A New Year’s Resolute Sean

Yes, this New Year, I am a new, Resolute, Sean.  😉

Resolute Definition:

adjective: resolute
  1. admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.
    “she was resolute and unswerving”

That sounds about right!  Admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering, regardless how much any one else may wish to deter My nation, My Kingdom Comes…

The first two photos above were taken when I fired up My computer to Write the first two of the three letters I Writ on New Year’s Eve, the last of Seven for the week.  When I returned to Write the last one, it was 9:37 but I didn’t have My laptop and I was a little panicked to get it done before eleven.  The last photo was yesterday morning, just after I sat down as King of the Universe if it would be okay to not Write on My Blog and just enjoy the day.  So, I decided to relax and enjoy the day.

For Me there was reason to celebrate.  Little Signs from the Universe as I Writ each letter, never forcing My Self to Write but to be Inspired.  Even that Part worked out perfect somehow.  Although I had intended to Write one letter a day for Seven days, it worked out to one letter, one day off, another Letter, another day off, two Letters, a day off and then three Letters on the final day, Fibonacci; 1,1,2,3.  Each comma represents a day off.

It takes a lot of time and effort to Write the Letters.  I need to be inspired and I also need a few hours thing King about what I Will say.  The whole thing is getting to be a little redundant but I do want to give Canada’s government representatives one last opportunity to Honour their position.  One last opportunity before what, exactly?

That is another Way I have been celebrating My Life recently.  I am grateful every day for Gifting My Self with a new Journal where I can Keep My Secret Plans.  Although I did not Post as much on My Blog as I had planned to over the Holy Days, My Journal is already full of new Ideas to Write about and new Titles for Entries.  It is a place for Me to Write the Vision I have for My Microcosm, this is where I publish My Intentions for the Macrocosm.  I Truly feel like I am Keeping a Book of Secret Scriptures, a Script You are reading Parts of here.  Future Acts and Scenes are already in the Works!  I have now filled eighteen Pages of My new Journal and it reads very much like a Play, or perhaps even a little like a Bible.  I make My Promises there, deadlines I must Keep to Honour My Word.  Somehow it is more important there because I am the only one who knows if I Keep My Word, and My Word is Sacred, a covenant with God, if You Will.  I fall in love with the new Book all over again every time I open in and I have Honoured My Gift by taking the Time to Keep the Writing as beautiful as I am able.  A Great deal of Intention is Scribed into every stroke of My Pen.

So yesterday I took some time to relax and appreciate the product of My Work:

Seven Scripts of Magic

I’m estimating altogether the Letters took a little over ten hours to Write.  Today I reviewed them, read through them all one more time, and placed them into plastic sleeve covers to Keep them organized…  ‘Organ’, like a heart, ‘-ized’ (eyes’ed, seen/scene) together in such a Way that they become a Great ‘Body’ of Work, Living Magic, Ideas made physical, Manifest, like a Manifesto.  I could go on for days…

Instead, I am going to Sign off for the evening and once again reward My Self with more private Writing in My Journal, the Pages above are a preview.  I Will Post one letter with each Post over the next few days.  I have to be honest, whenever I Write a Letter there is a lot more interest on My social media accounts so I want to milk the publicity a bit, rather than just Post them all in one day.  Also allows Me to add a little anticipation and suspense to My Blog.

I hope You are all well and manifesting a Magical New Year.  I know I am!!!

Love and Blessings,





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