Tall King about the Victims of the Florida School Shooting

Morning quickly became mourning when I heard about the Florida School shooting incident and the seventeen children that lost their lives as a result of it.  Ash Wednesday was not lucky at all for the victims yesterday’s shooting, or anyone else who learned of the news.  Events like this tug at Our heartstrings in ways that are difficult to understand because they were never meant to be understood, no man was ever intended to act this way toward one’s fellow man.

I am here to accomplish peace, to bring Good news to the world, to be the alternative to mainstream media.  Events like this affect Me in a way that is difficult to explain.  I can’t watch war movies, yet I can sit and watch movies like ‘Deadpool’, “V’ for Vendetta’, ‘Kill Bill’ and other ultra violent movies and thoroughly enjoy them without issue.  The idea that a man will pick up a gun and kill for someone deeply disturbs Me, never mind thousands of men doing so in unison.  What ‘Good’ could possibly come from an event like this?

I was tall King yesterday about Ash Wednesday, how in accordance with Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday is a day of sacrifice and the first day of lent, a 6 week period leading up to Easter.  Easter, of course, represents the resurrection of Christ.  I have also been tall King about My Mystical perception of the Universe, how all things in the macrocosm are a reflection of what I am doing in the microcosm.  I had said yesterday that I knew it was somehow important to Write about losing 16 followers because I have never gone to bed with less followers than I had the morning I woke since April of last year.  Support for My cause is important to Me and I sincerely appreciate every single follower I have because I know world peace cannot be accomplished without a tremendous amount of support.  The Universe was trying to tell Me something and I knew I was meant to share it with You, even though I did not fully understand the information that was being communicated to Me.

When I woke up today, mourning, I knew the rest of the Universe had made a sacrifice, too.  Events like this have an affect on collective consciousness.  It also has a direct affect on Me.  I get angry when I hear of events like this, I get motivated and become even more inspired to be the change I dream to see in the world.  As tragic as this event may be, I am every bit as outraged as anyone else and more motivated than ever to accomplish world peace as soon as possible.  Six weeks would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Events like this are meant to motivate Us, regardless their cause.  Whether it be because a boy with mental health issues goes to school with a gun, or because a plane plunges into the world trade center, these events are meant to EVOLVE Our conscience.  Often We immediately find Our selves tall King about gun control laws, increased security and other policies that might prevent events like this from happening in the future without fully examining what the motive might be in the first place.  A boy must be seriously damaged both mentally and emotionally to even consider taking someone’s life, much less open fire on his schoolmates.

It is the laws that govern society that are responsible for the mental health issues that exist in Our society.  The boy who opened fire is not the problem, he is a symptom of the problem, a living example of how lost We have all become and how We still rely on those who created the problem to fix it.  Will We never learn?

A child who is loved, nurtured and supported in every Way Will never act as the boy in Florida did yesterday.  This is a reflection of how society and government are failing humanity and how the media loves to CAPITALIZE on it.  That’s what a CAPITALIST society does, because bad news sells papers.

Let every tragic event that happens in the world be a reminder to every man how society and government are failing the people in every country of the world – at the moment, there are no exceptions, except Sean’s Idea for the world, a world free from want and fear, a world that can know Peace.

Let Us all mourn the lives of the children lost in Florida this past Ash Wednesday and as King of God that this event inspire a global transformation of consciousness that will put an end to these seemingly unthinkable acts once and for all.  It is only a tragedy if We do not learn from it and do nothing to change it.  Nemaste.  All My love and blessings to everyone in the world affected by yesterday’s tragedy.

‘V’ the Change

Be well, be vigilante.  Be the Truth, the Life and the Way.  Be Love.

Thank You for being here, I love You.



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