The King Can Move One Square in any Direction…

Though He cannot move into check, or place Himself in jeopardy.  He is the most important piece on the board.  If the King is captured, the game is over…  Yet the Queen is more powerful.

Early in the game, it is important to move the King as little as possible (with the exception of perhaps castling) and develop pieces toward the center of the board.  Letters are kind of like developing pieces, sending My Ideas out into the Universe on the physical plane.  If the central pieces are developed effectively, the King has an opportunity to castle to safety.  If all goes well, the game Will be won without the King ever having to move again.  My strategy is very similar.

Every letter I Write is much like a move in chess, each new Idea ‘attacking’ another character holding a strategic position on the board.  If a letter is unanswered, the square is uncontested and My piece has been successfully developed.  The longer My pieces remain unchallenged, the stronger My board position becomes.

In My personal microcosm, the game officially started on My last name day.  Before My 44th name day, I was setting up the pieces.  The day I moved to Ottawa was the day I finally sat down at the table to play.

Since My arrival, I haven’t done much letter Writing, My focus has been on Art and creating awareness.  I followed up on the letters I’d already Writ and found that the warrants in Toronto had disappeared…  Things are getting done.  I am still pleased about that, which is why I’ve been so patient with the Guelph municipal courthouse.  I know the charges Will be removed one Way or another, the only question is how and when.

Just as My letters are like pieces on a chess board claiming a position, so are theirs.  Even the colours are symbolic as white always plays first.  If black represents My opposition, the charges from Guelph are the counter attack, a response to My first few moves.  This too, mimics chess.  When a player launches an attack, there are almost always several Ways to respond.  Defend the attack, ignore the attack and launch a counter-attack, defend the position (with another piece (paper/letter)), or move to safety.  In this situation, I had anticipated that black might launch a counter-attack and defended the position by notifying the Superior Court that I would be using My thumbprint to discharge debt before acting on it.  By doing so, their position (square) is now undefended and I am ready to make a capture.  The police had no lawful jurisdiction or authority to make the arrest, they failed their Oath to keep the peace; they are guilty of kidnapping, unlawful search and seizure, attempted entrapment (into an inferior jurisdiction where common law rights are not observed), and assault.  If they were to drag Me into court believing they had right and authority to do so, all I would need to do is hand My paperwork to a judge and they would very quickly learn otherwise.

I trust that they know all of this and are testing Me.  They want to make sure I know all of this.  Today I Will be calling the Guelph courthouse again.  If the charges and warrants have not disappeared, I Will be as King to tell Me the name of the judge responsible for issuing the warrant and the names of the officers responsible for the arrest so I can file an official judicial complaint.  I’ll keep You Posted.

Love and Blessings,



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