Manic Monday: Defending Human Rights in the Nation’s Capital (Ottawa)

The adventures of the Spiritual Warrior continue.  As usual, My Monday started out Magically.  The sun was hot by early morning and I made My Way to a courtyard where I had an opportunity to share some of My legal documents with a new friend.  As I mentioned before, I am cautious about teaching anyone what I know about law because it is such a tremendous responsibility.  I had mentioned this fact to My new friend and explained that practicing what I know is considerably more challenging than the creation of a few powerful documents.  The Universe was about to give My friend an opportunity to see what I meant by this.

There were many inspiring conversations to start the morning and I was especially excited because I had also sold the painting of Will Smith I’d been working on last night.  I wasn’t really sure if should let it go or hang onto it until I had a few more.  The problem is, I really don’t need any more ‘stuff’ to cart around with Me, so the less I have the easier it is to be mobile and efficient in everything else I want to do.  So when I pulled the painting out of My backpack and one of My friend’s asked to buy it I knew it was the Voice of the Universe giving Me My answer.  It didn’t put much cash in My pocket but enough to get another canvas and turn a 300% profit on the cost of My materials.  It’s never about the money anyway, though it does serve a purpose for now, the joy is in having someone see something I have created and feel they must have it.  Someone also immediately identified the painting as Will Smith, which tells Me it was considerably better than the last time I had photographed it.  I Will likely have an opportunity to take another photo of the ‘finished’ work, though My battery was dead last night so I wasn’t able to show how it looked at the time it was claimed.

Somehow the conversation of the morning moved to chess and soon I was playing a couple of gentlemen in the courtyard.  Only one who knows how much I appreciate the game Will understand how perfect a morning this was for Me.  I managed a couple of games and offered to start a club for any interested players where I would both teach and play.  I’m not a master but I’m good enough to teach up to around 1600 which is sufficient for most who would be at this club.  With a bit of luck, the group will draw the attention of stronger players who Will improve My game.

I was enjoying chess, sunshine, a friend nearby reading all of My law documents and taking very serious notes…  How could this day have started any more perfectly?  I had a wonderful lunch and began Writing about My day for My little “perspective of Ottawa” project.  As I was busy Writing, Larry Langlois, a councillor of the church told Me that if I wanted to sit in the courtyard, I would have to put a shirt on.  It was literally 31 degrees at this time and I am outside sitting at a picnic table.

I asked him why he was asking My to put My shirt on, if I should be ashamed of My body,  or if it was potentially offending others.

“No, that’s just the rules and I don’t make the rules.”

“But right now You are the one enforcing them and that makes You equally guilty.”

I put on My shirt and Larry continued to argue with Me that he does not make the rules but We all have to follow them.  I asked Larry where I could find these rules and whom I was offending.  He wasn’t able to answer Me, so I called out to My new law friend and told him I was going to leave and go somewhere where a man is free to enjoy the sunshine without being shamed for being shirtless on a hot day.

As We were leaving another onlooker motioned to Me and said, “He speaks the Truth.”

I said thanks to the stranger as I took My leave with My new friend and We made our Way to the dental clinic at the Mission’s homeless shelter.  I took a photo for My little ‘comic strip’ I’m creating for My perspective of Ottawa, outlining My intention for visiting the dental clinic.  I had told Me friend that together We would begin as King to those who are offering services why they feel a man’s financial status is any excuse to deny a man equal access to the health or dental benefits of society in a common law country where all of man is presumed to be equal in both dignity and rights.  I think it Will make for a compelling perspective of Ottawa, especially considering the events which followed.

I entered the clinic with My new follower and explained the degree of care My friend and I would be expecting to receive if We were to visit the clinic.  We were quite plainly told that the quality of dental care We were as King for was not provided by the clinic.  And We (I) as King to the lady if she believed a man’s wealth was sufficient reason to deny any man unrestricted access to health or dental care if all are equal in dignity and rights.  The lady got very angry with Me very quickly and said, “Universal dental care is not a human right!  There is no such thing as Universal dental care.”

I very calmly asked the lady if she would be Willing to give Me that information in Writing.  She said she would not provide any such thing (again, clearly angry with Me).  I pulled out My phone and asked her if she would mind repeating what she had just said to Me so I would have a record of it.  Again she said no, this time demanding I leave her office ‘immediately!’.  I complied with what she asked Me to do and My friend followed.

