Happy Lucky Wednesday, World!!!

Hello everyone, I hope You are all having a wonderful Wednesday!  I’m super excited today because I’ve been ‘upping My ante’.  It is all fine and well to tall King about elected officials and their judicial oath of office, it is quite another to hold those who fail their judicial oath accountable.  However, nothing can keep a man from his Destiny and soon enough I Will be in a court and I Will invoke the common law and I Will subpoena all who fail to uphold and protect the common law and human rights.

When I first began tall King about human rights, I had some say to Me that I cannot tall King about human rights at all.  A human is not a man, it is a shade (hue/hu) of man protected only by the colour of law.  Well, I told You I have dis-Spelled the Black Magic of Black’s Law and no more Shall any Word Writ on paper be sufficient justification to deny a man equal enjoyment of a right under God.  Period.  So I am defending human rights because most of Us would say We are human beings, completely unaware that Black’s Law gives a definition of human that removes a man of his right to property and family. And I Will have no problem as King to judges how Words on paper give authority to remove a man of rights under God.  If You’ve been reading this Blog for a bit, You are likely beginning to understand why they would do just about anything to keep Me out of their courts.  Ironically, it is the one thing I would not Mind being wrong about, I am getting excited about going to court now that I know how to play their game.

Oh, that reminds Me, I played chess again yesterday and lost two of three games to a new player, though I have forgot his name!  They were all great games, he is a very good player and (no coincidences) guesses his rating to be roughly 1600 based on his online speed-chess performance.  I find that even more impressive to be honest as I find chess very difficult (and not so much fun) when the time restraints are so fast.  I don’t like ridiculously slow games but I like a leisurely pace with or without clocks.  Fifteen minutes per side (half an hour per game) is a time restraint I find comfortable.  Anyway, I was very excited to find a man who is better than Me and he expressed some interest in joining a chess club if I can get one organized.

I also went back to the Mission today and asked for the name of the man who barred Me and the lady from the dental clinic refusing to answer questions regarding human rights and equality.  I was denied both and told I was barred.  I as King to them why they thought I might be as King for the two names.  They also refused to give Me the name of the manager or their boss and handed My a blank business card with the Mission’s phone number on it.  I decided I would just go online, check out the website and e-mail them – that Way I have a digital receipt.

I Wrote that letter this morning and gave them thirty days to respond to violations of the charter at which time the opinions expressed in My e-mail would be considered fact and punishable by law in an international, common law court.

A pretty productive day for only ten in the morning.  And it’s also the longest day of the year!!!  How fabulous is that?  And on lucky Wednesday?  Wow, it’s like a hat trick or trifecta!!!  The sun is also shining warm and hot, though it appears it may rain later.  I don’t Mind, I have a rather busy day (indoors) today.

I also have a few new friends now, most interested in My determination to protect Human Rights and the common law.  Although I don’t Mind flying solo for much of My personal Mission, it is great to have a witness when I am handing people documents or even just asking questions as I did on Monday.

What I would like to try and remind everyone here is something I share with all My new friends.  Anyone can do the things I am doing – the problem is, very few do.  I can’t say nobody because We have had countless people representing Truth and Human Rights over the years.  How long did Martin Luthar King spend in jail?  How long did Yoko and John fight for their right to remain in the U.S. when they were refused a Visa and told they must leave the country?  And what did He (John) say that had the case dismissed?  He declared that He and Yoko were their own country and they claim ownership of nothing but equal access to all the land of God (or something to that effect, please watch documentary if You are interested in the exact phrasing).  It was that moment that My friend looked over at Me with renewed ‘faith’ in what I am doing, “Oh My God, Sean, that sounds so much like You!”

A man should not need to study law for nine years and earn the ‘credentials’ I’ve earned to uphold and protect the common law.  And any man who knows this can.  That’s what it means to truly live in a democratic country, or any system of government where the foundation of authority lies with the Will of the people.  Most of us have just become so lazy and complacent in Our responsibility to government, We would have no Idea where to begin.  My foundation is no greater than any other man’s.  I am learning as I presume any other man would have to learn; by trial and error.  But eventually, I Will find My Way and I Will one day end up in an international court.  I know this so well, I am beginning to get excited about it.

Love and blessings, everyone, Happy Lucky Wednesday!!!






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