A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… A Message to the Ottawa Citizen

I followed up with a second e-mail to Michelle Richardson, Chief Editor of the Ottawa Citizen, concerning the unauthorized publication of My character and two of My fellow Kings, James and David.

The three of Us were featured in an article concerning the Salvation Army’s move to Vanier.  The article in no Way reflects the opinion of any of the men they chose to photograph, yet Michelle was initially confused by the grievance suggesting that the photo was taken in public and perfectly legal.

It is only lawful to photograph the ‘public’ when the anonymity of the character being portrayed is not violated, and/or the focal point of the shot.  It is clear that the three characters photographed by the Citizen are the subject matter of the photograph.  It is also clear that anonymity was violated, as it was locals within the community who brought the newspaper to My attention, recognizing My image and outraged by what the Citizen had done, as King to Me if I had authorized such a photograph.  I most certainly did not.  My friends have come to Me for support, and I am here to Honour their name as well as My own.  The only reason I am here is to protect and defend man’s rights and freedoms under God, and I don’t believe in coincidences.


After sending a second e-mail the following morning without a reply, I decided to call Michelle’s office.  Michelle explained to Me that she had not yet received the e-mail and I explained it had been sent to ‘letters to the editor’ e-mail address with “ATTENTION – URGENT notice for Michelle Richardson”, in the subject line.  Shortly thereafter, Michelle found the e-mail, as King to Me what photo it was I was referencing.  I sent her a copy of the photo from the Tuesday, 21st of November article.  She suggested that the Citizen has every right to photograph individuals in public without consent.  I as King to Michelle what condition or term it is that she feels allows her to violate man’s right to anonymity and privacy without consent.  Michelle has not yet responded.

I trust that Michelle Richardson now knows the Citizen is at fault.  My intention is to turn a negative situation into something positive.  I would love to use this opportunity to make a difference in the community and provide Ottawa’s homeless with suitable housing that allows for a dignified life.  My letters to the Governor General and the Mayor of Ottawa address My concerns with respect to homelessness, this is an exceptional opportunity to involve the media and give them an opportunity to use their influence to do something about the situation.

Vanier residents do not want the Salvation Army moving to Vanier and I can’t say I blame them.  Not because the homeless and impoverished are undesirable, but because there is no need for these circumstances to exist in Canada at all!  There is no shortage of housing, only a lack of Will on the part of those who have the power to provide the necessary funding which is already in Ottawa’s city budget.  The problem is that the money allocated to those in need of shelter is given to the Salvation Army, rather than those in need of shelter.  If the money were redistributed to those in need, there would not only be enough wealth to house all of Ottawa’s homeless, there would be sufficient funding left over to provide the necessary care for those with physical or mental challenges.

The only ‘downside’ to My plan is that there would be very little demand for shelters, and organizations like the Salvation Army, Shepherds of Good Hope and the Ottawa Mission would close, creating unemployment.  However, it would also open new markets, especially in sectors like real estate and health care.  The homeless could afford to rent apartments that allow them to live in dignity with enough wealth remaining to address special needs, like health care for those with mental, physical and/or emotional challenges.

I sent another e-mail to Michelle this morning, informing her of My intentions to turn this unfortunate event into an opportunity to create positive change in the community that Will reflect favourably on all parties concerned.  I Will wait for Michelle’s response to My most recent letter.  Only if Michelle refuses to work with Me to remedy this situation Will I publish the contents of My letters and discuss how I Will proceed with legal action if necessary.

This man represents the Ideas in this Post, not those of the Ottawa Citizen

I hope this day finds You all well.

Love and Blessings,





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