Volume LXXXI: The Two for Two’s Day Bonus Edition; More Paige’s in My Story

Hello again every One!  Part of Me Wishes to apologize for My inconsistency with respect to Writing, but I Truly believe it’s just Part of My Nature.  Right now, I can’t Write enough!  I’m having Fun with My Claim, and I Will be tall King more about it once I get it complete.  I still have a long Way to go, but I’m very pleased with what I have Writ so far, and I did warn You it Will not be a ‘typical’ Claim.

I. “Keep on as King…” – Matthew 7:7

And I just noticed a Spelling error, so I Will actually be re-Writing this Page (‘funding is depend’?).  I’m going to leave it for now because I am thing King the next couple of Pages are Good and at least You Will get the complete Idea.



Yeah…  I guess I can’t really ever know what People are thing King when they read My documents, but let Me Present You with My motive for being so…  What is the Word?  Eccentric, unorthodox, perhaps even radical?  I don’t know what People are thing King when they read My documents, but let Me explain My reason for being so ‘radical’.

Consider for a moment if You were a sales representative about to pitch a client.  If One knows nothing about the client, it can be difficult to Establish rapport (rap-Port).  Everything We do is a reflection of Our Character in some Way.  The sales rep who doesn’t know his client Will Wish to make a Good impression, so they Will probably dress ‘appropriately’.  The definition of appropriately Will ultimately be determined by the individual’s Character, as the clothes are a Form of Express-Ion.  FORM of Express-Ion.

Somewhere along the Way, I began to believe that the Court Will happily accept My Hand Writ documents.  Again, I can’t say for sure, but I believe they Will.  I am going to make each copy I Present look so beautiful, they Will not Wish to say no.  Think about how much more entertaining My Claim Will be to read than the typical claim that comes across the Crown’s desk.  I Hope the Justice finds it amusing, that is kind of the Idea.  Law can be boring and drab, at least this Will be entertaining!  Remember, We are only ever before a Court because someone is not Standing in Honour, and it isn’t Me.

The Bible quotes are appropriate because it is a claim against the Salvation Army and their Mission Statement claims they are a Christian organization that support the teachings of Christ.  Surely it can’t be wrong to quote their own Laws if they presume to represent those Ideas within Our community?

I’m confident the Justice Will find the Style of My Writing to their liking.  I hope You are enjoying it, too!!!  More to come soon, and I Will be back with My final installment of ‘The Family’ docuseries later this evening.

Love and Blessings,



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