Volume LXX: Fabulous Friday Free Lance; “…But One Always Gets what One Needs”

Hello, and welcome back to the Second Part of the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of The Good News Journal.  I am tall King about the adventures of July 1st’s moving day, and You can find the first Part of the Story here.

When We left off from My last Post, My Friend had said to Me that if I did not spend one more night at her place (My old address), I “don’t care about My cat at all”, (Gigi, who was missing in Action at the time).

There are a few things I need to say here.  The first, is that I have a very unusual relationship with animals.  Plants, too, but it’s more apparent with animals because of their behaviour.  Gigi knew I was moving.  She knew what it meant when I brought her food and water dish outside.  She knew why all of My stuff was outside.  Animals are far more perceptive than most would Give them credit for.  Gigi does not Wish for Me to go anywhere without her.  The point is, when she realized the rest of My stuff was gone and only her food and water dish were left, she knew it was her turn.  Just because I say she knew I was moving, does not mean she was thrilled about the Idea.  She disappeared on purpose.  She’s still young, roughly a year and a half.  Young animals often Act like young children, ‘I don’t Wish to go, and You can’t make Me’ (especially cats have a Mind of their own).  The trick is to pretend One doesn’t care and leave without her – then she’ll come running.  That was My Plan, and why I Wished to come back later in the evening when things would be quieter so I could walk her back with Me.

The other thing about animals, is that they are very receptive to the emotional State of Man.  Gigi was well aware of My Friend’s emotional State, and did not Wish to be anywhere near her that day, much less get in a car with her (Gigi does not like car rides).  So of course Gigi is going to disappear when ‘We’ come to get her.  I was nervous being in a car with My Friend that day, but I Trust in the Universe completely.  Gigi was Trusting her instincts – and for all I know, the additional distraction of a cat in a car would have been the difference between a safe ride and a dangerous one.

The other detail worth mentioning, is that I had decided I was moving on July 1st and I was not about to let anything stop that from happening.  Nothing.  I was not, under any circumstance, spending one more night at My old address!  

I was able to convince My Friend that Gigi is more likely to return when the sun goes down and the traffic eases up a bit.  I suggested I return to My new place, unpack some of My things and get settled, then come back and bring Gigi later that night.

I walked back to My new place and finally got My stuff moved safely from the lobby into My room.  Virtually everything I owned was sitting there all day for anyone in the building to take, so Monday was very Magical for Me in that regard, as nothing was touched.  I was also moderately concerned for My plants which were in a large box probably sweating to death without sunlight, but they were the first to be unpacked and appeared very Happy and healthy still.

I assembled a shelving unit and was beginning to set My plants on it when My Friend Called to tell Me Gigi was there and I need to come back to get her ‘right now’.  So I do.  When I get there, the car is gone, no answer when I knock at the door, and no Sign of Gigi; so I text My Friend.  Gigi’s in the house.  This might sound stupid, but that was the last thing I Wished for My Friend to do because it lets Gigi think she still lives there.

Anyway, I find Gigi, put her in a harness, put her on a leash and begin walking back to My new place.  We are about to pass a park when a box of fireworks go off, Gigi loses her Mind!!!  You might have thought I was trying to fly a kite rather than walk a cat.  Worst part is, she can “Houdini” her Way out of any harness I’ve tried, this one is no exception.  She got out of her harness, gave Me a fierce look, then turned the opposite direction and bolted down the sidewalk out of sight.  That was that.  My patience was done for the day, I was going home to finish unpacking and would deal with Gigi in the morning.  Or not.

My Friend asks Me if I picked up the cat, I tell her I did.  She asks Me if she’s in the new place, I tell her about the fireworks and how she ran away.  My Friend insists that now I must walk back with all the cat stuff and spend one last night at My old place in case Gigi returns.  I say, “I’m exhausted, My back is killing Me, it’s not happening.”

All of this was by text.  A few seconds after sending the last message My phone rings.  I answer.  I’m not going to repeat what was said because it was nasty and this is The Good News Journal.  Don’t get Me wrong, I’m by no means a ‘push over’ – My Friend was literally screaming at Me over the phone and I most certainly raised My Voice in kind.  What I did not do, and have never done to My Friend, was insult her.

My Friend invented an entire situation that hadn’t happened, was blaming Me for it, and calling Me every name she perceived to be appropriate for such a Character.  ‘I do not care that her dog is dying, I have no compassion for animals, I’m making her responsible for My cat, making her get up at three o’clock in the morning to let her in, making her responsible for cleaning up My cat’s mess because I’m not bringing the litter box back for her, waking up all the tenants in the house because My cat Will be crying…’  Honestly, it went on and on.  I tried to tell her at least three times that she is not responsible for My cat in any Way, nor do I Wish for her to let it back in the house or take on that responsibility.  Nor did I think Gigi was likely to return until at least the morning.

So what’s The Good News and what is the Spiritual message to this Story?  I was Standing in My new Space, and I was able to hang up My phone.


“The Queens are fitted to endure for the period of their function; but they are not the final product.”– The Book of Thoth, The Virgin Universe

This individual has been a Major influence in My Microcosm, and why I still call her a Friend.  My Friend has a Good Heart, and We all have Character flaws, My Self included.  I often Show case My flaws here with the Tone of My Letters; I am conscious of it and I do what I can to channel the Energy in a positive Way.  I can become a Victim to these Games as well as any other Man, and it took serious time for Me to learn how to not Play the same Cards as My adversaries.

On one Hand, My Friend is the only reason I haven’t been on the streets for the last six months.  ‘The city’ determined it was not a ‘legal’ address, so I received no housing allowance for it and had no legal tenancy.  It also meant that if I pay rent and My Friend decided to kick Me out half way through the month for any reason, I have zero legal recourse.

On the other Hand, a YouTube interview conducted by My Friend is believed to be the reason I was barred from the facility.  I know My Friend certainly believes it was the reason, so she feels responsible whether it’s True or not.

In My twenties, an experience like this might be somewhat traumatizing.  Don’t get Me wrong, it was still a crazy chaotic day, but I was able to manage it.  I knew whether I walked My stuff to My new place or whether a Friend helped Me take it, I would get it done.  When My Friend began insulting Me, I knew what was really going on.  My Friend has confided more in Me than in any other individual over the last six months.  She does not Wish Me gone.  Inventing all kinds of reasons to be angry with Me makes the separation seem easier.  At forty-six, I’ve been through enough break-ups to know how many things People Will say they don’t actually mean.

Again, a longer tale than intended, and I Will have more to say about this as it relates to Our recent Tarot read; the Queen of Disks represents My Friend in My Microcosm.  One of the Key attributions of the Card is ‘Influence’.  Notice how she is looking away?

I should also summarize before Signing off to say that the cat did come back, but not until three a.m. Thursday morning.  ‘Luckily’ My meeting with Super Powers was postponed till Thursday this week, so We stopped by My old address and Gigi ran out of wherever she was hiding to be rescued.  She is Loving the new place as much as I am.

Love and Blessings,










  1. If you believe in law of attraction, tell your friend to get into positive constructive energy frequency and send out love and peace while believing that her dog could be possibly healed …

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