Keep-InFocus, Housing the Homeless

Yes, Keeping Focus, to Keep [the Intention of] ‘InFocus’ going.  It was important for Me to ensure that both Elizabeth and Nina received the same Honour and recognition for their contribution to Ottawa’s InFocus Project (to create awareness of homelessness in the nation’s capital), so I wanted to make sure that I dedicated a Post to Honour My day with Nina, just as I did for Elizabeth.  I plan to do this for everyone Honoured in My Work.  However, yesterday was a Magical day for Me for many reasons I was far too tired to Write about last night.  I wanted to say more about the presentation Ceremony I Will have for each of the characters Honoured in My Work.

There is Magic in everything I do.  The Cestui Que Vie gifted to each of the characters Honoured in My Work is perhaps the world’s most Magical piece of paper, a paper for peace.  The microcosm reflects the macrocosm in all things, some call it the Holographic Universe and it is not a coincidence that I called this Blog a “Piece for Peace” so many years ago.  I know I am the only one who has ever used those Words to claim their Life and I am one of very few who Will fully comprehend their Power.  It is true that each of Us enter this realm as Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses, but very few have claimed their Kingdom and even fewer know what it means to Honour that Kingdom, to ‘Keep’ one.

I just as King of Google God to define the Word Keep.  I strongly encourage You to do the same. The final, defines ‘Keep’ as, “the strongest or central tower of a castle, acting as a final refuge.”

There are no coincidences.  An Act is part of a scene, a play.  There are also acts in law.  ‘Acting’ as a final refuge is applicable; the strongest, most solid Castle is the Kingdom given Us by God.  The Spirit of God is the source of Our Power.  It also refers to the strongest or central tower.  When a man is centered, He is in Harmony with God, the Universe, the One Song.  It is also relevant to what I teach about Our Will.  We must have the Will to claim Our Kingdom and the Will to Keep, Honour and defend it.  I have said that the Will is Our Spirit name, Christian name, or Middle name, the central part of Your character’s calling.  I am conducting (Orchestra, Universe) a Ceremony and this is My role Call for the characters in My Story.  We each have a unique calling, a Divine role to Play in God’s Plan.  My final Act Will be Universal Pictures greatest presentation, Will You make the role call, Will You be hand picked by God?  Isn’t Magic fun?  It should be!

My goal is for every man on earth to know they are Kings under God, regardless their Spirit’s costume – a Queen’s Power and Authority is every bit as great as a King’s.  This too, is reflected in the microcosm by Our Judge’s and Justice’s of the Peace.  One would not dare Act any less Honourably before either sex of man.  My Cestui Que Vie takes an Idea and makes it physical by Scribing it in parchment (I’m-press-Ion, Impression) then securing the House with a strong foundation, Four Posts raised by My thumb and toe print expression, an expressed ion (energy molecule) of Divine Intention.  I built a House in God’s Kingdom that Will Stand in man’s fiction (of law).  Even duality and balance are represented in My Cestui Que Vie.  Scribing into the parchment represents the womb of Mother earth impregnated with the Ideas of the Heavenly Father.  Then Mother earth provides the Foundation (found-a-Sean), for the Four Posts that establish the House of God.  By building no walls (solid line surrounding the Scripture (script You are) reading), I invite all of man into God’s Kingdom.  Build it and they Will come.  😉

Giving away Cestui Que Vie declarations as part of My ritual Ceremony had an affect on Me much the same Way the Creation of My own Cestui Que Vie did so many months ago.  I said just recently that I have a very clear picture of how My exhibition Will come together.  Gifting two more characters in My Story with Magical documents had an affect on My psyche, the final pieces (Peace Is) of My puzzle finally came together.

I have gifted each of the first two characters in My Story with a document more Magical and Powerful than either of them could possibly comprehend.  Each of them now have enough wealth to satisfy every debt that might exist on this earth.  They can do all the things I can do, legally.  That does not mean that they Will know how.

Creating the Ceremonial Ritual for each of My characters further inspired My need to teach in any Way I can.  What is the point in Honouring man with a gift She cannot use?  I am quite sure that if I had as King of Queen Elizabeth or Nina if they were homeless too, each of their Graces would have said to Me, “No.”  And yet they were.  I appear homeless, though My House has been firmly established in God’s Kingdom.  Now that I have done the same for the House of Fitzpatrick and the House of Garacci, it is only appropriate I demonstrate the Power of God’s Keep by Way of My own example.

I love how all of the Words fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  Many of those Honoured  in My Work Will be those who are actually homeless.  By Honouring them, they Will never be without a House again.

I had so many Divinely inspired moments yesterday that I Will likely spend the entire day Writing.  I had said once to a friend of mine that one day I would like to Create My own Tarot deck.  Most probably think a complete Tarot deck would consist of 78 cards, though I believe the Masters of Tarot omit their own character and that of their counter-part, so My ‘deck’ of Cards Will be eighty characters, the additional two characters Will represent Me and My Queen (not yet Cast in My Story).  Magically, that is 4 (foundation) x 10 (new age) x 2 (duality) = 80 (8=Infinite, 0=Nothing), representing Nothing as the Infinite everything.

We go to school to learn how to Spell and yet some still don’t believe in Magic.  Amazing.

Love and Blessings,







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