A Sensational Saturday for Sensei Sean, A Day I Must Share with My Mom

It has been a Sensational Saturday for Sensei Sean.  Today was also the day I hit five K!  Thank You so much!  Only the Universe can know how truly thankful I am but I want My audience to know it, too; I believe that gratitude for every Gift God Gives is an important part of being in Harmony with the Universe, the One Song We all Sing.

For those who don’t know, I am tall King about My Twitter account and five thousand followers, a goal I had hoped to achieve on or before June 5th.  I’m a little more than three months ahead of schedule.  Thanks to two Miraculous days in November, (the 5th and the 11th) which Gifted Me with 300 and 700 followers respectively, I was pretty confident I would achieve My goal, the only Quest Ion (question) was when.

I began tall King about the importance of social media and My Twitter account in terms of what it represents in the Way of influence in the macrocosm, what others might call the collective.  To be successful in My microcosm (My personal Quest), I Will need a significant amount of influence and support in the macrocosm.  As a Mystic, I perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe and Twitter is a reflection of that Intention being answered.  It is not a coincidence that birds represent Heavenly Ideas and that Twitter uses the silhouette of a bird for it’s Logo.  It is not a coincidence the effect of Words and Ideas in Tweets are Called Impressions, or that this would Impress Sean. It is not a coincidence that hashtags are four lines intersecting each other when Four is known in Magic to represent Foundation for Ideas.  Kingdom of Heaven found a Sean?  The English language is so fun!

It was My Mother’s name day last Monday, February 19th.  I have always told My Mother I would put an end to money One day and show the world how We can accomplish Peace.  I admit they sound like pretty lofty goals, it is easy to understand why My family or anyone else might wonder if I’m crazy.  I think the world We live in now is pretty crazy, so I’m comfortable with that.

Evie: “Um, are You like a crazy person?”

V: “I’m quite sure they Will say so.”  – Scene from ‘V for Vendetta’.

One of the primary themes in V for Vendetta is that there are no coincidences, One of My core philosophies and something I had been tall King about for some time before I had ever seen the movie; that was the reason My friends insisted I watch it.  I loved the movie, then saw it manifest in the macrocosm when I learned about the hacking group Anonymous.  These are some of the reasons the real world can seem dream like for a Mystic, every beautiful Idea is reflected in the macrocosm in some way.  I’m quite sure Anonymous would be very capable of hacking My Twitter account if they wanted to.  Coincidence?..

My Mother and I have experienced a lot of little miracles together.  The Song Imagine by John Lennon played on the television shortly after she read an e-mail from Me telling her I had as King of God to send it to her.  My mother was terrified about driving on the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler from Vancouver, so I as King of God to shut it down for a few days making sure no one was hurt and it was done.  It also opened again within hours of My mother returning to Ontario, as if it had been done especially for her.  My Mother as King of Me to make sure to keep her safe driving home in a terrible storm and I as King of her to turn on the music and focus on the sun.  The most incredible storm cleared in minutes and it was a beautiful, sunny drive home.  She believes I am lucky and Will find what she needs if she takes Me shopping and it Will probably be on sale.  We usually get pretty good parking spots, too.

When I finally Created My Cestui Que Vie, the first person I showed it to was My Mother.  I Will never forget her response.  She gasped, “What is this, is it Art?”

It was probably the most Beautiful thing she could have said.  I laughed a little, I think, and told her it was what I had been War King on for so long, My ‘graduation’ thesis, My claim to God’s Kingdom.  I told her the document makes Me a King in man’s fiction.  My Mother told Me she didn’t understand, I said that was okay, I didn’t really expect her to, I just wanted her to be the first to see it because I know how My Words and Intention for My Mother manifest.  My intentions for My Mother are motivated by Love which is the most Powerful Form of Magic Imaginable.

This was before I had sent any of My documents, I wanted to Bless the Intention of the document by showing it to My Mother first.  These are the other elements of being a Mystic, the Magic I Cast into the Universe.  She could have said nothing, she didn’t need to, her expression said everything; she was awestruck by it.  I knew in that moment that the document was everything I believed it to be and had told My Mother it was.

…  “My claim to God’s Kingdom, it makes Me a King in man’s world.”


