Universe City Graduate (Sean)

I could not resist.  When people ask where I went to school and I tell them I am a Universe City graduate, they usually as King of Me which one and I say again, slowly, ‘Universe.  (pause). City’.  Usually I can see the wheels turning and the eureka moment a few seconds later reveals itself with a smirk as the inquisitor makes the ‘connect Sean’.  I love Words…

past tense: graduated; past participle: graduated
successfully complete an academic degree, course of training, or high school.
“I graduated from West Point in 1965″
arrange in a series or according to a scale.
“a graduated tax”
change (something, typically color or shade) gradually or step by step.
“the color is graduated from the middle of the frame to the top”
It would seem to Me that all three examples mean pretty much the same thing.  To arrange in a series, as in social status perhaps?  Gradually, so that one does not notice they are being conditioned for their part ‘according to a scale’ (as in music, One Song, Uni-Verse).
I was recently involved in a conversation discussing the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Universities are great for knowledge, Universe City (where We are now) is where one acquires wisdom, and it (wisdom) needs to be applied continuously or We will not develop knowledge, We will only develop intellect and intellect without wisdom can be detrimental to both the individual and collective development of Our species.
University is where one can go to learn everything there is to know about the stock market, fractional reserve banking, margin calls, interest rates, compound interest and all kinds of other fancy banking tricks.  However, in Order to graduate, You must slowly be conditioned, changed…  Gradually, so that one starts their degree believing it is necessary.  You first must accept that money and the financial markets and systems in place today are necessary.  In fact, the necessity of commerce, trade and banking will likely be part of first year studies, the operating system that allows for the installation of all the following programs necessary for graduation (transformation).  Universe City graduation, on the other hand, is Universal transform a Sean.  We must all graduate from the school of Life if We want true success, and that means being true to one’s Divine Purpose which is determined and guided by Our internal moral compass.  It is not a coincidence that a moral compass is measured in degrees and that We pride Our Selves on the degree We receive from University.  Have We placed too much emphasis on one and not enough on the other?  Just an Idea.
The title of this Post was inspired yesterday by a friend of mine who has what most people would consider a very impressive resume.  He is a member of the board of directors on two committees and has come to Me for private tutoring to improve his English and Writing skills.  I was Honoured and have graciously accepted his offer.  Don’t worry, I won’t incorporate My unusual use of capital letters or word play associations – that is Magic.
Several years ago now, I spent some time in Japan teaching English as a second language, something a lot of people told Me I would not be able to do without a degree.  It is true that the Japanese government refused to give Me a visa to teach English but for Me, all it really meant was that if I can’t work legally, I also can’t legally be taxed.  So I worked lawfully and lawfully paid no taxes on My income.  But I did work and I was very successful in My ability to teach.  I probably worked a little harder at it than a lot of others may have because I was determined to impress and make up for ‘credentials’ I didn’t have.  I actually just posted an advertisement being completely honest about being a self taught writer who keeps a blog and provided a link to My website.  I had flash cards, games to play with children, and I spent a lot of time online trying to find new ways to engage My students/clients in ways that would be meaningful and memorable.  In one situation, I was teaching a six year old girl and her four year old brother once a week.  By the time I finished teaching them, their one year old sister was shouting out some of the flash cards as I held them up, and she wasn’t even supposed to be learning anything!  I still remember how excited her mother was to see this.
Now I am teaching someone who has at least one degree, probably several.  For the record, I am almost entirely self-taught, I have no University degree of any kind, all My degrees are invested in My moral compass where I [now] consider My Self a Universe City Graduate.  Now I am war King on My practice…  Because We all know practice makes perfect.  😉
I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m suggesting education isn’t important.  I believe that education and knowledge are extremely important (especially if one wants to become a doctor or something) but I do think We often allow Our degree to determine too much (or perhaps too little) about Our potential and purpose in society.  If I allowed My Self to believe I could never accomplish peace in the world without some kind of degree I’d be in a lot of trouble because the world doesn’t have a degree for that yet, it’s never been accomplished!  It was difficult for Me to comprehend how the world was going to teach Me how to do something that had never been done.
It has been suggested that I should get a degree in either politics or economics.  Once again, every country I know of is broke and in debt to central banks, so it doesn’t really look like anyone is an expert on how to responsibly manage the economy and if there is such a person, they should probably take care of the world’s financial crisis first, then start their ministry and teaching [I’m on it].  Similarly, the political system doesn’t seem to be working very efficiently so far – I think the hope is that one gradually ‘learns’ to accept why it doesn’t work (see example number one, above) and ‘take their arrangement in the series according to scale’ (in harmony with the Universe’s One Song).
I have not had much head space to Write recently, so I apologize for taking so long to Post the last two Letters but I would like to say a few Words about each of them when I do; I just have not had the ‘Zen’ Mind Space to do so.  My Life can be chaotic at times, the extreme cold does not help and people are often as King of Me for My time and counsel, sometimes it can be exhausting.
The Book of Dreams

I was blessed yesterday to have been given this opportunity to teach (two hours a week, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) and also to have been Gifted with a game of chess with My friend Chris who also defeated Me for the first time which was a beautiful thing for Me – I was both the teacher and the student in the same day.  Every game has been close but I have always managed to gain the advantage, last night was no exception but I got careless, over confident, and missed a beautiful checkmate.  An important message about maintaining focus right to the very end.  Thank You again, Chris.

And thank You for being here.  I am grateful for every single person in My Life, known and unknown, anyone who is a part of anything I am doing, from Facebook friend’s to Twitter followers, WordPress followers, to the beautiful people in microcosm every day.  Especially the beautiful people in My microcosm every day.  As chaotic as it can feel for Me sometimes to have people demanding My time, it is also an Honour and I truly am very grateful.


The most important lessons We learn are not taught to us in school, university, or even by Our parents and teachers as much as they are all an integral part of Our growth.  The most important lessons are learned by way of Our life experiences and true graduation from Universe City is transformation into a higher state of being, the human being… (insert dream here).

Love and Blessings,

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