War King In Court Tomorrow!!!

That’s right, tomorrow I Will finally be in a courtroom for the first time since I earned My Degree.  You can’t even imagine how excited I am about it.  It Will likely be difficult for Me to sleep.  And no, I’m not in any trouble…

A friend of mine has a promise to appear for assault causing bodily harm.  He has no lawyer and doesn’t want one; he swears he did not harm anyone and believes there can’t be any incriminating evidence to suggest otherwise.  His name is Joel and I’ve known him for a few months, I feel I know his character well enough to believe what he tells Me is true.  Joel is so confident, he was going to speak for himself and was as King for some guidance from a couple of his friends as I approached this morning.  I offered to accompany him tomorrow and provide counsel if he was interested, he seemed absolutely thrilled to accept.  I Will meet with him at eight a.m. tomorrow morning to be in court for eight-thirty…  So stoked!!!

I don’t promote My legal skills much, though I am quite happy tall King about law with anyone who might be interested.  It is a huge responsibility.  I knew if I were patient, eventually the Universe would present Me with the perfect opportunity and now I have it.  I have offered help to others, but they are always speaking to Me about paperwork they never have with them, promise to bring, and fail to deliver.  Joel had his promise to appear notice with him this morning and the situation is almost identical to My first ‘promise to appear’ in Toronto several years ago, though My charges were actually more serious.  My brother posted My bail so he was responsible for making sure I appeared.  He cautioned Me virtually the entire morning, warning against speaking for My Self in court, urging Me to take legal aid and get a lawyer.  On the ride home, he actually apologized for ever having doubted Me.  Thank You for that, Michael.

Joel does not have his disclosure, so tomorrow should be a very simple, straightforward day as far as his matter is concerned.  The only variable, really, is how the judge responds to Me.  A man has the right to any counsel he chooses.  The judge is likely to as King of Me what qualifications I have…  Now there is an entire realm of potentialities, just like in chess.  This is how I imagine it might go.

The judge Will as King of Joel to rise and Joel Will rise.  When the judge as King of Joel if he has a lawyer or attorney present, I Will rise.  The judge Will as King of Me who I am.  I Will claim that I am King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, counsel for Joel.  I have no clue how the judge Will respond, though I trust the response Will be Honourable and favourable.

I have provided counsel for friends in court, though only for traffic tickets (and I’ve never lost).  The judge has as King of Me these questions before and I have stated simply that I have stronger language and communication skills than the man I am assisting.  I have never been asked to produce identification of any kind, much less credentials that qualify Me to speak in court, so I am not sure if the judge Will as King of Me for evidence of My claim or title, but I do know the judge Will know what that title means.  And I Will have evidence of My claim with Me should the judge as King of Me for it.

If the judge does ask for evidence of My title claim, the case may be adjourned the moment the judge sees My documents.  The judge may as King of Me what they mean, or say nothing at all and simply return the documents, as King of Me how I would like to proceed.  I truly have no Idea what the judge Will say, but I trust there Will be no issue with Me providing counsel.

When the matter does proceed, I Will as King of the judge to provide Joel with disclosure of the facts against him as he does not yet have it.  The judge Will likely adjourn the court for five minutes and Order prosecution to provide the requested disclosure.  The court Will then reconvene and the judge Will again as King of Me how Joel would like to respond to the charges.  I Will explain to the judge that I have an issue with the style of the name on the (disclosure) documents.  I am quite sure the judge Will as King of Me to explain and I Will challenge the use of capitus diminutia medius and as King that it be changed to capitus diminutia minimus in Order to reserve all Joel’s common law rights under God.  I Will suggest two weeks time to review the disclosure documents which I also believe the judge Will have no problem granting.

From what I have witnessed in courts, two weeks is generally considered a reasonable time period to review disclosure (before entering a ‘plea’) unless there is an unusually large amount of evidence.  There really is no reason to presume things Will not go very much as I have just described.  However, I have a couple of other questions I would like to as King of the judge before I leave, including a transcript of the proceedings and where to send the bill for My services.  😉  I may be not for profit, but I do have expenses…

This is practical application of My skills in man’s commercial world, War King (working) in law, representing the common man, protecting the common law.  Lawyers working for legal aid provide their services at no cost to the client, but they do get paid for the work – and there is no reason why I shouldn’t either, at least until My status in Canada is fully Honoured.  I am also hoping to have an opportunity to present My Judicial Oath of Office before the court, and potentially My Cestui Que Vie, both of which Will be spoken.

It is going to be a very interesting day for Me.  And there are no coincidences in the Universe…  I wasn’t planning on wearing anything special for the occasion but I was just gifted with a pretty slick dress shirt and vest that make My fedora look fancy.  I’m all about Style!

And the Style of the name is what I Will challenge in court tomorrow.  I’m curious to see how difficult it is to have My request Honoured.  This is how I hope to challenge jurisdiction without dis-Honour to the judge.  The second I announce that I am ‘King’ Sean, the court Will be under the authority of My jurisdiction if the title is Honoured, though nothing Will appear to be any different.  King is a title and the judge has a Duty to Honour a King the same as I have a Duty to Honour the judge.  By as King to change the Style of the name, I am as King of the judge to have a common law court prepared for the next hearing without challenging the judge’s immediate authority or jurisdiction.  My client has not yet claimed the value of his own life, and commercial admiralty civil law (and courts) is/are the default for those who are presumed to have given up their common law rights voluntarily.  This is a polite Way of letting the judge know that Joel would like all common law rights reserved for his next appearance.

Again, sleep may be difficult tonight.  This Will be My first time before a judge with My new title, You can imagine how excited I am to apply it to something practical.  I Will be sure to let everyone know how it all goes later tomorrow evening.

Love and blessings,


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