The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Terrific Tuesday Edition

Good morning, I hope You are all having a Terrific Tuesday.  Only twelve days left before Easter Sunday and there really isn’t much for Me to do now except wait for public officials to respond to My Letters and I Mage in (imagine) what I Will do if they don’t.  Then I consider how lucky they Will feel when they find out how Forgiving I am.

I Will be going to Chateau Laurier on April 1st to set up My new Office and that’s what I am most excited about.  Can You blame Me?  I would like to Send a Letter in advance of My arrival but I am waiting to see if My last two Letters come back to Me first.  If they do, I Will be Sending a few more Letters before I leave here.  I’ve advised Chris Tuck on the phone that if he fails to resolve the issue on or before April 1st that he Will be in breach of public Trust, though I feel it may be Wise (and courteous) to Send him one last letter so he knows I’m serious.

If I include Chris Tuck, I Will have 8 arrest warrants to Write and I may begin War King on that today; I haven’t Writ a War Rant yet.  I’m not too worried about My claim against the Ottawa Citizen as the more Time goes by, the greater the liability.  Doctor Khouri Will also be reasonably straight forward as he has failed to respond to the charges against him.  The rest are elected public officials who Will be in breach of the public Trust.  Every single one is guilty by default until they provide a defence, My Letters are prima-facie evidence – that’s the Way the Common Law works.

That’s a lot to be thing King about.  As I’ve mentioned before, if I have My Way, none of it Will be necessary.  I would prefer to work with those I’ve Writ Letters, and help them do what I have as King of them to do; I’m really not sure what could be more Honourable or agreeable than that.  If they don’t come to Me, I need to consider how I Will do all of this…  Not just Writing the War Rants, but also how I Will orchestrate all of it.  Do I quietly work with law enforcement behind the scenes and arrest them all at once, or should I start at the bottom and work My Way up?  I would like to be as discreet as possible with the exception of what I am Writing here.  If I wanted to be less discreet, I could Write the media and tell them what I am planning to do.  So many options…

That’s another reason I suppose it’s taken so long for Me to do this because I really won’t take any pleasure in arresting anyone.  Part of My job is to remind everyone that Life is a Game, it’s supposed to be Fun!  If any elected officials I have Writ Letters to know how the Game actually works, they would have replied to My Letters and We would be celebrating right now.  I’ve claimed Kingdom, they are presuming to hold the Keys and, ironically, that’s what’s causing them all their ‘grief’.

Here’s the dilemma the Canadian government is facing:

The government cannot presume to have Me bound to any kind of contract against My Will or it is an admission of bondage and slave contracts, that part is simple.  If they close the commercial accounts as I have as King of them to do, then it suggests the government did have a claim on the value of My Life and was using it as surety for commercial purposes.  Even if that contract were presumed to be consensual, it would be extremely controversial if it were to become Common knowledge.  So, the onus is now on the government to explain how these commercial accounts are Created, and what exactly has been used as surety for Canada’s debt (money).  And I have as King of the government to provide disclosure of such, which I know Will be impossible for them to do.  Checkmate.

So that’s the big ‘conspiracy theory’ in a nutshell.  If the government doesn’t understand how the Game really works, providing full disclosure of the Record of Live Birth and the commercial contracts created from it appears to be suicide.  I get to tell them what’s really going on.

I get to propose that the world was banking on the fact that some One would eventually know their unlimited commercial value and use it to pay back every debt on earth.  Et Voila!  So now, closing the accounts and doing as I as King of them to do actually gets them out of all kinds of other hot water, too.  See how nicely this all works out?

My Cestui Que Vie is My Key.  I Claim that the Intention to Establish God’s Kingdom is worth more than all the money in the world.  And so it is.  10:37, time to Post.

Love and Blessings, have a terrific Tuesday!!!





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