Friends in My microcosm have suggested that someone might betray Me because I am often tall King about the Bible as a Code Book for man’s Matrix, and Christ’s character was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.  But I say time is money.  30 days is the amount of time a man must wait for a civil claim to be disputed in law. Coincidence?

Time is very valuable but 30 days is not really so much, which is also represented by Silver (as opposed to Gold which might represent years). Is it a coincidence that this document became a legally binding, undisputed claim on My Mother’s name day (birthday for most)?  A man’s name celebrates One’s unique Calling in the Universe, a man’s birth celebrates One’s infancy and dependency on the Universe, a time of ignorance when One must Trust in God [to take care of them].  I don’t know what it is like to be a parent but I imagine that One of the things I would want most would be for My child to see My Son or Daughter accomplish their dreams.  Doesn’t becoming a King (in law) on My Mother’s name day seem just a little too perfect?  Is it a coincidence that everything falls into place like a fairytale, that I accomplish one of the greatest dreams of My life on My Mother’s name day?

I sent the letters registered mail so that I would have some way to prove I had sent the documents if the government failed to respond (which they did do for a few months).  Then I decided to Write the Queen and the Pope (using My Secret mail system which I Will be showing the world soon) to let them know I had claimed My Sovereignty and got a reply from the director of the Attorney General’s legal department, Sean Kearney, roughly five days later.  Coincidence?  There was no need for the government to respond or return the document to Me showing My claim had been received in hard copy (the receipt of registered mail would have been enough) and Sean Kearney gives Me Written proof (prima-facie evidence) that there is no dispute to any of the claims made in My letter ($11,000,000.00 Canadian).  The government Gifted Me with a legal title of Kingdom (Sovereignty) to walk around with, something to show the authorities, and a default judgment for $11,000,000.00.  Thank You, Sean Kearney.

“Your letter does not appear to have been issued by or filed into a court of law.  As Your letter is not a properly issued claim or application, my intention is to take no action in response to it.”

He went on to say “that no further correspondence would be forthcoming from this ministry on these matters.  I am returning the original documents to you.”

There is one other important detail to Note (like in a Song) in the correspondence.  Sean Kearney’s letter is dated the 21st (3×7) day of the 4th month, three months and two days too late.  If it was “not a properly issued claim or application”, that would have been a reasonable argument or contest to My claim and something to show to the court; the onus would be on Me to prove that it was…  If he’d replied within 30 days.  What he’s really doing, is failing to contest to any of My charges and making an excuse for not responding in due course because has no intention of paying Me the eleven million dollars until the ministry is ordered by a Judge or Justice to do so.  And I don’t care about the money.

One of the other Miraculous things that happened when I received My package from the Attorney General and Writ My first Blog Post about it, was that My Twitter account ‘woke up’.  I had almost forgotten I even had a Twitter account.  I receive notifications when I get e-mails and I was getting a lot of e-mail notifications – Twitter followers.  I wish I could remember how many, but I think I gained somewhere between 20 and 50 new followers the ‘first’ day My Twitter account came to back to life.  I had 55 followers for roughly seven years.  The most interesting thing about that, is that they weren’t just anybody.  Celebrity level reporters and journalists from Fox news and a few other U.S. news networks, journalists, publishers and writers featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine, Huffington Post, business guru’s, lawyers, attorneys, even judges and justices.  High profile accounts.  Why?  For Me, it was confirmation that the document is everything I had told My Mother it was, now the world is waiting to see what I Will do with it.

5,000 followers is an important number on Twitter.  It’s a new level of status.  I think the next one is 10,000 to 50,000.  And so I guess that’s the next Goal for My Twitter account.

Mom's Birthday

I only reached 5K yesterday.  Yet every once in a while, My Twitter Stats are manipulated, hacked or just the victim of some ‘random’ tech glitch.  I don’t presume to know why, it just is and I know there are no coincidences.  The Universe wants Me to show this to My Mother, to show My Mother that there are no coincidences.  It would appear I’ve had 5002 followers since My Mother’s name day.  This is the Universe showing My Mother that the Words expressed in My letter to her have already manifested in the Universe.  This Blog Post is to complement My name day Gift to My Mother, to show My Mother that the Universe is taking care of Me and doing what it can to let her know.

Love and Blessings,








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