Self ‘Reflect-Sean’ and the Reluctant Hero

Hello, everyone.  I have a lot of things ‘in the works’.  I don’t spend much time Writing about the immediate challenges of My microcosm; the day to day stuff like sharing a room, keeping it clean, maintaining boundaries, providing support without taking on other people’s problems, eating, sleeping, cleaning, laundry, basic stuff like personal hygiene, and getting along with a colourful array of characters in a community setting.

Many of these things most of Us take for granted, though I am confident virtually anyone could benefit from the experience of community living, simply because communication and social skills are absolutely essential in life.  They are also not skills that most of Us are routinely exposed to for any length of time or encouraged to develop.  We are not taught to live in community and harmony with one another, We are encouraged to pursue Our independence and compete with each other.

I prefer living alone which is something that people who know Me on a personal level find surprising because I love to socialize and I love a good conversation.  But I think I love to socialize because I generally spend most of My time alone.  When I do have the opportunity to get together with friends, I have something to say.  If I am continuously surrounded by people, I find it difficult to collect My thoughts and focus My energy, which is more or less what I have been experiencing lately.  Writing is also an excellent outlet for Me because a lot of the things I enjoy sharing involve concepts not everyone can immediately grasp, so I share those Ideas with My closer friends and here on My Blog for everyone else.

I have had challenges with My roommate.  When I first moved in, I honestly thought it would be a miracle if he managed to last for more than a couple of days.  Miracles tend to happen in My Universe, it really should not be a surprise that he is still with Me.  In the beginning, I was so sure he wouldn’t last that I had as King of the Universe to take care of him for Me, knowing he is going through something difficult.  As long as he remains My roommate, he is in My care, and the worst thing for him right now would be to lose his bed.

Typically, the room I sleep in is the most beautiful room in My dwelling, wherever that may be.  I Will decorate My walls with either paintings or murals and it is usually such an involved vision that it is an elaborate, step by step process of ‘transform ‘A’ Sean’.  I don’t have that right now.  Although My side of the room is tidy, the rest of the room has been a constant state of chaos.  At the same time, I know My roommate much better than I did a few weeks ago and I can’t imagine too many other people here would be able to deal with the kind of difficulties this man is dealing with right now.  More than anything in the world, this man needs someone who cares…  And I do.  And the Universe knows I do.

The Quest Ion (question) I was forced to as King of My Self, is what the solution might be – not just for Me, but also for My roommate and others in similar situations to his.  In theory I could give up all of My idealistic philosophies and get My Self some kind of mundane job as soon as tomorrow if I really wanted to.  The Quest Ion is what about the people who can’t?  I mean genuinely cannot hold down any kind of regular job.  Sadly, that is the reality for the majority of people reliant on shelters.  These people are marginalized so drastically, that with the [lack of] support systems currently in place, they are placed in subsidized housing communities or rooming houses where some of the conditions are as bad as, or in some cases, even worse than the conditions they were subject to in a shelter.

A ‘reasonable’, dignified, one bedroom or bachelor apartment in Ottawa goes for about $750.00 – if You are lucky.  Realistically, a single person should be prepared to pay as much as $900.00 for a one bedroom or bachelor, inclusive.  The Canadian government and the city of Ottawa’s welfare system provide $375.00 for basic shelter and another $337.00 for basic living expenses.  Some are so desperate for dignified accommodation, they are willing to sacrifice their entire food allowance to cover the cost of rent.  The shelters, on the other hand, are subsidized roughly $1440.00 per month for every ‘client’ using the shelter.  And client is the right word because shelters are a business.  Perhaps a not for profit business, but a business no less – and non profits provide tax relief for big business, including government.  Imagine what kind of transform a Sean could happen if the $1440.00 per month available to every homeless person staying at a shelter was allocated to the person needing the shelter instead?  What kind of dignified accommodation would $1440.00 provide compared to the $375.00 the city allocates through the welfare system?  This is government corruption at its finest.  If Canadian taxpayers had a clue this was how their money was being spent, would they be more vigilante about holding Our elected officials accountable?

I actually doubt it would cause anything more or less than an uproar that would quickly be forgot the next day, which is why I feel it would be irresponsible for Me to take a mundane ‘job’ and live comfortably just because I am able to.  I’m able to do a lot of things, I’m focusing on what I want to do most and what I am best at.  I don’t believe that being intelligent or knowledgeable means one deserve more and others deserve less.  I was actually tall King with someone about this just yesterday and I as King of My friend if it would be right to watch a weaker man bullied by a stronger man if You were able to stop it.  It’s a rhetorical question, the answer is no and most of Us do not need to be told.  Being intelligent or knowledgeable carries with it the same duties and responsibilities.  My duty and responsibility is to fight the good fight for those who can’t.  If the majority of people subjected to poverty and homelessness are in their situation because they do not have the skills or mental health to maintain lucrative employment, how likely is it that they are going to be able to defend their legal right to live a dignified life?  Not likely, and I’m pretty sure that politicians in Canada know this well and use it to their advantage to syphon as much money as they possibly can from the welfare system into their own personal projects and private business interests.  Politicians are generally more popular when they favour corporations because corporations provide their funding – and also determine how those funds should be allocated, which is generally not in the best interest of the ‘common’ Canadian person.

