Happy Lucky Ash Valentines Wednesday, World!

Hello, everyone!  Especially excited to be here this evening.  Yesterday, I had no Idea that it would be both Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday today.  In western culture it’s pretty hard to not know when it Will be Valentine’s day but I’m not really up on My Christian Holy days, so Ash Wednesday was something I had to look up.  So many things made so much more sense after I did.

I have been tall King recently about the relay Sean ship between My Twitter account and My microcosm, how all things are connected.  My Twitter account is always providing Me with some kind of information; though I don’t always immediately understand it, I know there are no coincidences.  In the beginning, I knew that My exploding Twitter account was a reflection of the work I had done in My microcosm; the letters I have Writ and the Blog entries I have Posted were getting some attention.  It was a ‘Sign’ that My Cestui Que Vie declaration was everything I had claimed it to be, DaVinci’s ‘Vetruvian man’ decoded’.

Yesterday I was Writing about how the increase in Twitter followers had come to a dramatic halt at 4,896, and that I figured I would hit 4,900 before the end of the evening, though I wasn’t sure why It had stopped for almost a full day at 4,895.  Keep in Mind that I had been gaining fifty to sixty new followers every day since I started using Hootsuite before it stopped dramatically on 4,895 at almost exactly midnight Monday evening, and remained there for the entire day yesterday.  The other somewhat unusual thing about that is that I still get all kinds of new followers, I’ll just lose one for every one I gain.  I also said that I feel I am meant to share these interpretations with You – the recent anomalies in My Twitter stats is Universal confirm a Sean of that and I have new information to share with You today.

The number of followers I have on Twitter has never decreased since My account first began to take off in April of last year – NEVER.  Last night, I did break 4,900 – 4,903 to be exact.  I loaded up My Hootsuite and Buffer for today with some William Shakespeare quotes to celebrate Valentine’s day and checked My Twitter account once more before bed.  It was back down to 4,896.  I figured by the time I woke up, it would be well over 4,900 again.  Not to take things for granted, but waking up to ten to fifteen new followers every day is pretty normal, and one of those little things I always give thanks for.  When I awoke this morning, My Twitter account was at 4,884.  It’s still there now, despite gaining fifteen new followers today.

At first, I was a little concerned, not so much for the loss in followers (although nobody really likes to lose followers) but why I might be losing followers.  Is the Universe displeased that I am sharing this information with You?  I supposed it was a possibility but My impressions on Twitter were well above average today, which suggests the Universe is still pleased with what I am doing.  I was admittedly stumped.

In My microcosm, these things are known by My close friends.  I can quite easily show how there is something ‘not right’ with My stats and My friends are almost as excited about My Twitter account reaching its next benchmark as I am.  5,000 is the big one those in My microcosm are excited about and many believed I would reach that target today.  Instead, the increase in followers was on hold yesterday and decreased today.  I didn’t know what to make of it and I mentioned it to one of My friends.

“You know today is Ash Wednesday, right?”

“No!  What is Ash Wednesday all about?”

“First day of Lent, You are supposed to give something up, something You love.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, it was a ‘eureka’ moment for Me!  Of course!  It makes so much sense.  The most valuable thing I could offer would be My followers, My presence on social media which is ultimately necessary for My overall success.  Giving up some followers is a true sacrifice considering My objective and goals.  Only the Universe knows how much My followers mean to Me and I am somewhat Honoured that I was able to ‘give some up’.  It is also an opportunity for Me to demonstrate humility before God and remind everyone that My objective is entirely dependent on the rest of the world, too.  One of the reasons I was never really interested in promoting My Blog was because I believe that all the right people Will find it.  I don’t want to force My Ideas or opinions on anyone, I simply want to have a Voice.  The Will of the world Will determine if I should succeed and My task cannot be completed unless everyone is willing to get on board.

When I sat down to Write this entry, it only seemed reasonable to look up Ash Wednesday to see what Wikipedia might have to say about it:

“Ash Wednesday is a day for peace and the first day of Lent in many mainstream Christian traditions, which is six weeks of repentance before Easter.” – Wikipedia

So today is a day for Peace and maybe the only reason My follower account froze at 4,884 was so that I would pay special attention to this day and understand what it means.  It is also important to note that six is the number for Peace and it is not a coincidence that it is six weeks of repentance before Easter.  Also, worth noting that 4,884 = 6 (4+8+8+4 = 24 = 2+4 = 6).  A coincidence?  What do You think?

It is also worth mentioning that on the full Blue Blood Moon earlier this month, a hashtag I have been using on Twitter for as long as I can remember was given a little bonfire.  Now if You type #Bethechange on Twitter, it appears with a little flame behind it.  Prince of Wands is burning down the House to make way for the new Kingdom! 😉

Hope You are all well and feeling both Blessed and Loved on this most auspicious Lucky, Ash Valentine’s Wednesday. ❤ ❤ ❤

Parking lot line painter decides to add a little Love to his work.

Love and Blessings!!!


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