The Good News Journal, Volume I: Terrific Two’s Day, The Second Edition

Every Edition of the Good News Journal brings Us one day closer to world peace.  That’s the really Good News of the day.  This publication is about the day to day adventures of a common King in Canada who has Sworn to Honour his Duty to God and the Queen.  Thank You for being here.

Today I am going to be tall King about forgiveness.  Forgiveness was the theme of today’s spirituality class and it is probably the most important Spiritual principal governing My day to day actions.  One of My favourite quotes:

“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.” – unknown.

Forgiveness is also a Part of My Cestui Que Vie, “Forgive Me of My trespasses as I Forgive those who have trespassed against Me”, which also makes it a Code for My Life.  I did not understand how important forgiveness is until I actually did it My Self.  However, I think the inability to forgive may be a pathway to forgiveness through personal growth.

The only reason I started studying the law in the first place was because I was furious with what the Toronto Police had done to Me and I had been told I could be facing as much as five years in prison – for nothing!!!  I’d been charged with obstruction of a peace officer, carrying a dangerous weapon and carrying concealed weapon.  In reality, I was backpacking and asked why it was necessary to give My name if I wasn’t being charged with a crime.  They told Me that was obstruction, so I gave My name.  The dangerous weapons were a camping knife and a slingshot.  The slingshot was to spook ravens trying to steal My food, the knife is a basic camping tool and was perfectly ‘legal’.

I think anyone who knew they were innocent and facing as much as five years in jail would be at least a little concerned and probably angry – I know I was, and I think it’s perfectly natural to feel that way. The charges were just the beginning, what was done to Me after that was much worse.  It wasn’t until I was actually preparing My defence and composing My first letters that I forgave the Toronto Police.  I had to consider how much I should be as King of the Toronto Police for in compensation for what they had done to Me.  No amount of money was ever going to undo what had been done.

And I realized if they had never done that, I would never have studied law, I would never have actually done anything in the physical Universe to be the change I dream to know; I would never have become a King (Sovereign).

I also knew that if they ever tried to do it to Me again, I might not care about money, but the state sure does – and now I know how to hold anyone who arrests Me commercially liable for doing so.  And I can charge whatever I want.

The greatest transformation I experienced as a Spiritualist after publishing My documents [claiming My Sovereignty with the Attorney General], was the experience of absolute forgiveness.  I was not really angry with the Toronto Police, I was angry with My own ignorance of the law and My inability to defend My Self.

The police were just doing their job and I was ignorant, I didn’t know any better and ignorance of the law is no excuse, right?  Making excuses wasn’t going to help, I needed to learn how to defend My Self and My arrest in Toronto was the event that forced Me to study something I would never have otherwise been motivated to study.  I literally hated studying law in the beginning.  Now I love it.

This is My Tuesday Post and due to circumstances beyond My control, I was not able to publish this Post as early as I would have liked but the message is about forgiveness.  Once I knew how to properly defend My Self, I began to real eyes the source of My ‘anger’ was My own ignorance; and I slowly but surely became less and less ignorant.  The anger left with My ignorance.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I can understand how difficult it can be for people to forgive others, especially if a person has wronged another in a serious way.  I was ‘angry’ with the Toronto Police for years.  My suggestion is to channel that ‘anger’ or resentment into something positive.  The charges on My record were one of the only things that truly made Me angry and I know anger is a useless emotion, so I would even get angry at My Self for being angry about it!  (The downside to paying close attention to Your thoughts).

But for Me, it started a chain of events that have changed My Life in a Way that actually furthered Me toward My overall Quest and destiny in the world, something I would likely never have accomplished had I not been arrested. The same could be said for those who Will try to tell Me I can’t accomplish My dreams, though I know they are wrong, so they’ve never have that power over Me.  When I was told that I wouldn’t stand a chance if I tried to defend My Self in court, I didn’t know enough about the law so it did have power over Me until I learned what I needed to learn to be confident and transcend My fear – even though I would never have identified it as fear at the time.

I don’t even know the officers who arrested Me in Toronto, what sense would it make to harbour any resentment for them?  It’s not even likely I Will ever see them again.  A few months after sending My letters all the charges issued by the Toronto Police ‘Magically’ disappeared and that was the goal, not $11,000,000.00.  However, I’m not so sure the charges would have disappeared so quickly if I had not been as King for $11,000,000.00 in compensation.

Oh Snap!

I hope this Tuesday finds You all well.  Forgive someone today!

Love and Blessings,


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