This entry is about Self reflect Sean, though everything I have Writ so far in this entry is more of an explanation as to why I am living the Way I am, why I take refuge in a shelter when I am so ‘capable’ in the eyes of those around Me.  I truly consider My Self something of a rogue journalist.  I can tell You first hand what the conditions are like for anyone who is subject to Canada’s welfare system and regardless what the reason may be for it, at least five percent of Canadians are subject to it at all times.  That is staggering information if You consider what it means.  If there are thirty-five million Canadians and five percent are statistically subject to welfare at all times, then roughly one million, seven hundred and fifty thousand Canadians are dependent on welfare every day.  Even if I believed it were necessary or beneficial for Canada to borrow money from [private] central banks, there is no reason poverty like this should exist in a country like Canada at all – or any country, really.

The ‘reluctant hero’ of My Self reflect Sean was the real-eyes-a-Sean of My last remaining fear, which I have Writ of here once before; fear of success.

I am actually here to accomplish peace on earth.  I know this in a Way only I can know, I know I don’t fail, and I know how close I am to the completion of My task.  As impossible a task as that may seem to some, it all seems very plain and simple to Me, which is why I suppose it Will seem so miraculous to everyone else.  I’m afraid I won’t know what to do with My Self when peace is accomplished and I’m afraid I Will never have a moment of peace to My Self – how is that for selfish and ironic?  I want to save the world but I don’t want to talk about it when I’m done.  Quite a real Eyes, aye Sean.

But this is the truth and I have been procrastinating a little, deliberately but not so much consciously until these revel-a-Sean’s sometime late last week.  I’ve had no alone time which would typically compel Me to completely submerse My Self in My work.  My Journal has been a wonderful tool that has inspired some great Ideas but I don’t want to use them yet and I’m not entirely sure why.  I know I’m not sending any more original copies of My letters to public servants because they are not acting Honourably enough to deserve them and the weather has been insanely cold, so I have not been motivated to walk half way across town to make copies but there are other things I can do; I have a whole list of Blog Post titles for entries that are fabulous, for example.  Marketing was always a weakness for Me and now I feel like I’m beginning to get the hang of all the social media stuff.  Less than a year ago I had fifty-five followers on Twitter and said I would focus on marketing for the first time as one of My final frontiers – today I have 4,292 at the time of this Post and I don’t even feel like I put any serious effort into it, I just kept doing what I do, which is listening to My heart and following My path, with resolute-Sean.

The King’s Bench
The King’s Bench

Thanks always for those who are part of My following on Twitter and reading My Blog.  I really do have some amazing Ideas to take My ‘brand’ [Kingdom of Heaven Foundation] to the next level.  There are now also four in My microcosm who have been raised from the dead, at least legally and they are also very supportive of everything I am doing.  I’ve also followed up with the Ministry of Community and Social Services which I Will be tall King about in My next Post.

I think I’m as King to all of You to forgive Me for taking so long, for being so reluctant, and to be patient – because nothing in the world is more important to Me than equality for all of man and I promise You that day is coming soon.  I love You.

Love and Blessings,


  1. I’ll only comment on one particular thread to your post. You’re quite right in pointing out that we have so much useless burocracy around the welfare system that if the money that goes into it should go straight into our pockets we would all be much better off. That’s the whole new concept of basic income that’s now slowly taking root. Still, you should count yourself lucky for what you get. I live in one of the few industrialised countries that still pays nothing at all.

    1. Hello David and thanks for Your comment,

      I try to be careful with the Word luck. If each of Us were to consider ourselves thankful and ‘lucky’ for ‘what We get’, We are suggesting that man has no rights and/or (the people) no power to exercise them and that the people are the foundation of government in any country. This Blog is about human rights, the common law and Our right and authority to defend human rights by way of law. Perhaps if I had lived in a country where there is no welfare system at all, I would have been even more motivated to defend human rights and learned what I am teaching here, years sooner. Do You belong to Your country because You were born there, or are You free to make any country in the world Your own? You do not belong to Your government and You are not compelled to stay there…

      Is that a fair statement? What do You think, I’m interested to hear Your thoughts.

      Thanks again for the comment, have a wonderful week.


      1. I was born there. I’ve also been around a bit, and while it can be great to try and live elsewhere, ultimately everyone belongs where they’re born. It really is the only place we can call home in the long run.

      2. Fair enough. I’ve never felt like Canada was ‘home’, though I don’t really consider earth My home, either. I’m just here to visit for a while. Really appreciate the feedback, have an awesome day!

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