A ‘Lucky’ Wednesday to Celebrate, Sean!

Yes, ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in Deed.  When I made My List and checked it twice, I decided that the Ministry of Community and Social Services CASE worker should not be on My List because she had done what I had as King of her to do, which was to forward My Letter to her supervisor.  Although I encountered just as much frustrate-Sean with the supervisor, I was able to hold someone else accountable for failing to comply with My instruct Sean’s.

The supervisor clearly did not understand My Letter or what I was as King of her to do, which is something I have grown somewhat accustomed to.  The highest Honour I can Give her is to not disclose her name here, but I did insist on discovering who she had forwarded My Letter to (if anyone).  Initially, she had referred Me to two of her other superiors who seemed to have no knowledge of My Letter and when it did reach their hands, they refused to return or receive My phone calls – so mature.

Once again, these are the little details I don’t often share here.  The number of converse ‘A’ Sean’s I’ve had with people who clearly have no clue what I’m tall King about would be too numerous to mention without being redundant.  It is entirely plausible that most M.P.’s and other elected officials have very little real knowledge of what I am tall King about, either.  So for Me to expect a CASE worker to grasp what I have learned over roughly seven years of law study is a little unrealistic.  At the same time, things need to get done and somebody Will inevitably have to be found accountable; I would prefer that those individuals be persons who are expected to know how Canada’s ‘wealth’ is created and have Sworn an Oath to Honour and protect God and the Queen.

So, after making little to no headway with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, I filed an official complaint with the City.  Can’t even remember now if I did that yesterday or Monday, but it doesn’t matter; Chris Tuck returned My call yesterday afternoon and I returned his call this morning.

I left a brief message letting him know that I wanted to make sure he had a copy of the documents I had placed on the record before returning My call so that he would have some Idea what We would be tall King about.  I turned the ringer on My phone to full volume, anticipating he would return My call sometime later this afternoon and I was not disappointed.

For the first time ever [by a government representative], I was actually treated with dignity and respect.  We spoke for over forty minutes in great detail.  Chris seems to understand how Canada creates wealth and the subsequent commercial contracts like Social Insurance, Health Care, etc., though he does not know how to Honour My request and likely is not able to do so at the municipal level.  None of this was a surprise to Me, I am well aware that the Ministry of Community and Social Services does not have the power or authority to provide the disclosure I am as King to them for, though I have a Duty [to Honour My legal position as King] to report to them that the account is now evidence of fraud and/or bondage and slave contracts, and that I am essentially working (War King) My Way up the chain of command until I find someone who can Honour My request [Order].

Chris was very pleasant to speak with, perhaps because it is refreshing to be tall King with someone who seems to understand the nature of My complaint.  If he was humouring Me he should consider a career in acting, as he seemed absolutely genuine.  At the start of the call, he even as King of Me if it was okay to call Me “Sean”.  Of course, that is how I prefer to be addressed, though as King of Me first is a show of respect and courtesy for the documents I have filed with the Ministry; he acted Honourably, something I rarely experience from government representatives, as disappointing as that may be.

By the end of the call, Chris promised to look into the matter in more detail and see if he could provide some answers for Me over the next week or so.  I agreed to touch base with him again next [Lucky] Wednesday if I did not hear from him first.  I also as King of him to pass a request on to My CASE worker to release any wealth that is available within the Ministries for food allowance, housing, health care, transportation, et cetera, advising that they do not have the authority to restrict My access to any available wealth that was created in My name [as it is all debt being administrated fraudulently anyway].  Chris was unable to promise that My request would be Honoured, though he assured Me he would do everything in his power to make it happen.  I Will be sure to Keep You Posted.

The day was Blessed in other Ways, too.  My Magic number 37 is showing up everywhere for My friend and fellow King, Chris, too.  As unusual as it might sound, You really have to be in My microcosm on a personal level to understand the Power of this number.  Chris lost his apartment mid way through the month and was forced to return to the shelter.  I assured Him there are no coincidences in the Universe and that the Universe had intended for Him to be here with Me, at least for now.  The following day, He was given a semi-private two man dorm, a privilege offered to those who are gainfully employed.  Any guesses what bed number He was Gifted with?

Magic Number 37

There was one more very special Blessing Gifted Me today; Blog reads.  Shortly after getting off the phone with Chris, I noticed that a number of My legal documents had been read…  And the views continued to increase.  I can tell You that the Ministries I am dealing with now are beginning to understand what I am all about.  I really don’t think anyone will want to face Me in a court of law, so perhaps there Will be some big changes on the horizon.  Once again, I didn’t choose the characters in My Story, We all have a Role to Play on the world Stage, it is up to those whom have been Cast to determine how they Will Play their Part.

Love and Blessings, hope this Wednesday was as ‘Lucky’ for You as it has been for Me.

I love You, truly – thanks for Your patience.




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