Black Magic – Embracing My Dark Side

I have discovered that a lot of people are interested in reading about Magic.  It doesn’t really surprise Me, but I do find it somewhat amusing considering how many people would insist Magic isn’t even real.  But what is real?  And what is Magic?

If what is real is what We believe to be absolute and true, then reality is entirely subject to Our determination of how things are.  So what is Magic?  Magic is believing an Idea to be absolute and true when in fact the determination of the Idea is the only thing that allowed the Idea to become established.  In Idea is presented, received, and accepted.  If the Idea is not challenged, it becomes an established Idea and provides a foundation for additional Ideas.  This is how We have developed the laws that govern society.  I know the same system of laws are used in every common wealth country, and I am reasonably sure that the system of laws are the same in virtually every country of the world, or at the very least, any country that is a member state of the United Nations.  Welcome to the world of Black Magic, otherwise known as Black’s Law.

A lot of people would like to tell Me that black Magic is evil – it’s not.  Magic is neutral and man has the Power and the free Will to use it for Good or for evil.  Black Magic is a system of Magic and it is a system of control.  My belief, is that today’s system of laws were created with the best, most Divine Intention, regardless how corrupt they may appear in Our modern world; the Established Ideas provided a Foundation for all of the laws man enjoys or detests today.  However, just like Magic, the source and foundation are absolute, the roots are deeply established in the belief that there is a Divine Intelligence, an absolute Truth, an Idea that is Perfect in every Way, an Idea man calls God.

Twelve step groups like ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ ask their members to believe in a Higher Power.  Any of the well established world religions Will teach of a Supreme, Divine Creator, something Superior to man; God.  Even secret societies and freemasons have their teachings firmly established in the belief that there is a Divine Intelligence, a Creator, a Perfection in the Universe that gives Meaning and Purpose to every Life on earth, “Every man is a Star”.  Law is founded in the established Idea that God is the absolute Authority of Law.  There cannot be a system of authority without an established Idea in a Higher Power.  Without a belief in God, there is no law because all of man is equal, no man has authority over any other man, so no man could judge another man.  This also means that there could be no laws because all of law would be entirely subject to a man’s belief of what is right and wrong.

In My Book I did not even want to use the Word God because I feel it is so misunderstood by so much of man.  To simplify what God is for the purpose of this entry, I Will say that God represents all that is Good…  And perhaps, more importantly, that there is a reason and purpose, a motive for doing Good.  If there is no God, no consequence for any of man’s actions, then there is no reason to be good, and no reason for laws, no foundation for any kind of rights…  Who could grant them to You if not God?

This is why I believe so many of the world religions created the concept of hell.  For those who had lost their moral compass, there must be something that would motivate people to be good; rewards were often things like Eternal Life or Your name on the guest list at the Pearly Gates…

So the laws of man’s world are firmly established in a belief in God, a reason to do Good, a moral conscience, Right and wrong action.  The law is Written in Black and White, black ink on white paper, primarily.  They are also governed by a series of books, called “Black’s Law”, dictionaries that clearly (re)define English Words as they pertain to man’s laws.  There are many who perceive the system is evil, that it was designed to control man.  There was a time when I may have thought the same.

Now, My belief in the Law very much mimics My belief in Magic; the source of Power is the same, it’s all about the Will of the one Wielding the Power.  A friend literally just called out to Me as I was as King of the Universe for an example of a ‘bad law’, “hey Sean, how is it legal for ‘them’ to be filming Us on camera virtually anywhere We go now?  That isn’t right, they shouldn’t be able to spy on Us like that…”

Well, the question is, why can they?  Is it because the laws are corrupt?  What about any law that We might not agree with?

Well, this is how I believe the system Works and the Foundation of everything I am doing now.  We placed Our Trust in government to create laws that govern morality.  The moral example is the example Given by Christ’s Character, taken from the Bible, most likely the King James Version.  God is a difficult concept to explain but the Bible (and religion in general) presents God as absolute authority over man, a Higher Power.  Religion and law go hand in hand because they are both dependent on man’s belief that there is good and bad in man, a moral Truth with its foundation in Goodness.  The Bible claims to be the Truth and suggests that Moses was Given God’s Laws, the Ten Commandments.  My belief, is that the Ten Commandments provide the foundation for all of man’s laws today, at the very least in all common wealth countries.  Every other law man has created only exists for sinners, those who have broken God’s Laws, the Ten Commandments.

Those who choose to break the Ten Commandments either don’t know God’s Laws or don’t care to obey them and are what I Will refer to as ‘children of God’, not yet spiritually mature.  Sadly, this is most of the world right now.  We are in this situation because man collectively chose to turn away from God, We do not know well enough how to behave without rules.  Black Magic was created to reflect man’s days of darkness.

What I am finding now, is that many do not know God’s laws, which Gives Me a significant advantage.  The Dark Side of My personality Will be teaching these laws to those who presume to be in positions of authority over Me.  I know how the system works and I am beginning to think that most of Canada’s elected officials don’t.

The next few letters I Write Will be very powerful.  I Will be teaching the world as I teach Our elected officials, the Ottawa Citizen’s Editor in Chief, or any other person who presumes to believe it is okay to trespass on man’s rights or sovereignty wherever it may happen.  There are laws protecting those rights, and they are founded in God.

One of My friends had said he wanted to see the ‘Dark Side’ of My personality, and I explained that the darkest thing I Will do is shine some light on the Black Magic of man’s laws.  20170511_160104_Burst01

Love and Blessings,


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