The Good News Journal, Volume I: Happy Monday, The First Edition

I am still Celebrating Life in Gratitude for the Glory of My last Goal accomplished; 5,000 followers on Twitter.  The next Goal Will be 10,000 though I Will have to Give the Matter some thought before I consider what kind of time frame might be reasonable.

It really has been something of a Magical weekend for Me.  On Saturday I achieved My first major social media marketing goal of 5,000 Twitter followers, My Twitter stats were auspiciously manipulated to suggest I’ve had 5,000 followers since My Mother’s birthday (the Universe’s Way of letting My Mother know that her prayers for Me are being answered), and yesterday also happened to be My nine year anniversary on WordPress.  Amazing how all these things seem to be happening at once.  Coincidence?..

What a fabulous Way to celebrate 9 years on WordPress! Saturday was a Magical day long before I reached 5,000 followers.  I have taken something of a temporary vacation from maintaining My Twitter marketing strategies to enjoy and appreciate the moment and refine them [strategies] before launching again for the first of March.  By implementing the strategies I have been tall King about here, I have already broken almost all previous records for a single month on Twitter.  I did have one month where I had over 16,000 profile visits, which is currently one of only two remaining records that stand, the other is the 1,468 new followers back in November.

All Green

One of the marketing strategies I am incorporating immediately is Writing more.  It’s easy for Me right now because I am inspired and motivated to Write, I have a lot of important things to Write about and I want to do something special to celebrate 9 years on WordPress.  I am always tall King about perspective and maintaining a positive attitude.  I don’t spend much time tall King about mainstream media here because I find it usually focuses on terror and all of the bad things that are going on in the world, when My intention is to focus on the Good.

So this entry is going to be the beginning of yet another subcategory of My Blog which Will be called ‘The Good News Journal’, My new news publication.  It Will be a subcategory of ‘Hand of the King’ and Will give reports on what I am doing to Honour My Sworn Oath to Protect God and the Queen in Canada (otherwise known as the common law and human rights).

I Will be tall King about how I plan to bring elected officials before the Superior Court if they fail to respond to My letters, how much time they have to do so, and what the consequences Will be for them [in the Superior Court] if they don’t.  I Will also be tall King more about what I do on a day to day basis to be the change I dream to see in the world and chase after the elected officials I’ve already Written.  These are things I don’t speak of too often because I feel people are not interested in the complicated legal stuff but it really isn’t that complicated and I feel the more I Write about what I am doing on a daily basis, the easier it Will be for the common man to understand…  Including My Mother. 😉

It is also My Way of Honouring My audience here.  I have been tall King for a long time about how Our thoughts are Creative – what We think, We become.  I have suggested Visualizing Your Self as the Hero of Your own Story and I have Writ about how I believe We are all Kings.  Is it really such a surprise to find out that such a title exists in man’s world?  Or is it only a surprise to discover that it might be attainable?

I once Writ about how discovering the Holy Grail, or finding the Philosopher’s Stone was only half the Hero’s Quest.  The second part of the Hero’s Quest is to secure the Treasure for the benefit of all of man.  And that is what a true King is meant to do with his title, that is how he Honours God…  And the Queen.

I can’t promise that The Good News Journal Will be a daily publication but that is going to be the eventual Goal.  In the next edition of the Good News Journal, I Will be tall King about some of the follow up calls I have made with Canada’s elected officials and shed some light on future plans for this new publication.  Public, eh, Sean?

Every passing day is one day closer to peace and prosperity for all of man, and that’s Your Good News this Happy Monday.

Love and Blessings,




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