Forced Vaccinations – Opinion Versus Fact

Well, Remembrance Day was more controversial for Me than usual.  I think I was clear enough in My Blog Post yesterday with respect to My Ideas about what the day represents for Me, but it was just the beginning of the controversial conversations I would have with some of My Facebook friends later in the day.  The next major debate concerned an article suggesting that vaccinations may become mandatory in France, enforceable by law, sometime in the near future.

Once again, I updated My Facebook status to, “If You believe the government should have the power to pass a law that compels You to take a shot, kindly unfriend Me.”

I was initially pleased to see a few ‘likes’ on My new status, then an old friend of mine started spewing propaganda about how choosing NOT to be vaccinated is Willful harm to others.  I soon posted another video including several statistics concerning the inception of mass vaccinations, which included a massive spike in ADHD for children, learning disabilities, and an overwhelming number of other related statistics that have emerged as a direct result of vaccinations, compared directly with those who have not been vaccinated.

Here is the point I want to make.  I am NOT trying to change anyone’s opinion of vaccinations.  Some are good, even I Will admit that.  Many are unnecessary.  I always want to have the freedom to choose what I Will put into My body and that’s about where the discussion ends.  I Will not try and tell You or anyone else what is right for You, though if You as King of Me, I Will share My opinion.  I Will hear Your opinion and respond to Your opinion.  But I Will never allow another man to determine what I can put in My body, much less make it enforceable by law.

What people in this debate do not understand is that man is evolving constantly.  Every man who lives, Will die.  We are each here for exactly as long as We are intended to be here, God does not make mistakes.  I cannot die before I am meant to die, there is no such thing as premature death, even for an infant.  People are afraid of what they don’t understand and death is the thing man understands least…  So it inspires fear.

I guess the ‘fear’ is that some people can’t be vaccinated as their immune system is so weak that the small amount of whatever is in the vaccine would overwhelm their already weak immune system and potentially kill them.  So the argument is that it is My responsibility to get My Self vaccinated so that My ‘immunity’ stops the spread of the virus to those with compromised immune systems that are unable to take the vaccine.

We evolve by passing on the strongest of Our genes to the next generation.  Perhaps these people with compromised immune systems are not meant to live.  I know that sounds harsh but every species on Our planet has a virus specific to that animal which takes out a significant percentage of the population every now and then.  As humans, We are so afraid of death We Will do just about anything to stay alive, We are actually weeding out the process of natural selection by suggesting it should be ‘mans’ selection, rather than God’s.  I Trust that God knows what She’s doing.

Also, I have never had anything injected into My body and I don’t want to start now.  I had the chicken pox, I even had an allergic reaction the first time I was stung by a bee that laid Me up in bed for almost two weeks.  My father told Me he could take Me to the hospital and they could give Me a shot that would heal Me almost right away but he thought it was better to let My immune system develop on its own.  Even at the age of five, My father Honoured My freedom of choice.  He also checked on Me constantly throughout the day, every day, and made Me whatever food I felt like eating.  Ironically, that illness is one of the best memories I have of My father.

There is a big difference between an opinion and a fact.  An opinion is an Idea about something, a fact is the truth about something.  An opinion that can be enforced is no longer an opinion, it’s fascism.  An opinion is one thing, but insisting that Your opinion should be enforceable by law, is fascism.  Hitler had an opinion that Jewish people were responsible for all of Germany’s problems.  He used mass propaganda to promote this Idea, then he made it enforceable by law, killing millions of innocent people in the name of ‘social cleansing’, and his people went along with it.

Finally, (and perhaps the most frustrating element of the conversation), is that My friend suggested I am arrogant, self-righteous and selfish for the opinion I have.  Once again, that is her opinion and she is entitled.  Then she suggested that I am an idiot who does not understand science and medicine and that I have no right to an opinion, or that My opinion is irrelevant.  With all due respect, I don’t think this girl graduated high school, and she certainly does not have a medical degree.  Her information is coming from doctors, nurses and the media, which she considers to be reliable sources.  When money is no longer a motivator for business, I may have more confidence in vaccines.  As it stands now, the moment that the government is given an opportunity to make vaccinations mandatory, is the second that pharmaceutical companies Will be lining up to get their vaccine approved as ‘necessary’ so they can secure billion dollar contracts.  The well being of the people is not the motivator in a capitalist world, profits are.  And profits are based on a supply versus demand scenario, so the pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in creating demand so they can sell their product.

Income tax was introduced as a ‘temporary measure’ in war times to support the cost [of war].  Income tax has been the ‘law’ ever since.  The same is true of Canada’s GST, which was also a temporary measure to reduce the federal deficit.  Federal deficit in Canada is as high as it’s ever been and We still have both income tax and GST.  Once a law is passed, it is far more difficult to have it removed, especially when it lines the pockets of Our county’s most corrupt.

Know the difference between opinion and fascism.  We all have a right to an opinion.  The moment You don’t give the other individual the respect and dignity to hold their opinion and determine that Your opinion is more valuable and should be enforced on the other against their Will, You are participating in fascist Ideologies.

I Will have a much more positive Post later today, including a letter to the Mayor of Ottawa.

Love and Blessings,





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