Keep Thing King

Once again I’ve had an interesting day.  In My last Post I was comparing chess moves to paperwork, tall King about My position in Guelph.  I was hoping I would hear the charges had been removed, I am disappointed to report that is not the case.  I did enjoy My Self, though.

Alix seemed almost as excited as I was to be calling the court again.  I spoke with the court administration supervisor, Sujoy Kanungo, who explained to Me that there was nothing he could do because the documents faxed to his office are not signed by a Judge or J.P.  I was not shy to remind him that I have the title of King in law and have more authority than the Judge or J.P.  Once again he repeated that he understood that but there was nothing he could do.  I got a little frustrated at this point and as King to him once again, “Are You telling Me that You are refusing to issue an order from a King, that You are not going to Honour My title?”

“No.  I am telling You there is nothing I can do without a Judge or J.P.s signature on the documents.”

I asked if he could provide his name so I could file a judicial complaint, he was happy to provide it and I ended the call…  Admittedly frustrated.

And it wasn’t difficult for Alix to know I was frustrated, but I was glad to have her there – I genuinely feel she is beginning to empathize with Me.  I as King of Alix what She would do if She were Me.  She had no Idea.  I showed her another letter I have Writ for M.P. Lloyd Longfield and as King if She thought I should send it.  Now I’m not sure what She said, We got tall King about all the other things I might do, including My letter of introduction to the Governor General and how I managed to learn all this stuff.  I told Her I’m still learning, I don’t even really know what I Will do next.  Talking with Alix distracted Me from the call and when I reconsidered the conversation, it was far less frustrating.  Often information can be found in what is not said, rather than what is said.  All Sujoy told Me was that he can’t do anything about My charges without a Judge or J.P.’s signature.  What he is really saying is that he has no way of knowing if I actually have the title I am claiming to have.  He doesn’t have a copy of My Cestui Que Vie or any of the other supporting documents filed into the Superior Court, and he likely doesn’t have the authority to acknowledge them even if he did.

So once again I found My Self thing King about what I would do next.  I always believe I Will find a Way and that Will always Inspire a new Idea.  It might not be a great one, but it Will inspire another Idea that builds on the first, and so on…  I’m not going to go to Guelph, the charges are evidence of their crime, prima-facie evidence that the accounts I have Ordered to be closed have not been closed.  They have no right to use My name for commercial purposes, they are using My name in vein.

I’m still War King on Ideas for peace with My free Lance, Writing.  I think I should send My letter to M.P. Lloyd Longfield, I took the time to Write it and it’s not serving any purpose in My portfolio.  I have also considered composing a letter for the Guelph Police Service that Will likely get some attention.  There are other M.P.s, Mayor’s, a Prime Minister, local press and other personalities to add character to My Story.

I hope this night finds You all well.  Keep ‘thing King’ big things. 😉

Love and Blessings,



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