Winter is Coming…

Hello, World.  Today’s ‘high’, 16 degrees.  Coldest day of the season thus far, the most demanding and challenging time of year is just around the corner for the world’s homeless and impoverished.  I wonder just how many ‘proud’ Canadian’s would remain proud if they knew what kind of conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to.

For Me, it’s too cold to paint outside, time to move indoors.  Thankfully, painting keeps Me occupied but it is considerably more challenging to find zen in a crowded lobby with a television blaring in the background, than it is to sit in the sun and talk with those who happen to visit and inquire about My Work.  So I haven’t painted in a couple of days.  I have, however, reviewed My documents, letters, and further developed My ‘political’ strategy.

Yesterday I organized all of My documents in chronological Order, ensuring I have duplicate copies of all My original documents.  I was proud.  I still consider My Self an amateur painter at best, which is why I have never really resonated so much with the title of ‘Artist’, though that is how most people know Me now and I must confess, I like being called ‘Painter’.  I am, however, very proud of every Word I have Writ.

I am going to do some more Work here on My Blog.  I created a section called ‘The New Book’, and I am going to change the title of the category to ‘My Story’.  It would be great if I could find a Way to publish entries so that the last post shows up last, rather than first.    It’s really the only reason I haven’t kept it up to date in the first place – I want it to read in chronological order like My own portfolio does, not last to first.  I think I might be able to do this by creating a new page but it has been some time since I’ve created one (My Book), so I’ll have to see what I can do.

Either way, I Will be publishing all the letters I have Writ to a special section of My Blog that Will be something of an online edition of My (upcoming) Art Exhibition.  I have painted all of the characters in My Story for a reason, the letters Will allow My readers to know why they have become part of My Story, when they were introduced and what their role is in this Universal Pictures Presentation. 😉

For now, I am focused on determining who should be next on My list.  Like so many other things in life, there are almost endless options.  I could Write the Canadian Art Gallery and other local galleries here in Ottawa to find a venue for My Work.  I can get involved with the Alliance to End Homelessness, the mayor and other’s who claim to be motivated to end poverty.  I can begin Writing media networks including copies of all My letters.  Or, I can continue to focus on M.P. Lloyd Longfield’s failure to respond to My letters as he no longer has any right to be a M.P. – he has breached his oath of office and can be lawfully removed anytime, he is now unlawfully occupying the office he represents.

The Spiritual director here at the Salvation Army loves My enthusiasm and determination and is willing to connect Me with members of the board of directors.  That should be very helpful.  He also wants to introduce Me to an International Human Rights group hoping to create awareness of the deplorable conditions in North Korea.  My goals are Universal, Canada is only first on My list because I am sojourning here now.  His title is ‘Captain’ Thomas Yoo, and He seems as excited about My political ambitions and exhibition as I am.  He is one of the characters I Will be Honouring in My tapestry.

Winter is coming and although I plan to Work on many projects, the main goal Will be to have a semi-permanent, secure venue to display this ongoing exhibit – preferably one with lots of foot traffic.  For now, I have more letters to Write and at least one more entry to post.

Love and Blessings,





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