yogurt, fresh fruit and a fresh, hot coffee I made My Way out into the world to conquer the day.  I found an inviting step where I could bask in the early sunshine, already scorching hot and began the rolling ritual.  I’m told that every single thing can be observed with pinpoint accuracy, camera’s in this city are everywhere watching everything.  So I don’t even bother trying to hide anything, I just do My thing and a few minutes later I’m sparking My first joint.

A nearby brother notices with a smile, so I motion to the empty space beside Me and I am soon joined by Peter.  We had the most amazing conversation, talking about the ‘real’ Kings of this world, the ‘Underground Angels’ roaming the streets and raising the vibrational energy of the Earth with their Magic.  His gig is Music and Dancing.  So We started rhyming a little and dancing – apparently I’m a pretty good dancer, which is kind of odd because I never used to like dancing.  Now if I hear music I can’t stop My self.  Same with singing if I know the words.  But very soon a couple of My new friends bro’s are cheering, laughing and clapping as the two of us dance in the sun.  We shared a smoke, then went Our separate Ways to conquer the day.

Then I did a Tarot reading for a friend as I promised I would do yesterday.  I posted the results on Twitter and said that I would not give My interpretation of the cards until after My friend has had a chance to interpret the Cards for her Self.  It is My opinion that the Universe Will use exactly the right images and cards to communicate with Her in a Way that she alone Will understand.  I can offer additional insight later upon request.  So that is My Work for the day so far – keeping My Word.

Next on My Monday ‘to-do’ list is to call all the numbers I harvested on Friday, see what kind of meeting I can set up with these members of Parlour Games – there is a new Player at the table and the Game is Strong in this One…

Love and Blessings world, have a Marvelous Monday.  We are X-Men!!!

Meh, one more Music Video to start the day.  Royals seems appropriate:



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