Volume LIX: Easter Sunday Re-View

Happy Easter Son Day, hope You are all having a fabulous Holy Day weekend.  Yesterday I re-Posted a Blog Writ by the administrator of one of the information groups I follow, “Tactical Sovereignty”.  I’m going to re-Post the video from that Post and share a few of My thoughts on it with You today.

One of the reasons I found this interview interesting is the discussion of the [book] ‘The DaVinci Code’, and it’s relation to the hidden Truth about Mary Magdalen, the alleged wife of Christ.  The Idea is controversial, as I am thing King most Christians perceive Christ as ‘perfect’, implying He was also a virgin/celibate.  The concept of Christ having a wife or mistress invites One to revisit their perceptions of both sexuality and the Sacred Union of marriage.

One of the other reasons I decided to Post the video is because many of these Ideas would seem ‘blasphemous’ to many Christian believers.  The interviewee responds to how well received the information was by both the public and the [Roman Catholic] church because the information he’s presenting is sourced from their own literature (the Vatican archives).

A lot of the information is very interesting and very different from the Common belief.  Lawrence Gardner claims Jesus and Mary had three children, two sons and a daughter.  He is also tall King about how the name Sarah is a Title that represents a princess, and I always say that these Ideas are perpetuated in Our Common Stories – in this case, the Story of “The Little Princess”.  I learnt the name Sarah represents a princess from studying the Tarot, and here I had an opportunity to correlate that information to a potential origin.

I like understanding the symbolism behind the stories We’re told.  I looked up the movie ‘A Little Princess’ and decided to watch it.  The beginning of the movie starts with an ancient myth of Rama (Ramayana), and One can quickly begin to see how all the Stories are connected.  Rama can only win the Heart of the Princess if he proves strong enough to lift a Magical bow, which can only be done by a man pure of Heart (We’ve all heard this theme somewhere before).  This is similar to the Legend of Thor, and of course, King Arthur who was the only one who could wield the Sword from the Stone.

These stories go back to ancient Sanskrit, one of the oldest 22 Letter languages.  All of these Ideas are somehow intertwined in most of Our modern movies and television programs, except they are updating the Symbols and Ideas to integrate them into Our Present day Christian under Standing.  This ‘Magically’ associates Our DNA with the Four (Foundation) additional Letters of the English Alpha-Bet to activate 4 more chromosomes.

In ‘A Little Princess’, the movie starts by telling Part of the ancient Story of Rama and Princess Sita, to a young girl name Sarah.  ‘S’ was One of the ‘new’ Letters of English, old English (like Homer’s Odyssey) uses ‘F’s for ‘S’ sounds.  Now, We’ve made the ‘F’ Word a ‘bad’ Word.  😉

Sarah is told that all girl’s are real Princesses.  Soon Sarah is leaving India for America to live in a seminary while her father fights in the war.  Most People won’t notice all the ‘little’ details (and I miss plenty of them, too, especially the first time watching a film), but the Ship they take to America is called the S.S. Christina (Christ-ina).  No coincidences.

These subtle symbols that seem meaningless are actually connecting familiar Stories (because they are retained in Our DNA from generations of hearing them in various different cultures) to Our modern day Mythological Super Hero, Jesus Christ.  The next noticeable connection to Christian teaching is the father telling Sarah that her dolls come to Life when she’s not in the room.  Sarah asks why she can never see the toys come to Life, and her Father tells her it wouldn’t be Magic if You didn’t have to believe; the Idea of Faith is introduced early in the film.

I took a little longer getting around to Writing this than I had planned and if I don’t publish pretty much now, it won’t be Easter Sunday anymore.  I’ve got a lot more I could say about this but perhaps I’ll leave it for the Magical Monday Edition.

The main thing I wanted to demonstrate, is that there is nothing ‘evil’ about esoteric study or hidden knowledge.  The Idea that being more informed about anything seems a little silly to Me.  So the hope was that I might encourage others to look into some of the symbols incorporated into Our culture and language.  Everything in the Universe is trying to communicate a singular Truth, though the Universe speaks to each of Us in its own unique Way.  If a film, book, or Art of any kind resonates with You, there is probably a Good reason for it; the Universe is probably trying to tell You something.

Whatever You believe on this Holy Day weekend, may it Manifest Quickly for You.

Love and Blessings,







  1. The most important thing in faith whatever the faith may be is serving us to feel connection to the divine presence within or source of creation or God …
    Infinite number of ideas and beliefs do exist in the universe …
    I have been wondering if there would be new religions as the scope of awareness expands universally and we may meet extraterrestrial beings somewhere in the unfolding future…


    1. I am thing King that the evolution of consciousness Will One day result in the End of all religions as We collectively develop a greater understanding of Unity consciousness. There is only One God, the various religions are like choosing a tool One uses to develop Greater understanding of a singular Truth. Love and Blessings, thank You so much for Your contributions, I appreciate You! 🙂

      1. As implied in the article , each person is different and is entitled to choose any path that leads him or her to unconditional love and bliss or ultimate divine truth …
        The formless divine and Change is the only constant in everything because change is the flow of life …

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