Volume LXXVI: Full Moon Magic; May King Peace with City of Ottawa

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal.  It was a thoroughly thrilling Thursday in Deed, as I delivered My Notice of Discontinuance to the Divisional Court.  My Complaint with the City of Ottawa is officially resolved.

It really was a Magical day, and it truly is ‘officially’ resolved, as the City of Ottawa is now an office I ally; Our two offices achieved a meeting of Minds.  An ‘office’ represents a constitution [of thought], or in this case, two constitutions; the city of Ottawa’s, and My own.  Here is the definition of ‘office’ according to the English dictionary and provided by Google.

The second definition is particularly relevant.
“A position of authority or service, typically one of a public nature.”

How We govern Our Self is a reflection of the constitution of One’s office.  An office is also described as

“a place for professional, commercial, or bureaucratic work.”

Is one not always in One’s office?  Can/could any One work without an office?  Of course not.  How can One Mind One’s business without an office?

I always say that there are no coincidences and that the relay-Sean-Ships between Words is not arbitrary or accidental.  Although the city of Ottawa may be comprised of many offices contracting with many businesses, the ‘city of Ottawa’ still represents a single corporate [corpo/corpus-rated (dead)] body.  It may be easier to think of this single body like a tree, as the various departments and organizations the city contracts with are often referred to as branches.  Each of these branches stem from an Idea that is firmly Established in the Foundation of its roots.  The city of Ottawa first began with an Idea to settle there, which of course represents its concept-Ion, the seed of intention that has been nurtured to become what the city of Ottawa is today.

All of this is relevant to Ideas I Will likely be discussing in more detail tomorrow.  Today, I was may King Peace with ‘the city of Ottawa’.  Some of the branches of the tree Will still need tending, but I believe the main trunk stems from roots deeply founded with Good intentions.

And there really did seem to be something especially Magical about the day.  The weather was beautiful and I met many old Friends along the Way.  I appreciate My solitude more than most and I spend much of time living the Life of an introvert.  At the same time, when I am in a social setting, I am highly extroverted.  Today I was reminded of just how many People I actually know in this city, even if only casually.  I don’t think I have ever made a trip downtown without seeing at least a couple of People I know well enough to stop and chat with, today was an exceptional example.  I ran into five individuals I haven’t seen in a long time and I was amazed with how happy each of them were to see Me.  One man in particular was sitting on the corner of Rideau and one of the cross-streets Creating works of Art.  I told him how Happy I was to see him making a contribution to Ottawa’s culture.  He said that he still feels uncomfortable sketching in public but was inspired by watching Me paint outside the Salvation Army and Wishes I was still there.  Of course, he doesn’t Wish for Me to still be staying at the Salvation Army, but says he misses the positive vibe that it Created and said somebody needs to bring that kind of Energy back.  His Words touched My Heart and told him I felt he was the perfect Man to bring that Energy back, and Hope he Will continue and inspire others to do the same.

“Well, that’s the goal, thank You for the support.”

And just as I was about to take My leave, a stranger stopped by and handed My Friend a bag of timbits, and told him to Keep up the Good Work.  I said to My Friend that the man was a Sign from the Universe encouraging him to press on, and not to worry about what others might think.  “Get lost in Your Art and soon You Will not even notice the People walking by until they stop to tell You how You have lifted their Spirit.”

When I arrived at the Court House, I stopped to take a picture for My Blog.


Almost as soon as I finished taking this photo, the sweetest old lady approached Me and was as King if she could speak with Me for a moment.  I thought she might need some assistance with something.

“Of course, what can I do for You?”

“I just wanted to tell You how much I Love Your shoes!  I haven’t seen shoes that classy since Elvis.”

Needless to say, I was wearing My fancy Fluevog’s!  They really do get attention.  I thanked the lady for her compliment and then she asked Me if I was an artist.  I thought this was a particularly interesting Quest-Ion because of course, I am…  But I was not wearing anything that would Give it away.  As it turns out, it was My briefcase that got her attention.  It has a tribal-like Mask on One side (the Face of My portfolio), and a Rosicrucian Cross on the back (representing Foundation in Spirit).  She told Me that she knew I was an artist even before she saw My briefcase because her son is also an Artist, and she said I have the same Spirit as her son.  How flattering is that?  I didn’t even know what to say, though I asked if her son was an Artist I might know.  I believe she said his name is Naori Dickinson, though I have performed a couple of Google searches for an Italian artist by that name and wasn’t able to find anything.  Apparently he lives in Italy and is well known for his Artwork there.  Even more amazing, when I thanked her for approaching Me and choosing to speak to Me, she said that her Duty in Life is to raise People’s Spirits, and wanted Me to know that I look like a class Act.

Trust Me, ‘chance’ meetings with strangers like this do not happen by chance.  This was a deliberate and clear Sign from the Universe that withdrawing My application to the Divisional Court was in Harmony with the Universe’s intentions for Me.  Even the security guards working the entrance of the Court House seemed to recognize Me with mild enthusiasm, as though they were ‘Happy’ to see Me.

As far as the details go, I only took the original file I had filed with the Court, I had no Idea that to ‘officially’ withdraw a claim, there is a particular ‘Form’ One must fill out (though I wasn’t overly surprised).  I know Forms are required for any other Action an individual Wishes to perform in Man’s fiction of Law, but I didn’t really think it would be required to withdraw an application or filing – who would object to a case against them being withdrawn?

I told the clerk that I only know the Common Law and that even if I’d known there was a particular Form to fill out, I would have it Writ by Hand anyway.

“Oh, sure, I suppose You can do that.  It should be Titled ‘Notice of Discontinuance’.”

Easy enough.  I took a minute or so to Write up the Form as shown in the [photo] copy below.  The only somewhat strange thing about it, is that when I Handed it back to the clerk, it was already Signed, ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’, but he passed it back to Me and said it also needs to be Signed and dated.  Maybe he just wasn’t being ‘precise’ with his Words and meant that it still needed to be dated, but he would have to stamp the document with a date to show it was received and provide Me with a copy, so it seemed a little redundant.  I reclaimed the paper, dated it, and then pulled out My stamp-pad and added My thumb-print to satisfy the request for a ‘Signature’, which I deliberately placed ON the date.  He was satisfied and within thirty seconds afterward, confirmed that the file was now closed in the system.  He also left for a moment while I was Writing out the form, and I presume that was when he called someone from the city to tell them I was filing a discontinuance by Hand.  I know this because when he told Me it was officially closed in the system, he also told Me that the city had ‘accepted’ My ‘Notice of Discontinuance’.  Was he really expecting they would refuse to accept a Notice of Discontinuance?


I feel a HUGE weight has been lifted from My shoulders and I am very excited about My plans moving forward, which I Will share with You in the Free-Lance Friday tomorrow.

Before I Sign off, I also Wish to remind My readers that I have also suggested that every full moon represents the climax of events and this is almost always reflected in My Microcosm in some Way.  Although I deliberately filed My Notice of Discontinuance today knowing it was the full moon, I did not know that today was going to be the full moon until after I had Given My Word to the city that I would withdraw My application sometime this week.

The end of One chapter is the beginning of another.  More to come soon.

Love and Blessings,






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