The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Fabulous Friday for Thing King ‘Frankly’ Edition

I hope and Trust You are having a Fabulous Friday, thanks for being here.  I would also like to Give Thanks to My new Blog subscribers this week, the followers of My Blog Will always have a very Special place in My Heart.  Thank You so much to everyone finding My Words, I Love You for being here.

I’m Writing this Post on a Wednesday because I’m ahead of the Game and beginning to get excited.  The Letters I Writ to My Self are likely to come back tomorrow and that is very exciting for Me!  In fact, I’m so excited it feels a little silly!  So I thought I would use the Energy to bring some enthusiasm into My Friday Public ‘A’ Sean.

The reason I’m so excited is because I did a little research and it seems there is very little information about sending mail ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.   The Wiki link does say it is often used in the Common Wealth and can be used in Canada for letters to the House of Commons or any member of Parliament, but the information isn’t verified and there is nothing about O.H.M.S. mentioned on the Royal Mail Service website.  The other detail I found interesting is that Wiki says Lieutenant Governors can Send letters O.H.M.S.

I decided to research the information because I thought I would find something to confirm the service was available to anyone in the Common Wealth, even for sending letters to a private business or corporation like Innes Dental or The Ottawa Citizen.  I was not able to find any information to confirm this is true – that’s Part of the reason I Cast the last two Spells upon My Self.

I Sent two letters addressed to Me the exact same Way I Sent the first Seven, except one was sent O.H.M.S., the other with only My thumbprint and ‘God Speed’ where One would typically apply Post Age.  (I Will include photos when they return to Me, which I anticipate Will be Thursday or Friday).

If only the Letter Sent O.H.M.S. is delivered to Me, then I know that My thumbprint is only acknowledged when I am Acting On Her Majesty’s Service and may not even be required to ensure delivery (as My return address and Hand Writing Will Identify Me, too).  It would essentially mean that the Letters were only delivered because I have Her Majesty’s support (legally as an automated procedure in the mail service or intentionally because I am known to be in Her service).

If they are both returned to Me, then I know My thumbprint and ‘God Speed’ are sufficient Post Age for any future letters I may want to Send and ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’, becomes a legally recognized title and address in the international community.  And this is why Friday is Fabulous for thing King because this takes being King to a whole new level, which is something I only recently Writ I would do on the first of April.

I am almost positive I am going to have both letters returned to Me and I am gushing with excitement.  Having My own Stamp is about as official as being the King of My own Realm can be!  And I’m even more pleased that I have the opportunity to share this excitement with You because this is a perfect example of how I am still learning so much!  It is also a great example of how Magic can have a transformational effect on Me, even before the letters arrive.

I realized that even Sending a Letter with My proper title and address in the top left of the envelope is the ‘proper’ Way to Send a Letter (I thought Writing [return address] on the back of the envelope might be okay, too).  I never really considered the legal implications of sending a letter identifying My Self as a King in the international mail system and it would make sense that a King would have some Way to communicate with other Kings and international leaders, right?  Hmmm…

Remember when I said that if I don’t get anywhere with the government of this country I Will go everywhere without them?  It is very Good to know that My Letters were delivered to the two non-government addresses but the more I read about O.H.M.S., the less likely it seems they should have been.  That was what inspired the Sending of two letters to My Self “In Loving Care of” where I am now.  Initially, I did it because it would be One more document for My legal portfolio showing My title is acknowledged by Canada Post.  Even I was not thing King big enough, I was only thing King Canada, not international.

According to Wikipedia, a Lieutenant Governor can send mail O.H.M.S. (outside of government offices).  That suggests I have the Powers of the Lieutenant Governor (or higher) in Canada’s mail system, whether My Letters got there because they were sent O.H.M.S., or not.

The other interesting thing I discovered about sending letters is the Franking Privilege.  The Franking Privilege is a privilege usually Given to members of parliament and government that allows a man to Sign where One would typically apply a Stamp to send letters postage free between government representatives within a nation.  If both letters are returned to Me, it Will mean that I have franking privileges, presumable because I’m the King of My Nation.

Translation:  it Will mean I have the status of Post Master General in the Post all system, the right to Send My own documents anywhere in the world, and anything I apply to the top right (up right, upright (Standing)/Highest, Highness (Authority) Right, True and Correct) Will Act as My Stamp and Will sufficiently pay for My Post Age.  I can Create My own Stamps!!!  That’s pretty bad ass!

Can You Imagine how My Mind might be reeling with Ideas?  If You knew You could Write anyone in the world and use any kind of artwork You like for a Stamp, what would You use and who would You Write?  My friends think I should plan to stay at the Chateau Laurier, they say it’s fit for a King, maybe I Will Write them a Letter.

And to be thing King I said I was done Writing Letters.  I think I also mentioned something about this Blog being like an international, free Post office.  And now I am that in the real world… I am that, I am!

It is 11:00 for Me on a Thursday morning, preparing this Post for Your Friday and hoping I Will have a photo to Post with this Edition sometime later today.  God Speed.


I hope and Trust Your Friday Will be Fabulous,

Thanks for being on this adventure with Me,

Love and Blessings,







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