Friday’s Fine for Casting Spells

I did enjoy Writing My letter to the Guelph Police Service but until the Spell is Cast, the Magic has little effect.  This morning I used a fax to Cast My latest Spell, it was received shortly after nine, Avant Midi.  I could feel the Magic of it almost immediately, and although I have no Way to confirm that it was the Guelph Police, My Post, “Case Law, Servant vs. War Rant” was viewed by someone in Canada moments after My Spell was Cast.  I want all recipients of My Magic to know that the world is watching, I am the news.

This Blog is Magic, My Book is Magic, everything I do with My Creative Energy, is Magic.  Only God can truly know My intention, but it is Divinely ex-pressed in everything I do.  I do not anticipate any challenge to any letter I Will Write.  My Magic is perfect.

My Story becomes more compelling with every letter I Write.  The collection of Paige’s in My Briefcase are like Scrolls of Magic Cast into the Universe, each documenting crimes and offences to the common law, which are in turn offences to the [Honour of the] Crown.  It also clearly defines My determination to Honour God, the Queen, and establish God’s Kingdom on earth.

For those who know Me, My Words Manifest.  They always have, that’s why I started this Blog and Writ My Book.  The only illusion is Time; I never know how long it Will take for My Word to Manifest, I only know that it Will.  Some Will suggest it is a coincidence, that My Words can’t possibly have the Power to Manifest, yet I can now show You how they do.  Every letter I Write is now physically transforming My Universe, and the microcosm always reflects the macrocosm.  The letter I Writ Will have an effect on every person who reads it.  Their Mind and energy Will be on Me, the real man, not the piece of paper in front of them.  And My Magic Will invoke their physical body into action, too.  They Will have to do something with the paper, even throwing it out takes a conscious thought, a judgment, a decision, and finally, action.  How they Act Will affect the Power of the Spell.  Drop the case and the Spell disappears, no harm done.  Continue with the case, and several individuals face serious criminal charges.  This is the Power of Magic, that is the Power of the Law, the Authority of God is absolute.

“The Spiritual man judges all things but He Him Self is judged by no man.” – Corinthians 2:15 KJV (many variations).

It is now 7:03 Post Midi, and no Word from the Guelph Police Service. I Will follow up Monday with a phone call. In the mean time, I am going to Cast a few more Spells. I Will Keep You Posted…

Love and Blessings,




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