Volume XLIX – Do We Want Simple or Stupid (Solutions)

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank You so much for being here!  Today I’m going to address a comment from last week’s Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition,and continue having some Fun with Friday’s Feature Headlines.

Last Saturday We found a Simple Solution for ending homelessness by proposing an unconditional minimum basic income allowance of $2043 a month for every person subject to shelters, and how We could implement this Plan tomorrow at no additional cost to the taxpayer.  Seems like a Simple Solution, and this is what One reader had to say about it,

This is great! I totally agree with you 100%! I feel like all that people could say to this is well then people would stay on assistance! Well, I think that if they actually gave people enough to live that there should be rules. For example, when on welfare, its temporary until you find a job. So they should make a rule that if you dont look for work at all you are cut off, very simple. As for ODSP, you are on hoping to get better and hopefully get off. So we should have to go to counselling etc to better ourselves etc. And if we dont, cut off. What do you think?” – Jöelle

I Will always do My best to respond to any comments as soon as I can.  I did reply, but I wanted to discuss this issue here, too because the comment made is exactly what People do say to discourage the Idea of an unconditional basic income allowance.

Jöelle is absolutely right.  Most People worry that People would just take advantage of the system and be lazy – that’s essentially the motivation (I’m hypothesising) behind Giving those subject to social assistance roughly half of what they need to get into dignified housing and/or live independently – they are forced to get a job, beg, starve, or commit crimes to survive.

The system has essentially been designed to ensure that One cannot survive (and I’m not tall King metaphorically, I really mean survive!) on social assistance without the assistance of emergency shelters, subsidy (involving long wait lists, often years, and longer if You are not sick or injured), or other private organizations picking up the slack.  I know in most cases they call themselves charities, but there is nothing charitable about taking three times the taxpayer’s money to care for Canada’s homeless (Salvation Army) when the same money could put the same People into dignified housing (and stimulate the economy, for those who care about that sort of thing).

So, what about the ‘lazy’ People who just want to take advantage?  Well, I am thing King it would not work out that Way very much at all.  At first, maybe.  But I believe most would get bored and that most of Us generally want to be involved in Our community somehow, even if it’s just to interact, meet People, hang out with Friends and, (especially if the appropriate Care is Given to deal with mental health and addiction issues,) I believe most People would find work they actually like doing, and would be more likely to Keep that job once they find it.  In fact, I believe that having to go to a job One loathes just to Keep One’s Life together, is the primary cause of depression, anxiety and the overall general depreciation of mental health in Canada.  I also believe the moment One is removed of want and fear from the loss of those basic rights, One’s mental health Will begin to improve almost immediately.

portrait old person sad
Photo by omar alnahi on Pexels.com

I’m going to look into this Issue more over the next week and see what I can find out about places that may have tried this Idea or have something like this in place already.  It is not a new Idea, it just isn’t discussed much because homelessness and poverty is big business (building contracts and tax breaks all rolled into one neat little package).  Mathieu Fleury demonstrates this with his plan to end homelessness for Ottawa that I was tall King about in My Thursday Thing King Edition.

person dropping paper on box
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I really don’t take pleasure in insulting People but the politicians I am tall King about make it so easy!  In the very same article, the indignant conditions families are subject to in low income housing ‘that has existed for too long’, Fleury suggests to remedy by building more low income housing – and he wants a 1% tax levy to make it happen (which of course Will hit low income families the hardest, resulting in more poverty and homelessness). Seriously?  Are You kidding Me?  I couldn’t make this stuff up!

building architecture historical tower
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Now Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin ‘the Joker’ Trudeau is in hot water for allegedly interfering with Judicial procedure and refusing to Give a clear answer about it, a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.  And this time, You don’t have to take My Word for it, they put it right in the article!

My Favourite Political Champion of the moment.

So, for next Saturday I Will look into the unconditional basic income allowance to see if I can Find information from places it’s been tried.  Today I’m Giving thanks to the Universe for all the especially Serendipitous Gifts I was Given this week, including the article and video Posted above to Show the world that not everyone in politics is an idiot, there is some Good News to share today, too!  Alexandria is not only a bad ass, She absolutely kills this!  Not only is she as King to her respondents killer Quest-Ions that make them look like fools, she simultaneously has them undermine the entire U.S. political system – Now that, is some upper Class Style!

cheerful close up coffee cup
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Finally, I wanted to thank the Ottawa Sun for Posting a few articles I can actually enjoy this week, it has been very entertaining!  Rarely does mainstream media share My political opinions but there have been a couple of exceptions I was happy to Write about this week.  My Quest-Ion is always why?

Clearly, the Sun wants Canada to pick a new leader.  First they present the problem (Trudeau), next they Will Give You the solution – literally (pun always intended).  We just have to fill in the blanks.  Who does the Sun want Canada to pick next?  Will it be Simple, or Stupid?

I hope You all have a fabulous weekend!  I appreciate You,

Love and Blessings,

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