The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Spiritual Saturday Sensei Sean Edition

Happy Saturday, every One!!!  Did You know that three exclamation marks activates the Idea of a Crown in man’s psyche? Did You know that capitalizing a Word makes it more important in Your Mind?  Is My unusual use of capital Letters beginning to make more Cents?  And perhaps My Word Play, too?

This Edition of The Good News Journal Will be the 20th consecutive Edition which is truly remarkable for Me.  Twenty consecutive days of Writing is something for Me to be proud of on a personal level and You are making it so enjoyable for Me to be here.  Thank You.

I decided to dedicate today’s Post to Spirituality because the Significance of man’s relay Sean Ship with God (Universe, Macrocosm) is a Central Theme in this Play, and is the difference between Sovereignty and Kingdom.  At 2:37 Friday afternoon, mail has still not arrived, so I don’t have the photos I was so excited to Post…  Yet.  But I’m not any less enthusiastic or excited than I was when I was Writing about how Magical it Will be to finally have them.  And that is Spirituality, too, because everything is perspective.

I was considering what it might mean if they were not returned to Me.  I Spent (Time is money) My Friday morning following up on phone calls once again, this Time armed with My new automated Call Recorder.  Once again, Trudeau’s office is the only one who’s phone rings endlessly off the hook which to Me is a reflection of his character in the macrocosm, ‘ the lights are on but nobody’s home’.  However, Dr. Khouri has returned from vacation and was able to confirm having received the Letter, though he was with a patient and did not say when I should expect him to respond.  Calling the rest of the offices is really just a courtesy and formality because I know they got the Letters and it really isn’t My responsibility to make sure they know how to respond.  The most important detail for Me, was to be sure that My Letter was received because Innes Dental is a private corporation.  According to Wiki, a Lieutenant Governor can Send Letters outside of government On Her Majesty’s Service.  I am Officially (office-I-ally) Acting in the Capacity of Lieutenant Governor or Higher in Canada and legally recognized as such in the Post all system.

This is not News, only absolute confirm ‘A’ Sean of what I had Writ in previous Editions of The Good News Journal, now I am considering what it might mean if My Letters are not returned to Me.  Some may consider it a ‘fail’, yet it would suggest that the previous group of Letters I Sent were not automated, they were given consider a Sean.  Sending a Letter to My Self may be considered a reflect Sean of the proverb ‘God Self does not prove God Self’.  I Give all things a Mystic interpret a Sean, See the world through Spiritual eyes, real eyes new things.  To Me, it would suggest I must “Trust in God”, that My Powers in the Mail system Will not be proven to Me, though if I Trust any Letters I need to Send Will be delivered, then it Shall be Done.

I thought it may also be worth noting that I still believe My two Letters Will arrive, I am only surprised they have not yet reached Me.  The only detail that changed, is that I did not get a receipt to show that they were received by the Post Office.  An agent at a Post Office is like a clerk in a courthouse, except this courthouse is the whole world.  This is where Kings do business.  My theory is that ‘God Speed’ Will ensure the delivery of any letter because no one wants to offend God.  I Will be disappointed if I should find that is not the case.  Having said that, I don’t believe it would ever work for commercial purposes – if You want to participate in commerce, You Will have to pay the price.

If My letters are not returned to Me, as a Mystic, it simply means that whoever made sure My last Letters arrived does not want Me to know if it was by Way of My own Hand or because I am On Her Majesty’s Service – the Universe wants Me to Trust My own instincts.  I showed the world what I wanted to do and Trusted it would be done for Me before I researched whether or not it should work – and it did, even though there is no conclusive evidence to suggest why it should have.  One small Miracle in the Mind of a Mystic.

I am also super excited this Saturday because I Writ about one of My friends suggesting I stay at the Chateau Laurier and now three of My friends have suggested it.  Today a friend told Me she had Dreamed about Me and that I had achieved tremendous success and was a Powerful, influential member of society.  The thoughts and dreams friends of mine express to Me tend to manifest even faster than My own.  I wonder if the woman I am Dreaming of Dreams of Me, too…

I am also Mind full that tomorrow Will be the beginning of My two week countdown and that excited Me!  I uploaded all of My phone Calls to Sound Cloud so that You can all get a Cents of My ‘professionalism’ on the phone, and all of these things have inspired so many new Ideas, that I Will have plenty of new strategies to share with every One tomorrow…  And maybe a little bit of the Secret Love that is something of a motivator for Me in My microcosm.

In an effort to Keep My Editorial reasonably short and sweet, I Will Sign off for today and look forward to speak King with You again on Sunday.  I hope this Saturday has been Sensational for You,

Love and Blessings,



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