When I got outside, I decided that this encounter would make for an excellent piece of journalism for My perspective of Ottawa art project and pulled My disposable camera out of My backpack, turned around and stood outside the doorway of the office the lady had just asked Me to leave.  I set up the shot, made sure I had the two ladies in the frame, just in time for them to notice I was standing there with a camera.  Perfect.  The lady who had told Me that a man’s access to dental care is relative to his wealth was now running for cover!  Ah, what a great shot that Will make for My comic strip!  And yes, the revolution WILL be televised.  Of course, the very next thing she did was hit the big red button on the wall to activate the silent alarm.  Once again, I left.

It wasn’t long before I was approached by two heavily built men who work at the Mission.  Generally, they are on the front desk and seem to share all other tasks equally, so they are not really security but security would be part of their ‘duties and responsibilities’.  One of them is so big I have always called him “the Mountain”, and even told him once he reminds Me of the character.  He laughed and said I was not the first.  The other guy was taller and smaller by comparison, but only because I am comparing him to a guy I am calling “the Mountain”; he was also well built, easily a lean 190-200lbs.  I’m about a buck thirty-five, so I am always surprised when men of such stature seem so intimidated.  The taller one of the two (who later told Me his name is Mike) approached Me first and he did not look confident.  When he spoke, My instincts were confirmed – his voice was meek, shaky, uncertain, he was clearly very nervous – the “Mountain” didn’t look much better and stood a couple feet back.

They as King to Me what had happened and I told them – minus the detail about the camera which was the first thing he as King of Me about when I was finished recalling the rest of My encounter.  They as King of Me if I had succeeded in taking a picture on My phone and I said no.  They as King of Me if they could check My phone to make sure and I said it was no problem, I did not know it was against the rules to take a picture or record a conversation when I am defending human rights.  Mike said that it was.  But My phone had no battery life left so he as King of Me if he could take it inside to charge and check it.  I said no problem, handed him My phone and waited a few minutes before going inside to collect it again.

When I did go inside, he gave Me back the phone and thanked Me for being so cooperative but said he was going to have to give Me a two day suspension for ‘disrespecting a member of staff’.  I as King of him what I had done to disrespect an employee and this time the lady was standing behind him in the office telling Me that I had no right to ask her about premium dental care and that she had never said that Universal Dental care was not a human right.  I as King to her why she was so angry and why she had demanded I leave for as King to her questions about human rights and funding, further clarifying that My intention is to let all charitable organizations know that nothing, not even a man’s wealth or status can deny him any benefit enjoyed by another member of society in a common-wealth country or We are not equal.

Mike stopped the conversation, rendering it pointless as the decision to suspend Me for two days was final.  I as King to Mike to have access to My locker and was told the lock would be cut and My stuff placed in lock up until 6:00 p.m., at which time I could pick it up anytime before 9:00 p.m.  Needless to say I was not impressed but did not protest, I accept all things as gifts from God.  Who knows where this Will lead, how this Will amplify the express-Sean of this comic book Hero defending man’s rights under God.  Every good comic book hero needs a little adversity to overcome!

Tomorrow I Will ask for Mike’s full name as well as the lady who represents the dental clinic of the Mission.  I Will Write each of them a letter.  I Will also find out who is the chief of staff at the Mission, the big boss, if You Will.  And I will speak with the Chaplain, the Spiritual representative of the institution.

My new friend was concerned for Me, initially.  I reminded him that this is just part of the work.  Being the change You want to see in the world is not easy, but if I were afraid to represent these Ideas, if I were afraid to represent the people and human rights in My own country for fear that I may lose My ‘right’ to shelter, or food, or other necessities, then My documents mean nothing and I am more hopelessly enslaved than anyone.  But I am never homeless, for I am always in God’s Kingdom and this is the Work that was intended for Me.  And these are the ‘sacrifices’ I make.

Mike had also as King of Me to check My backpack because he believed I might have another camera.  I said no.  I was already banned for two days for cooperating, I was not about to lose a camera because this arrogant kid believes he has a right to take it from Me.  There is no rule or policy, by the Way, that says You cannot take a photo of a staff member in the Mission’s Rules and Regulations or any agreement I signed.  And the use of media to uphold the common law is absolutely lawful under any circumstance, anyway – I was not about to have My most compelling evidence stolen from Me, they were already presuming it was okay to ‘covet’ My personal private property for four hours.  Mike as King if I would at least open My backpack to show him there was no camera inside and I said, “No, You have insulted Me enough for one day, I’ll be back at six for My stuff., and I left.

When I returned at six I was told I have been banned indefinitely for not allowing them to search My backpack when it was requested of Me.  Ah, the Plot thickens…

Love and Blessings,



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