Case Law: Servant Versus War Rant

Servant:  A person who performs Duties for others, especially a person in a House on domestic Duties or as a personal attendant.

I am a Servant of God, My Duty is to restore His Kingdom.  It was the Guelph Police Service providing information to the Crown that made it possible for the court to issue a warrant, or War Rant.  Although I still feel the Superior Court is responsible for failing to effectively administrate My documents, the Guelph Police are the ones with a grievance, charging Me (commercially) with food and lodging fraud.  They were the ones who suggested I was not in court for the promise to appear, yet the commercial character they are charging can only exist on paper and must have been present on their information to invoke the War Rant.  I Writ another letter I am very proud of.





I am truly having so much fun!  It Will be interesting to see how the Guelph Police Service respond to this letter.

Love and Blessings,


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