A Magical Monday for Casting More Spells

Monday’s are not usually My most productive day of the week but today was an exception.  I finally finished composing My letter of claim for the Ottawa Citizen and I am very pleased.  I had mentioned to Michelle Richardson, Editor in Chief at the Ottawa Citizen, that I would disclose the contents of Our e-mail correspondence on My Blog if she failed to respond to My complaint before December 1st.  I still need to update ‘My Story’ with My letter to the Mayor, and My e-mail correspondence with Michelle Will be found there, too – whenever I get around to Posting it.  I’m not in a rush to post the e-mail correspondence because the letter I Writ sufficiently summarizes the content of those letters.

I also managed to get a second letter Writ to the Ministry of Community and Social Services, which is also very satisfying.  I sit here reflecting on a quote about the virtue of Patience that was Gifted Me recently, “The Greatest Power is often simple Patience.”

Patience is one of the Virtues I am consistently conscious of.  I want to be Patient and give those who have received My documents fair chance to Honour them, but I do not want to be taken for granted, nor do I want the serious nature of My Orders to be underestimated.  My documents were received by the Attorney General on January 19th of 2017, it has been almost a full year, I think I’ve been more than Patient…  And the urgency certainly comes across in My most recent letter.

In addition to composing two letters I am very pleased with, I also had an opportunity to play a little chess.  I picked up a portable chess set just recently and have been playing games with men who Honour Me with their friendship everyday.  I also picked up book for chess notation so that the games with My special friends can be recorded, a reflection of the entertaining side of My Story.  We are having what I have called, ‘the Tournament of Kings’, and at present, I am the reigning champ, though all My competitors are strong enough to win and I look forward to bearing Witness to the evolution of Our games.


Finally, not only did I manage to Write two letters and find some time for leisure with a game of chess, I also managed to get all of My laundry done!  And now I’m about two sentences away from getting a Post published!  I Will save the content of My letter to the Ottawa Citizen until tomorrow, when I Will be sending it.  Any Monday I manage to get this much done and laundry, is a Magical Monday in Deed.  😉

Love and Blessings,



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