The Universal Student

Today I re-tweeted a Post from 2011, March 15, ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’.  I declare the Post My Highest teaching and I Stand on it today.  I am that, I am.

It’s My most read Post of all time.  I Write about being the change We dream to know and the intention of the Post was to simplify everything I know and understand about the Universe into a single teaching that could be applied in day to day life without the reader having to know or comprehend why or how it works…  Leave the small stuff in the hands of the Universe.

I remembered My character’s Divine purpose on the world stage on My thirty-fifth birthday.  I am now in My tenth year.  I had said We are all Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens.  It has been an internal truth for Me for almost ten years.  I have done everything I can to apply everything I teach in that Post to My own life.  On My forty-fourth name day, I celebrated My first year in man’s world as a true King.

Now, I am dedicated to continuing My teaching, as that has been the purpose for everything I have done all along.  I have been the example of everything I teach on My Blog.  For a time I was tall King about suspension of disbelief, using Your Imagination to believe You are the superhero of Your own Story, equipped with all the special skills and abilities necessary to succeed at Your specific mission on earth.  It is the truth of what You are.

I described My Self as the Prince of Peace in that Story, the unlikely hero who is on his Way to claim the Kingdom.  And that’s exactly what I have done.  I, as King of a friend recently, “if You knew that one day You would be one of the most famous people on earth, that it was Your destiny…  Would You be eager for it, or would You want to enjoy as much time as possible being a nobody?”

She could have said nothing and I would have known the answer.  The excitement in her eyes, the enthusiasm in her smile…  I could feel it.  Her eyes were actually dancing – I felt so ungrateful.  It motivated Me.

I think there has always been a part of Me that believed My Magic is so powerful, I could literally transform the earth from here, that I would never actually have to be on the world stage.  On the other hand, I have known since I was a child that I would one day teach the world and I know the best Way to do that is to be the change You dream to know.  The Prince of Peace has claimed His Kingdom, now it is time to rule.

I can hand out as many Cestui Que Vie’s as I want but that won’t teach a man how to be King.  I do not believe that any of My initial documents would have been returned to Me if ‘they’ did not Trust that I would know their Power and, more importantly, how to use it for the benefit of all.

This relates to everything I have ever Writ about when I was as King of My readers to Imagine We are hero’s in Our own story, Writing a new page every day, a new chapter every year.  Discovering the Philosopher’s Stone is only half the quest, the true and just man must use it’s Power for the benefit of all.  Is that not a perfect metaphor for My Cestui Que Vie?  No coincidences.

It is truly remarkable for Me to look back on that Post from so many years ago, reflecting on My life now and all I have accomplished.  One of the last things I said in the little virtual Universe I Created called the Temple of Equated Forces, was that the Gates to the Kingdom of Heaven are unlocked now, all We have to do is open the door and walk through.  Nothing could be closer to the Truth but I know I’m going to have to go first.  I’m ready now.

Love and Blessings,


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