My Word Lives

Good day, world!!!  I have had a very interesting morning, ‘they’ (whomever ‘they’ may be) tried to silence My Voice!  Yes, it is true, My Talkshoe Mother’s Day Call on Tactical Sovereignty ‘Magically’ disappeared this morning.  The link to the call was dead,file extension on the mp3 was altered to a .txt file (no audio)etimes I feel I’m a little too obsessive about checking stats on My Blog and social media accounts, yet if I wasn’t so meticulous about observing stats and checking links on My Blog to make sure they are still active, I would not have noticed the audio file had been removed and the dead link would have remained.  It is a normal practice for Me to check My Blog stats in the morning; I am always curious to see what people are reading.  I am especially excited when I find that people are linking to older Posts, revisiting some of My previous material.  It is even more special for Me when I find that someone is connecting to some of My most treasured teachings.  I have only done the one interview on the Law and it was on TalkShoe for a friend’s community call, “Tactical Sovereignty”, (Bryan Parker).

So I was War King on getting the file back up on My Blog this morning, revisited My SoundCloud account and discovered a new Way to share My audio files with the world.  There are no coincidences.  As whomever it was tries to silence Me by removing one file, they inspire Me to find a new Way to share My Voice – now I can share many files with You and I don’t believe anyone would be foolish enough to try and manipulate My Soundcloud account.

What ‘they’ don’t understand, is that attempting to interfere with My Truth only empowers Me and fuels My fire. The ‘Act’ of removing My audio file from the world stage demonstrates that ‘they’ are afraid of Me and don’t want Me to empower the rest of You. Too bad, so sad. 😉 For those who are interested to know what it is I am Tall King about on the call, just link on this paragraph to hear the audio.

I have had a wonderful couple of day which I am eager to share with My readers, though I have a rather busy day today so some of My Words may have to wait till tomorrow.  I love You all, thanks for being here,

Also, I’ve really just been looking for an excuse to Post this video, Christina Perri is one of My many ‘crushes’ – I love her voice, especially in this Song.  The lyrics don’t apply to anyone in My life, past or present, though it is a great metaphor for Me and the relay-Sean-Ship I have with those whom once presumed to have authority over Me.


Love and Blessings,

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