Remembering a Magical Evening

I spent a few hours last evening Composing a new Page for My Story, this time for the Ottawa Mayor, ‘His Worship’, Jim Watson.  I figure it’s time to introduce My Self to people who stand to benefit most from My wealth.

I also really, really enjoy Writing the letters, it feels like a new Form of Art, a more powerful version of the Magic expressed here.  One Idea leads to another, and I considered who else I should Write if I truly want to Honour My role on the world stage.  The Canadian government is still fraudulently administrating wealth from the commercial character, most likely because they don’t even know how to close the accounts.  I’m not even sure if anyone has ever successfully managed to close the accounts, though I know a few who do administrate their life privately.

I believe the Social Insurance Account is at the root of all the other commercial contracts such as licenses, health care, unemployment insurance, etc., but I really don’t know.  All I know is that I have as King to the Ministries of the Canadian government to close them all, paid in full, Honourable Discharge of Debt…  And I’m still waiting.  So, as I wait, I am going to continue to collect evidence of all the fraudulent activity of any account and ‘bill’ the Crown for every offence or violation of My terms.  Once again, I don’t actually plan to collect on any of the money, it is an incentive to encourage an out of court settlement, so they Will Honour My documents.

My Cestui Que Vie Trust was received by the Attorney General on Jan. 19, 2017.  They have a duty and responsibility to administrate My Orders, regardless what Sean Kearney may think.  In his letter, he talks about filing My papers into a court, or having them issued by a court.  The common law supersedes all jurisdictions, there is no requirement to abide by man’s fiction of law, an offence of the common law is an offence to God wherever it occurs, and Our Duty as the common man in a common wealth society is to report those crimes to the appropriate Ministries.  Sean Kearney is guilty of not responding to common law offences responsibly and trying to suggest he cannot hear of the offences unless they are coming from a court, justice or judge.  He is in dishonour.

So I find My Self having almost as much fun deciding who I should Write, as I do Writing the letters.  The Act of Writing the letters feels Magical, I know that My Words Will touch another man’s Mind and have an affect on their consciousness – that’s pretty powerful.  Choosing My Words takes more time than the actual Scribing of them.  Many of My friends have always considered Me something of a Magician and now I actually feel like one – the Universal Conductor Composing His Symphony.

Love and Blessings,

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