A Magical Gift to Celebrate the Holy Days

What a Glorious day!!!  The Universe has been exceedingly Good to Me lately.  It seems the more Grateful I am, the more I have to be Grateful for.  The number 37 seems to Work pretty much the same Way, it has been relentless recently, too.  For Me, the number always represents the confirmation of an Idea, the Universe communicating with Me in code, letting Me know We are in Sync.  As I sat down to Write My first entry in the new Journal, I wondered if perhaps I should also include the time of day.  I glance at My laptop, 3:37.  In My Universe, that means ‘yes, You should Write the time of day, too’.

2017-12-22 10.16.12.jpg
A Ceremonial Gift

I am very excited this Holy Day season!  Usually Christ Mass [Consciousness] is not really My thing, the Irony of its celebration astounds Me.  But this year I really am excited.  I prepared My Cestuie Que Vie as a ceremonial celebration last year as well as the other three documents that were to accompany it.  I am celebrating a year as King of My own Life on December 25th and I wanted to have a new Journal to Write the final chapter.  That’s how confident I am in My Plan!

The New Book of Spells

I am also known for using My thumbprint to authenticate My documents and the moment I considered a new fountain Pen for Casting My Magic, My attention was drawn to the Logo on the box.  As it turns out, the actual Pen has an enlarged Print Cast into the Body for grip.  It is absolutely Beautiful to Write with – and Beauty Inspires Me, I could hardly wait to use it.

I all but abandoned Journal Writing for a time because every Dream I have ever Writ has Manifested.  One might think that would compel Me to Write in My Journal more, but to know this makes Me feel wrong about Keeping it to My Self, which is the purpose of this Blog; it gives Me an opportunity to Lead by My example and demonstrate how the Dreams that I Write manage to Magically Manifest.  I’m also a minimalist, so I don’t really like having a whole lot of books to carry around with Me, so I always end up destroying whatever I do Write with the exception of the current (like electricity) Journal.  I laugh to My Self a little as I Imagine how many would be horrified to hear such a thing, suggesting it’s a crime to destroy any of My Work.  What did Jesus say about the Tree that bears no fruit?  Cut it down, let it wither and die.  I always accomplish the little goals in My Journal, so it’s not really worth Keeping.  This is the first time I am actually able to Visualize the end of My Story and there are still a few elements I would like to add to it before the dramatic conclusion.  Just like the documents in My Portfolio that I have made Public here, this is a Journal I In Tend to Keep.  It Gives Me a place to Write My Secret Plans and Cast a Paige into My Story, which is the real excitement for Me and something I can’t share here.  This Will be a Private Treasure for My future family.

My Journal has already provided a wonderful place for Me to Plan My strategy, Write My Ideas for new Blog Posts on days I don’t get a chance to Write or can’t for reasons beyond My control.  It seems that Words I Scribe on Paper Tend to Manifest faster as if they are truly making an impression not only on the paper but in the physical Universe.  My Blog seems like more of a reflection of man’s collective conscience.  More people are reading My material than ever before, keeping up with My social media accounts demands more and more time everyday.

My stats would still seem pretty laughable to some, but My Twitter account used to make less than a hundred impressions a week.  Now I make a few hundred impressions an hour almost consistently, even when I’m not posting anything.  I gained almost fifteen hundred followers last month and another three hundred so far in December.  I still sometimes find My Self amazed with how much momentum My Twitter account seems to be gaining.  Only God knows what kind of an impact I’ll be making on the world another six months from now, I can only Dream.


The Book of Dreams

As I sat here waiting for My intermittent internet to reconnect, I read a little more from Matthew to pass the time.  So many of the passages stand out in Ways they never have before, the following passage in particular.

MATTHEW 18:18-20

“Truly I say to You, whatever things You may bind on Earth Will be things already bound in Heaven, and whatever things You may loosen on Earth Will be things already loosened in Heaven.  Again I tell You truly, if two of You on Earth agree on any matter of importance that they should request, it Will take place for them on account of My Father in Heaven.  For where there are two or more gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.”

And I was Blessed shortly thereafter with a converse A Sean with another Paige in My Story who told Me that She is also gathered in My name.  The first two Paige’s were Queen Nina and Queen Elizabeth.  All of these things coming together as I am preparing My lists and checking them twice.  Over the next couple of days, the world Will soon find out who has been naughty and who has been nice.

Love and Blessings,

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