The Good News Journal, Volume XLIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition

Hello world, and thank You for being here.  I’m not going to apologize for not Writing a Post in the last three weeks, I am going to Hope and Trust that My audience Will appreciate My indulgence in a much needed vacation, though I did allow My vacation to last about a week longer than I had anticipated.  However, taking a break also has the advantage of Gifting Me with that much more Good News than I may otherwise have to share, so it should be an especially Good Edition of the Good News Journal.

First and foremost, I hope You have all had a wonderful Holy Day season and are filled with optimism for the New Year – I know I am!!!

I would also very much like to express My most sincere Gratitude to a couple of very special individuals I am Blessed to have in My Universe.  The first thank You goes out to My friend Eva, whom I only know through Facebook, and has been nothing less than an Angel in My microcosm.  December was a tough month financially (they all are really, but One notices more around Christmas), and I had literally, out loud, as King of the Universe to provide Me with a little cash – just enough to fill My fridge for the Holy days, I had everything else I needed.  I have said before that I don’t as King of the Universe for much because the Universe already knows what I need and Will deny Me nothing – to be as King for anything more feels selfish, so I don’t.  I know the Universe knows I know this, too – so it seems a little silly to be as King for something You know You Will get, but saying it ‘out loud’ was My Way of letting the Universe know I am not too proud to be as King for what I need.  What I needed was to fill My fridge, but the only way to do that without committing a crime or hauling ass all over town in crazy cold weather, was to go grocery shopping; and that requires cash.  The next day when I opened up My laptop, My friend Eva had sent Me a beautiful Christmas message along with a Western Union money transfer and it was more than sufficient to fill My fridge.  I don’t know how to properly thank My friend Eva, or show My appreciation – I don’t eve know how to let the Universe know how Grateful I am, and I know the Universe already knows!!!  Anyway, the Blessings didn’t stop there.

My last Post was something of a tragic one, I was tall King about the celebration of Life I had attended for My Friend Chris who recently passed.  I hadn’t met Chris’s family before the event, and his mother messaged Me and as King of Me if I could meet her for coffee, which turned into breakfast.  It was truly wonderful for Me to have the opportunity to meet My friend’s family, and although the circumstances are tragic, We are bound together by it also.  Even though he is no longer with Me physically, I feel closer to him after meeting his family and sharing their grief.  I have so many little things to share with his mother, and she has as King of Me to commit to painting his Portrait, (which I am Honoured to do), so I know I Will have more opportunities to share things with her.  She also left Me with a beautiful card, which included a photo of Chris and a few very special Words I have yet to respond to as I have not had any time to My Self since about a week before Christmas.  I moved into My new space on New Years day, so I Will have considerably more time to organize My thoughts and get things done.  I am hoping to have all My Art supplies here by next week so that I can start My Friend’s portrait.  It is very exciting for Me just to consider being able to paint in the privacy and comfort of My own room!  Noella also handed Me an envelope for the commission which I didn’t open until after We’d parted.  I’m not sure what the etiquette is on that, it seemed as though it would have been rude to open it and count the money in that moment, though if I had, I would have said it was too much.  However, I thought Noella might like to know that the amount she gave just ‘happened’ to be the same amount Chris had told Me I should insist on receiving for any of My work.  No coincidences…

And, a few days later another client of the Salvation Army was barred for 60 days just two days before Christmas with nowhere to go, no money and no food.  If I hadn’t been so Blessed by the Angels in My Universe, I would have been in no position to help.  However, My fridge was full of food and although I don’t really endorse supporting ‘habits’, I also don’t believe in judging People for them, so I also bought him a pack of smokes on Christmas day.  But I would not have been able to be as kind and generous as I was able to be if it had not been for the amazing individuals in My Universe.

I have more Friends to thank, but Noella and Eva were the two individuals who had the greatest impact on My Holy day season and allowed Me to be as generous with My Friends as they were with Me.  The Universe truly is Giving Us everything We need in every moment.  I think the reason it’s so difficult for some People to see or believe this Truth, is because what We want and what We need are not the same thing, and We don’t always get what We want, but We do always get what We need.

Thank You Noella and Eva for making this Christmas season one of the most Magical ever.

I have lots of other Good News to share, including a couple of e-mails in response to My complaint against the city of Ottawa (and not very impressive ones, I reserve the right to foreshadow), but they are Good!  The letters clearly demonstrate where the lack of compassion for those subject to shelters/homelessness comes from and why shelter managers are able to get away with failing to comply with the shelter standards – the city actually endorses and protects the managers who are violating their contracts and trespassing upon the rights of the Canadian People (clients of the shelter).

Anyway, We’ll leave the shop talk for next time!

Love and Blessings everyone, Happy 2019!!!

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