Celebrating false Prophets for Canada’s 150th Anniversary

My Life has been especially auspicious lately.  Magic number 37 shows up everywhere for My new best friend and fellow King, Jeryn, and My microcosm is a series of Magical Miracles.  Soon I Will also be amplifying the frequency of My Blog. I thought about putting a question Mark after the Title of today’s Post because I think it would catch more attention but it wouldn’t be as honest, as there is no question about it; Canada celebrates, glorifies and protects false profits, the corporation.  A false prophet is any Idea that represents ‘profiting’ from the wants and needs of man.

Commercial Admiralty is a system of law.  It is not God’s Law, they are laws created by man for those who have forsaken God’s law, the Ten Commandments.  Most who study the law to the extent that I have perceive the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), the Vatican, the City of London, the individuals who represent those institutions and the system of laws they’ve created, to be pure evil with a profound determination to enslave humanity; and for some period of time I believed most of that to be true also.  Now My perspective is completely different.

I have said before that when I first started studying law, it seemed the more I studied, the less I felt I knew because One quickly discovers just how much more there is to know; and I believe it was designed that way deliberately.  Everyone I know who does begin to truly understand the foundation of Our current (like electricity) legal system also seems to develop a perception of the RCC, the Pope, the Queen, the Vatican, City of London, and other prominent authorities of the law as the ‘enemy’.  I don’t believe that’s the CASE at all; I am building a Case here (as a Universal Public ‘A’ Sean) and in the Letters I Write to Canada’s elected officials.  The more I can tell You about [My perception of] Our system of things here, the less I Will have to explain to the world later.

Man was given the system of laws We have now because We were not yet spiritually mature enough to know better, We couldn’t even Keep the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments were Given to man as a Guide and moral compass.  It does not matter if the Bible is a work of fact, fiction or any combination thereof, it is the Intention (in Ten Sean) of that Great Work that is of most importance and there is a very Good reason that it was spread throughout the world; We were all meant to know that Book.  That is the book of laws man was meant to know, not the Black Magic of Black’s Law, UCC titles, statutes and codes.  Remember, the devil is in the details.  Those are corporate rules that have the force of law in a corporate (CAPITALIST) world.  Human beings are a shade of man (hue-man) protected by the colour of law until We grow up spiritually.  That is why I re-Writ the Universal Declaration to reflect the rights of man, not ‘human’ rights.  A human being is a person and a person is a corporate title with only some of the protections and unalienable rights of the man living under God.

We have chosen the love of money over the love of God, We are taught to profit from one another.  The corporation has no moral compass.  The corporation doesn’t suffer at all if it hoards food while people in the world starve.  The corporation’s sole purpose has nothing to do with man’s Soul purpose, it is for profit only.  And every single man I know in the living world has given the energy of their life to a corporate title whether or not they fully understand what that means; the false idea that one should live to profit from their fellow man.

I have never really been One to fully conform to any Idea and law would be no exception.  Most perceive the system of laws that We have now to be completely corrupt and that they were intentionally designed to be that way.  I see things a little differently.  I propose that the system of laws We have now are perfect; We just have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

Understanding what is done with the Record of Live Birth, what that document represents and how it is used as a commercial instrument is a lot of very complicated information for a man to comprehend and it does take years of study to develop any real understanding of it.  Many of the words I have used in this entry would have similar yet markedly different definitions in Black’s Law from what One would find in Webster’s Dictionary.  It is a completely different language, though it sounds exactly the same as English and this is the primary reason that many great teachers in the law movement [towards Sovereignty] perceive the system to be willfully deceptive.  I don’t believe that any man who knows God needs to understand one word of Black’s Law or Legalese to be successful in defending man’s rights.  All the complicated Commercial Admiralty stuff is only for those who are willfully choosing to participate in a CAPITALIST Idea, false prophets (profits).

Because I Will be dragging Michelle Richardson, Editor in Chief of this major corporation into Canada’s Superior court later this year, I am going to use Post Media Corporation as an example.  Post Media corporation is a propaganda machine, responsible for the publication of the Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, National Post and over a dozen other newspaper publications across the country.  Very few services Canadians call ‘public’ are actually public at all – it is all run by private corporations that profit from the public need.  Post Media Corporation is one of the greatest examples of how the majority of information reaching Canadians is influenced by One major corporation with absolutely no interest in representing the Ideas of the common man if it is not profitable to do so.  A public newspaper would be not for profit (like this Blog) and any revenue generated would be returned to the community.  If Post Media profits of over $13 million annually were returned to the people of Canada, how much would that benefit the Canadian people?  Now imagine if every corporation were required to do the same – by law!  All anyone has to do is start looking at how much Canada’s private corporations profit every year from what they are charging the public to get a sense of how Our elected officials now represent the will of the corporation rather than the will of the people.  Public transit is another great example, generally profiting millions every year from something Canadians typically refer to as a public service.  Police services are private corporations enforcing corporate policies for profit, not peace officers protecting man’s inherent common law rights, despite that being the primary duty of any law enforcement officer.

I Will put an end to the economic system as We know it today but for the sake of argument, let’s presume for a moment (for those who are unable to suspend disbelief long enough to get a sense of it) that We will continue to use this stuff called ‘money’ in the future.  Imagine if every corporation were forced to surrender its profits to the public.  Imagine if a politician who presumes to be a leader of a country were not allowed to take a salary larger than the least of his people.  These are the kind of policies that would facilitate positive change and if the Will of the people of Canada is still the foundation of democracy and government, then there is absolutely no reason this cannot be achieved.

I am proposing that things are not really as corrupt as they seem, We have simply failed to hold Our elected officials accountable for their transgressions against man’s rights and the common law.  I believe that the Intention of the Bible was to provide a moral foundation for all of man to follow by Way of the Ten Commandments.  I believe the Roman Catholic Church was determined to increase its influence at any cost so that every single man in the common wealth would know the example they were meant to follow, the example of the Christ character.  I believe that the Bible has all the answers anyone needs if they are unclear about how one should govern themselves with Spiritual maturity.

For Canada’s 150th Anniversary, I think the Canadian people should consider what exactly it is they are celebrating.  How much did the ice rink on Parliament Hill cost?  How much did the New Years fireworks cost? Was the cost [of the fireworks] reimbursed when the government decided it was too cold for the celebration, or did nobody bother to ask?  Will Canada’s people continue to support corrupt politicians like Trudeau, or will We let Trudeau’s questionable ethics slide because We have come to expect this kind of behaviour from Canada’s elected officials?  If Canadians don’t have a choice about paying taxes and don’t have the right to remove corrupt politicians like Trudeau from office, what exactly are We celebrating?  Oh yeah, false prophets…

False prophet protects profits

I didn’t mean for this post to be so long, I Trust You are all well.

Love and Blessings,















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