Remember, Remember, Thou Shall Not Kill

Happy Remembrance Day, everyone.  Lest We forget…

Today is a day for remembering God.  It seems Our new Governor General in Canada does not believe in God…  That is tragic!  But I am going to give Her Excellency a Post of her own to discuss that matter.  Today, I am just going to remind everyone that God does not want You to harm another man, much less kill a man.

Today I Will as King of God to have mercy on the Souls of all men who were foolish enough to follow a leader who suggested killing might be okay, for any reason.  The world is in this situation because We are spiritual infants, children of God.  We haven’t learned how to behave yet, how to play with each other and share Our wealth.  I’ve grown up and I’m here to tell You a lot of things You are likely not going to want to hear.  One of them, is that killing or harming another man is never okay.  And by no means am I claiming to be a saint.

I have done harm to others, more than once.  I’ve harmed those who’ve harmed Me, it was necessary to defend My Kingdom on more than one occasion.  However, I have no  memory of it, even at the time of the incident, and I was genuinely disgraced with My Self, even when it truly was necessary for My own protection.  I believe the reason I have no memory of the harm I was inflicting, is because God ‘protected’ Me, prevented Me from seeing what I can do because He knows My heart.

The last time it was necessary for Me to defend My Kingdom was over ten years ago, before My remembrance of God – and it was instrumental in My awakening to the Universe.  I believed I would never have to harm another man, simply because I would not manifest any situation where it would be necessary, though it has been necessary – and I’m proud to say that I did not have to harm either of the two men, I was able to effectively defend My Self without causing harm.

The United Nations claims that a world removed from want and fear is a world that can know peace.  I support that notion.  I believe that every atrocity man has ever committed is the result of want or fear.  A man wants what another man has, or another man is fears another man.  We are compelled to attack Our fears instinctively because fear is the psychological state We must collectively transcend.  That’s why all the countries of the world are at war with terror.  Terror is a psychological state, not a physical entity.  Only when We transcend Our fears, Will We accomplish Peace.

Today, let Us remember that harming another man for any reason is wrong.  If the soldiers stop going to war, there Will be no one to fight.

Love and Blessings,



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