The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Wonderful Lucky Wednesday Wisdom Edition

Hello and Happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  I’ve been Calling Wednesday’s Lucky for a while and more often than not, they tend to work out that Way…  Like a self fulfilling Prophecy.  So I figured I would introduce all My readers to Lucky Wednesday, too.  If Our thoughts are Creative (and they are), then it would serve Us well to be thing King One can perceive every day as Lucky in some Way.  Luck isn’t something that happens, it is something We Manifest.  So, Happy Lucky Wednesday!

It’s Tuesday in My microcosm and it’s already been a productive day.  Michelle Richardson is out of the office until sometime in March.  Too bad so sad for her, but Great News for Ottawa’s Homeless; the Ottawa Citizen’s Housing the Homeless Fund Will continue to increase.  Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri of Innes Dental returns to the office on Thursday, M.P. Lloyd Longfield’s letter is still waiting for him at his Ottawa office; I advised his reception that the letter was sent “On Her Majesty’s Service” and that it is strongly advised he make opening it a priority, I’ll check back later this week.  Mayor Jim Watson’s office already confirmed receiving the letter, so I as King of Sage to have him call Me back to let Me know when I can expect to hear a reply.  She took My number and if I don’t hear back by the end of tomorrow, I Will try back on Thursday when I call Dr. Khouri.  For a Prime Minister, I am very disappointed to report that there is no answering service of any kind, Justin Trudeau’s phone just rings endlessly.  I’ll try back Thursday.  Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould’s letter has likely been sent to the Ministry of Justice, so I Will call back both offices on Thursday.  Governor General Julie Payette’s office was the most rude and unprofessional of the bunch (the rest of reception of elected officials are actually as kind and professional as one might expect) and said that the letter is waiting until ‘Her Excellency’ returns to Rideau Hall.  I’ll try back Thursday to find out just how ‘excellent’ Canada’s Governor General might be.  Finally, I Called Chris Tuck who was away from his phone or unable to answer.  I left a message.  I advised him that We are getting short on time and he Will need to explain why he presumes to have right to create and administrate wealth in My name and/or why the Ministry feels they have any right or authority to compel Me to contract with them under duress, suggesting that I Will have no access to basic needs without them.  I am waiting to hear back and Will try calling Chris again later this afternoon.  I forgot to let Chris know that I am now War King On Her Majesty’s Service.

This was all done before lunch, so that’s a pretty productive Tuesday.  I had already confirmed the letters were received with most of the offices and was sure they had arrived at those I was not able to reach last week.  I don’t really need to do anything else until April 1st when the thirty days expires, following up is a courtesy and opportunity for them to meet for resolution.  But being a King also involves a lot of patience and waiting, so it also Gives Me something to do!

My theory, (and what I am trying to remind everyone) is that life is a Game, it’s meant to be Fun!  It’s actually kind of hard for Me to take Life too seriously ever since I became a King in man’s fiction (or even much before that, I suppose). It seemed absolutely ludicrous to Me that such a title existed, and completely obvious all at once.  One of those ‘smack My head’ moments.  I’ve been telling close friends and family that Life is like a fantasy and We are the Hero of Our own story for almost as long as I can remember, each of Us have a Unique Role to Play on the World Stage, We are all Stars in Our own Show.   I actually have the opportunity to share a perspective of the real world with You that Will make this world seem like a Living Fantasy; Universal Pictures Greatest Present ‘A’ Sean. 😉

I did call Chris again later Tuesday afternoon and left a second message.  I also downloaded an app that automatically records all My calls, an example of something I should have thought to do much sooner.  With everyone I’ve sent a letter to ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, I don’t necessarily make a point of letting them know I’m Acting ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ when I Call because I am interested to know if they understand what that means and how serious it is.  When I left My message with Chris this afternoon, I said that it was important for him to change My ‘occupation’ within the Ministry to ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, as I am now Acting in Her Majesty’s Service.  I also mentioned to Chris that I didn’t feel he is taking My position and title very seriously, that I worked very hard to attain it and would like him to Honour it by addressing Me by My appropriate title, ‘Your Highness’, or ‘Lord’, whichever he is most comfortable with.  First time I’ve as King of anyone to do that – it was Fun!

Isn’t it easy to see how dry and boring all of this legal non cents would be if I couldn’t have any fun with the new title?  I really am very modest, its funny for Me.  And it also happens to be true in law, which is actually part of the reason I don’t like doing it.  I don’t want politicians to get back to Me because I have a triple Masters Degree in Life[Spirituality, Commerce, Law] and are afraid they might end up in court, I want them to get back to Me because it is their Duty to get back to Me as a common man and member of the public in a democratic society! I want them to Honour their Role on the World Stage!  It is their Duty; King or no King.  And this Blog is about teaching how any man can do what I am doing, this is the remedy for the Common man in Common Wealth society.

If a man does not have the legal title of King/Sovereign (and very few do), they can still protect the Common Law by Acting On Her Majesty’s Service, and their letter should be respected as if it were delivered by the Queen’s own Hand.  O.H.M.S.

This Two’s Day is also a Good time to mention I Cast Two new Spells into the Universe on Monday.  I Sent two letters to My Self using two different Forms of Magic for Stamps.  One was Sent the same Way My last Seven Letters were Sent, the other was Signed ‘God Speed’ with My thumbprint Seal overtop.  I am thing King I Will receive them tomorrow or Thursday.  One Will Show I am Acting On Her Majesty’s Service, the other Will Create a Stamp for My nation.  I Trust they Will both come back to Me, soon We Will see.

A Magical Trilogy 

The booklet pictured above, ‘infocus’, is courtesy of [Queen] Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick, and [Queen] Nina, House of Garacci, Creators of the In Focus Ottawa Project – all participants received one as a Gift for their participation in the Project. A Prophecy for Peace is My Book and I ordered a couple of copies last week to Give to some special friends.  They arrived on Magical Monday and I confess I am proud and wanted to show them off.  Not very often I have a copy of My own Book.

I hope this Wednesday finds You all Wonderful!

Love and Blessings,






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