Freelance Journalism and Free-Style Friday

We all have Our own personal Style, a Way about Us that makes Us distinctly unique, Our individual expression.  I’ve always been something of a rebel, resistant to trends and conformity.  When I was promoted to the position of sales manager in one of My previous jobs, I returned to work in the same casual attire the first day in My new role; jeans and t-shirt, typical of My Style.  I was called into the general manager’s office where I argued that My contract did not say a Word about the clothing I was required to wear and that My intention was that My team would find My attire less intimidating than a suit, perhaps making them more receptive to guidance.  I declared it a leadership strategy to motivate My team and achieve My sales targets.  I was successful and many of My team members are still connected with Me on Facebook.

As individuals, Our Style is what makes Us unique, one of Our many Ways of expressing [the Spirit of] who We are – even shoes alone are said to tell a lot about a man’s character, how We dress says something about Us.  We also have Our own unique Style of communication – some of Us are generally upbeat and lively in conversation, some of Us are more reserved and quiet.  All of these things are subtle Ways We express Our Self and all of it is mirrored in Law.  A man’s Style determines their capacity in Law.  My Style in law really brings out My character.

I had planned to follow up with the Guelph municipal court on Friday but My ‘receptionist’ was off.  One of the social workers here Honours My position enough to let Me use Her office for important phone calls, sending and receiving faxes, and can receive messages for Me if I don’t want to be reached on My cell.  I like having a witness to My Deeds and Alix enjoys listening to Me – She gets to see the serious side of My character and She has an interest in law.  I’m hoping that when I call back they Will tell Me it is done and everything has been straightened out, but I also have to consider what I Will do if it is not.

I feel I have a Duty and responsibility to share with everyone what it means to be a King.  It is not just some Glorious title, it is a tremendous responsibility!  My Duty is to defend and protect the common law, God’s Law, for all of man.  It is the Duty of every King or Queen and I have said that We are all Kings and Queens.

I think it would be fair to say that I think like a King.  I’m genuinely offended by any false claims that dis-Honour My character, King or not – as I feel any man would be.  I have conducted My Self Honourably, placing Notices and Orders into the Superior Court to communicate My Intentions to the Crown.  I have given specific instruction on how to close any accounts for the commercial character and have authorized the release of sufficient wealth from My Trust to satisfy all parties concerned.  I am standing in Honour.  The longer My paperwork remains on the record unanswered, the more dis-Honourable the Crown begins to look.  The Crown represents the Queen, so if the Crown is in dis-Honour, then so is the Queen.  My Duty is to Honour God and the Queen, which means I have a responsibility to report any offences to the Crown.

I mean it when I say that I am sensitive to the fact that many Will not understand what My title means or how serious the Orders I have issued into the Superior Court actually are, I really don’t want some poor unfortunate officer to be relieved of their duties, or a judge or J.P. to be disbarred for not taking Me seriously.  It seems so drastic!  That’s why I figured pouring a pitcher of water over the heads of those who dis-Honour the Crown is more appropriate.  But one Way or another, sometime soon they Will have to understand I mean business – this is getting a little ridiculous.

So I considered My next move in the event that the Guelph municipal court have failed to administrate My Orders effectively.  I like doing things with Style and I do have a responsibility to report offences to the Crown.  So I decided it was time that I introduce My Self to Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette.





I thoroughly enjoyed Writing the letter.  For My serious documents, I like to have a registration number or signature to show they were received.  This is a personal letter of introduction in My own personal Style.  It is presumed We share a common goal to protect and Honour God and the Queen.  I am informing (in the Style of a form) Her Excellency of offences to the common law and letting Her know My position in Canada as something of a courtesy.  Her Excellency should already know of My position if the public notices I’ve entered into the Superior Court Record have been communicated to the appropriate Ministries effectively.  Her Excellency, Julie Payette Will be the one I Will Write to Inform of dis-Honour in Courts or Ministries placed in Her Trust by the Queen.

The letter took Me most of the evening.  I meant to take a picture of the letter before I dropped it in the Post box but I forgot.  The bottom was folded up roughly a third, the top was then folded down overtop and Sealed with wax.  When opening the letter, the sender and receiver’s greeting Will be seen first, the content and body of the letter are revealed after folding down the other half.  I would like to send them as a Scroll but finding room for the address is a little tricky.

I Will add these pages to My Story because this letter is important, it demonstrates responsibility and Honour.  I should not have to chase after the Guelph municipal courthouse or the Guelph police to get things done.  The moment I faxed over My documents, the matter should have been removed from the record as soon as possible.  That is what should be done!  Demonstrating I know this doesn’t hurt, either.

Love and Blessings,

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