Happy Lucky Wednesday!!!

So many things to be thankful for.  I started the day with another letter to Michelle Richardson, Chief Editor of the Ottawa Citizen.  I have followed up with an e-mail or call to Michelle’s office every day since I first notified her of the offence to My character and [the character of] My two friends, David and James.  I am very surprised and disappointed that Michelle has not at least offered an apology.  Failure to respond to My letters suggests a lack of empathy and compassion for the transgression and trespass on Our character, adding insult to injury.  I am hoping for a favourable resolution for all parties concerned without having to go to court, though I can’t allow the Citizen to ignore the complaint forever, so I have given Michelle until December 1st, 2017 to respond to My grievance, at which time there Will be an additional penalty for every day the Citizen refuses to acknowledge their infringement upon man’s right to privacy, dignity and fair representation of character.  Generally, for profit corporations are more motivated to reach an agreement when they know it is going to be considerably more costly for them not to.

For now, I am giving Michelle and the Citizen the benefit of the doubt, presuming they are working diligently behind the scenes to accommodate the terms of My grievance and what I have, as King to them for, in Way of compensation for the offence.  If they fail to respond to My letters by December 1st, I can only presume that their attack on Our character was willful and that they have no regret, compassion, or remorse for what they have done, at which time I Will share all letters I have Writ to Michelle here on My Blog and discuss with My readers how I plan to proceed.  Until then, I Will not disclose what I have as King to the Citizen for in Way of compensation.  That is the kindest Grace I can offer them.

My friends are so appreciative of everything I’m doing for them.  I Will be acting as criminal defence for another friend with a ‘Promise to Appear’ notice on December 5th, and I have several more letters to Write and deliver –  I’m very busy and I love the Work I’m doing.  I am Honoured every day by the friends I have made here and My influence in the community continues to grow.  My social media accounts have been off the charts lately and every now and then I look at the map of the world in My ‘all time’ Blog stats, just so I can visualize how much of the world has heard My Voice – it all seems so dreamy.

2017-11-29 11.36.19.jpg

All I really need to do now is be patient, and this gem was gifted Me last night.  I Will attach it to the zipper of My law briefcase.  I have a lot of things to keep Me busy over the next few weeks, and My friends encourage and motivate Me to Write an entry every day to tell the world what I’m up to.

More and more people I know are beginning to understand that world peace is not so difficult, We just need to Work together.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Love and Blessings,


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