Spirituality Class and Teaching

Over the last week or so it has been difficult to find time for Writing.  I’ll either have the inspiration and no peace to take advantage of it, or I Will have the peace I need but not feel inspired to Write.  Today I felt a lot more like My usual self and used the momentum to get quite a few things accomplished.

This morning I attended My first spirituality class which is a requirement of the Life Skills Program.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I do try My very best to Keep an open Mind.  It is easy to tell that the lady who teaches the class has a good heart and great intentions.  The class started with a very big question, ‘who are You?’.

Participation is a big part of the class, so everyone must contribute and someone immediately ‘appointed’ Me to lead the group by answering first.   The lady’s looking at Me as I consider My reply.  Do I tell her that I am a single consciousness experiencing My Self subjectively, or do I simplify and tell her that I am a spiritual being having a human experience?  I opted to go with number two.

“Okay, sure, that’s great.  But We have a name, too, and Our name says something about Us.  So who are You?  What does that name mean to You?”

Honestly, can You Imagine what it is like for Me to answer a question like this?  I said that the name is important and one of the biggest problems in Our world right now is that man uses a name and title given to them by the state, rather than the one that was given them by God (mom and dad). People give more energy to a corporate Idea than to the value of their own Life.  Did Jesus not say, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”?

“Yes, this is true but We need to learn to compromise and continue to grow, accept the things We cannot change and adapt to them.”

“I break things down to one very simple common denominator that I believe any man can comprehend.  Either participation in a commercial fiction is optional, or We are bonded slaves to a commercial Idea.  I prefer to believe We are not slaves, that We live in a Christian world that teaches the example of Christ and if We want to see change, We must be the change We dream to see, and do as Jesus would do.  I don’t think Jesus would compromise his beliefs and accept the world the way it is, I think He would know his Power to change it.  In a world that presumes to be Christian, I am thing King that this is a philosophy that should be accepted and practiced more.”

She seemed satisfied with My answer and suggested if I wanted to discuss the matter more We could meet in her office sometime.  Unless she personally requests an audience, I Will not likely meet with her in her office.

The most interesting thing about the class was that it was the first spirituality class of the New Year and it was all about accepting who and what We are, each of Us having a unique role to play on the world stage, and that We should do what We can to embrace Our part, to boldly be who and what We are and bring that character into the New Year.  There are no coincidences in My Universe.  It wouldn’t have been very honest for Me to have pretended I have no Idea what My Divine Purpose might be, yet it was obvious she was surprised by My reply and I could tell she was distressed by it.  I felt empathy for her, though I assured My Self I had said nothing wrong.  When class was over, a couple of the guys came to Me and said they were thankful for what I had said, ‘they want the truth until they hear it’, one of them said to Me.

This is one of the reasons My social circle is so small and why I am so grateful and thankful for those I do manage to connect with.  It’s not exactly appropriate for Me introduce My Self as ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn’, for obvious reasons, even if it is legally true.

After class, I had just enough time to brew a fresh pot of coffee before heading to My first tutoring session.  We had just talked about the different hats We wear over the course of a single day and here I was changing My hat from student to teacher.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any formal teaching so I was excited about it.  I was able to find relevant material to work with and I am quite sure My friend was very pleased with his first class.

The morning left Me feeling very inspired and being a King does involve tremendous responsibility.  One of those responsibilities is getting My letters in the hands of those they are intended for.  I am using a new office for faxing documents and Keith has been very busy as is common for those returning from Christmas Holy days in the New Year.  Today there happened to be no one in his office when I returned from teaching My first class and I managed to make the most of the opportunity and get My letter to Jean-Pierre Khouri faxed today.  One down, six to go…

I am not sure if I am going to be faxing all letters, I had never considered the option until I noticed the fax number on the bottom of the dental clinic’s letter to Me.  The dental clinic and the Ottawa Citizen are two recipients where I am not entirely sure if My alternative method would be as effective, though I’m still not ready to disclose what that method Will be.

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Yes, I do have a sense of humour.  I don’t really care how funny any of it sounds, I think it’s funny the world trades debt and calls it money, though I do have an unusual sense of humour.

I have a ton of work still to do and once again, apologies for Keeping everyone in suspense for so long on My last two letters but I want to release them here at the same time they Will be Cast into the Universe.  Please be patient, I have a couple of details still to consider.  I Trust You are all well.

Love and Blessings,







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