Stood Up on Sun Day

The weather in Ottawa was absolutely beautiful today.  The sun showed promise early and it set a bright tone for the rest of the day, everyone seemed a little more lively and elevated than usual.  I also had a movie matinee date later in the day which is highly unusual for Me.

I have had an opportunity to meet a lot of people painting outside the Salvation Army, and although I do remember having a conversation with a woman who had said I reminded her of Van Gogh some time ago, I have little recollection of her appearance.  She was very kind, roughly early sixties, thick European accent and I had remembered her saying that I must see the film.  When I protested, she insisted that one day she must take Me, determined I would love it.  So I relented and gave her My number.  Well, she called last Wednesday, as King of Me if I would meet her for the Sunday matinee.  I Honoured My Word.

The lady called Me again this morning, sounding every bit as sweet as she did the first time I spoke with her, as King if I had remembered Our date.  She warned Me that her eyes are not as good as they once were and said she would need to sit near the front and thinks it might be better for Me to sit nearer the back so I can see properly.  The whole thing was so endearing, I couldn’t say no.

I figured this kind lady probably just wanted a reason to get out of the house and someone to talk to.  The weather was so beautiful, I wasn’t really feeling the vibe of sitting in a dark theatre for two hours watching a film about a guy who cuts off one of his own ears, but I figured if I could make this woman’s day it would all be worth it.  And then she stood Me up!!!

I laugh a little retelling the story.  How fabulous is that, really?  And even funnier, she didn’t call to say why and it was a private number, so I had no Way of calling her back!  I felt like a huge joke had been played on Me and I was very much feeling the good sport, My desire to continue enjoying the sun answered with a flavour of humour – Universal Style!  😉

Ah, what a great day!  More to come soon,

Love and Blessings,

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