Volume XLVIII: Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday; War King with Super Powers

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition, thank You kindly for joining Me.  It has been quite the Lucky Wednesday, and I have a new Story to tell about war King with Super Powers.

Babalon.  Babylon.  Babble On.

Babel On

Whether We Call it ‘Commercial Admiralty’ or not doesn’t really Matter.  When I am tall King about ‘Commercial Admiralty’, I am tall King about the commercial fiction of law, ;the codes, Acts (all the world’s a Stage), and Statutes most of Us Commonly accept as law.  This is the primary reason there is so much confusion when People are tall King about the Common Law; most People presume it is whatever bills have been made into law by legislative process.  That may also be exactly what others are referring to when they use the term ‘Common Law’, but I Wish to clarify that is not what I am tall King about on this Blog.  On this Blog, the Common Law is Common Sense, the laws One should know without having to be told.  Simplified, perhaps ‘do no harm’ would be appropriate.

So ‘Commercial Admiralty’ refers to Babalon, the fiction of laws Created by Man, and I like using it on this Blog because it makes a beautiful metaphor for the world We live in.  In the Card above, We noticed it appears as though Souls are being trampled, and it would be fair to say that most of Us have heard the expression, ‘drowning in debt’.  I am thing King it would also be fair to say there are plenty of People struggling to Keep their citizen Ship afloat.

I would even suggest that the citizen Ship was Created with the same Idea in Mind as that of God and Noah’s Ark.  This is One of the many Secrets I Will be sharing with the world and explain in more detail shortly.  Trust Me, things are truly not what they seem.

The Babalon Card represents Living a Purpose Full Life, and is the Central Quest-Ion of My Life in particular.  The figures underground represent dead characters, otherwise known as incorporated persons.  Every citizen is an incorporated person, and this is a legal fact.  An ‘incorporated person’ is a commercial title and character, and is usually CAPSIZED.  Essentially, it is a business name and title that matches the Given name of the individual.  Technically, it’s like a license to do business in the country, and that’s why every One ‘needs’ to have identification.  The individual is then bound (pun intended) by the rules of commerce governing the country, and Acts as liability for money borrowed by their incorporated person (business).

I don’t know how easy that is to comprehend, but it’s the simplest Way I can think to explain what is actually going on in the world.  The problem with this Idea being True, is that when One does fully comprehend the concept, it appears to be a highly sophisticated system of slavery.  That’s the big reason there is so much resistance with respect to the ‘Sovereign’ movement.  The best Part about that, is that I don’t even think the government knows how it’s not slavery…  But I do. 😉

This is related to yesterday because the corporate world really does try to trample on the Common Law rights of the People.  Housing Services, the same organization responsible for investigating My complaint and assassinating My Character, are now attempting to interfere with My move by refusing to ‘authorize’ My new address – like it’s up to them?

Ah, I seriously could not makes this stuff up.  The attack is coming directly from Housing Services, which obviously doesn’t look Good for them, especially considering their recent track record.  My move has already been approved by the social services verification department (that’s how I know the interference is from Housing Services).

Yesterday I was furious – even for a Spiritualist, this is getting a bit much!  However, I haven’t been receiving rental allowance to be where I am now, and I’ve been paying to stay here.  Now that social services has approved the move, I can pay the difference out of My basic income.  It only leaves Me $200 a month, but that’s what I’ve been war King with for the last seven months anyway.

I don’t spend much time tall King about these ‘Issues’ in My Microcosm because this is the Good News Journal.  Regardless what is going on in My Microcosm, I Focus on the Good.  It was a little harder to do yesterday, but when I decided I was moving regardless what Housing Services has to say about the Matter, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from My shoulders.  The first (angry) thought was, ‘No, nothing is stopping Me from making this move!’

This is why even an emotion like anger can be Good!  Really.  There is always a motive for it.  Sometimes the anger is only to inspire the courage – the Lust for Life, the Fire in One’s belly.  The second I made the decision, I knew exactly how I could make it True.  Shortly afterward, I found out by Way of email that Dan Power, the case worker assigned to Me by Housing Services, was thing King exactly the same thing.  I’m moving, no matter what.

My Cestui Que Vie is the Central Focus because it represents what each of Us should do.  It is not a coincidence that the amniotic fluid was described as representing the Ocean under the Seamen of the ‘Ark’.  Consider that the water does represent Commercial Admiralty, and that all of Man is Sailing (for Sale) a citizen Ship that has been fed nothing but the Ideas of Commercial Admiralty.

Dan Power met Me for the first time probably close to a year ago now.  All the forms for the program were the same as they are now.  I told Dan that I couldn’t Sign any of his forms because I don’t consent to any of the trespasses upon My rights ‘required’ by the program.  He never treated Me with discourtesy in any Way, and he genuinely seemed to regret the fact that he didn’t have the authority to override any of the conditions or requirements.  I told him not to worry about it, I would eventually find a Way.

I can’t Imagine what it is like to be Dan Powers in My Universe right now.  He knows Housing Services was ‘told’ to accept My Cestui Que Vie as identification, and that all other conditions were waived with the exception of one visit, or two by My consent.  What I can say, is that he has always been Good to Me, and he really came through for Me today.  That’s why it’s ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  He seemed as shocked by the news as I was, and he’s on My side.

It’s a crazy move.  It’s so crazy, that even the People involved seem nervous about it.  Dan didn’t want to break the news, and he doesn’t Wish to have any Hand in the Matter.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

I know this Post isn’t as ‘coherent’ as usual, My thoughts are still kind of scattered with respect to these recent developments, but I did not Wish to miss another day of Writing.  My Friend said to Me today that My Cestui Que Vie should be My Central Focus, and that it should be the Central Focus for each of Us – to Declare One’s Purpose, rather than have it pre-determined for Us.

That’s what this Blog really is about.  These recent developments help Me in many Ways.  I have some Plans I am war King on, and I believe Dan Powers is going to become One of the main Characters in My Story.  Soon, not only Will I have My own space, but I Will also resume Painting.

I also have some Ideas about why these events in My Microcosm may be happening, which I Will share with You next time.  For now, I wanted to include the three Cards of the Central Quest-Ion with this Post because I was also tall King about how the Divine Feminine has been suppressed, especially with respect to Man’s Ideas about God.  I Wish to emphasize that the Central Card is influenced by two Cards, both of which represent Divine Feminine Energy.  They are also both in the ‘Suit’ of Earth.

Okay, I’m just going to call it a night.  My thoughts Will hopefully be a little more organized tomorrow.  I hope You’ve all had a wonderful Wednesday.

Love and Blessings,



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