Man Tased Six Times by Ottawa Police

I didn’t even realize I was in shock until after the event was over and the man had been removed on a stretcher, still cursing at the cops.

I have never actually witnessed a man getting tased until today.  The entire situation was traumatizing, never Mind the sound the volts of electricity made as they were running through this man’s body.  Six hits before He finally went down.  The question is, was it necessary or was this man unjustly assaulted?

The man sat down in the lobby of the Salvation Army where I am told he has been barred.  He then appeared to be unconscious when the staff approached him (though would look up and smile at the other men in the room while staff were walking away), so they called 911 as would be expected for an overdose scenario.

As per usual, the fire department was first on the scene, ambulance second, then, finally, three police cruisers.  There were initially six officers though I may have seen as many as ten – for one sixty-something year old man.  I entered the lobby before the police arrived and the fire department and paramedics seemed to have the situation under control.  I’m not sure if there was any need for the police to interfere, it didn’t seem as though there was.

Frank seemed fine, responsive and was slowly pulling himself together.  Two security guards, two paramedics and three firemen were there to assist if necessary, the man was not violent or aggressive in any way.  Then the police approached and Frank told them to stay away, “I remember what You did to My family, stay away from Me!”

“Let’s not go there, Frank.”   One of the officers replied and things started to go less favourably for Frank.

The police continued to approach and Frank got louder, yelling at them to stay away.  He appeared to be holding two spoons, or some kind of metal object, but he remained seated the entire time and made no threats but repeatedly yelled for the officers to stay away.  He was told if he did not let go of the metal objects he was holding, he would be tased.  He did not let them go.

Soon I was watching red dots swarm an old man’s chest and I could hardly believe what I was observing.  Then I heard the first taser go off and I was horrified.  He barely moved except to rip them out and throw them on the floor.  So they hit Him again.  They drained to first two guns and were recharging or switching to give a total of four more shots before He finally went down.  The police were unmoved by this, seemingly unaffected.  I have never been more traumatized by anything in My life.  And the same was true for one of the young women who works here.  She spoke to Me for a few minutes and I was thankful I was able to make Her feel a little better; and She distracted Me from My own emotions long enough to keep it together and process the emotions I was experiencing.

Bar none, the most traumatic thing I have ever witnessed.  It seemed entirely unnecessary.  Frank responded very differently to the police than He did to the paramedics and firemen.  If the police had never arrived, I believe the situation would have been diffused without incident.  I wonder how many other people who witnessed this event tonight were as traumatized by it as I was.

And incidentally, the supervisor showed up just after the incident was over.

Love and blessings,


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