The “Real” Flat Earth and Practical Magic

I recently Posted to Facebook – “If You believe the Earth is flat, kindly shoot Me a message so I can remove You from My friends list.   Thank You.”

I am thankful to report that none of My friends messaged Me.  I don’t have time for that nonsense and even if they were right, I don’t care, I have bigger fish to fry – like the ones in the sky, Pisces – this is the Age of Aquarius, remember.  Until We get everyone on this planet fed, sheltered and cared for, I don’t care if the world is round or flat, We have bigger things to worry about.  Much bigger fish to fry in the sky.

Today I have sunshine on a rainy Sun day.  It’s only 10:51 a.m. and I’ve already finished Posting the last Pages in My Story, it is now Current (like Energy), and ‘up to date’.  Magic.  My documents Stand in Law.  It also Dawned on Me that what is Writ is the only thing man perceives to be real in this world!  There was no Sunday mourning (morning) for Me, only the Dawn(ing) of new Ideas, like a lightbulb in My Mind brightening My day.  I Real Eyes that what man perceives to be the real world is actually a flat world, the things that are Writ on paper.  My documents Stand on the Highest ground man perceives to be real and are Tall King to the rest of man’s fiction.

Like all Magic, the documents hold a vibrational frequency and man’s fiction of laws allow for Me to explain how this Works in the ‘real’ world, how Magic influences every single day of Our LIFE.  My documents Live in man’s fiction of law.  The longer they are on the Record, the more powerful they become.  A document is a Dock of ‘ment’, or Mind.  It Docks the Idea and Emits a Frequency, a Signal (sign [to] all) which is then met by a Receiver (like a radio), “Received by Ministry of Attorney General”, for example.  The Receiver becomes a new Transmitter of the same Intention, or Signal – I have just Amplified the Frequency.  The Record continues to Play, just as I do.

Re-reading My last two documents entered onto Canada’s Superior Court Record made Me proud, they are very well Writ.  It is almost as if the Spirit of God truly does take over while I Write them.  I am also very content to have those be the only documents I Stand on.  I have Writ many more letters but those published in My Story are the only ones that Matter (have substance and weight) in man’s world.  They really do Matter, and after re-reading them, I am beginning to feel the weight of them.  When I say they have substance and weight, they truly do, this is the Magic of them!  I can’t be seen in man’s world unless I ex Press My Ion (Energy, Spirit) on paper.  Substance is sub-stance, a sub (substitute) Standing in for Me while I walk around in the real world.  As long as that character Stands, I can play the role.

Hope You are having as much fun reading this as I do Writing it.  And yes, all the caps are Intentional.

Love and Blessings,

Another beautiful Song.  Appreciate every Gift God gives You.



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