Volume XCIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; The Spiritual Man Shall Not be Sued, Part II

Hello every One, welcome to the Magical Monday ‘Motive A Sean’ Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

Yesterday I began tall King about My Claim being dismissed and how One might perceive such an event as ‘Good’ News rather than be discouraged by it.  I spent so much time tall King about licentious behaviour and why lawyers need a license to practice that I didn’t get around to the main Issue I Wished to discuss, which is that the Spiritual Man Shall not be sued; and that is some Good News.

“On the outset, I notice the plaintiff is not a legal entity, and such has no right to initiate any legal proceeding in that name.  The Salvation Army Booth Centre is a location or a building and is similarly not a legal entity and cannot be sued.” – (dis)Honourable Justice, Robert Beaudoin

I’m really going to lay into ‘Bobby’ Beaudoin another day.  The above quote are some of the only statements he makes in the endorsement which have an element Truth to them, so We’ll Focus on what he got right, first.

Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is not a legal entity.  This is one of the other beautiful details of this development, is that I get to Show You some of their little Magic tricks.  Here is proof from a Superior Court Justice that the Courts are dealing with ‘entities’.  No ‘right’ to initiate any legal proceeding in that name is Beaudoin’s Way of admitting he has no jurisdiction over that name; that’s what’s really being said.  He does not have the authority to make the Order in a Common Law jurisdiction, he is Acting upon a rule of civil procedure, which only applies to legal entities (the fictional character) in a commercial jurisdiction.  So Justice Beaudoin is just demonstrating to the world that he does not know the difference between Common Law and commercial law; that, or he does not know that the Common Law is the Superior of the two Jurisdictions.

The Spiritual entity does not exist in Man’s fiction of law, and that is now clearly established.  Having ‘no right’ to initiate any legal proceeding in that name also means that no legal proceeding can be commenced against that name.  The justice even suggests that the Salvation Army Booth Centre is also not a legal entity and therefor cannot be sued.  In this instance, the statement happens to be incorrect, though it does demonstrate that the Spiritual Man Shall not be sued.

“The Spiritual Man examines all things, but he himself is not examined by any man.  For “who has come to know the Mind of Jehovah (God), so that He may instruct him?” But We do have the Mind of Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 15,16 (New World Translation)

I still like to use the King James version of the Bible from time to time but this particular Bible was Given Me as a Gift by a Friend and has special sentimental Value, so I prefer to  use this version when I can.  I’m also not ‘religious’ at all, though I do feel there is great wisdom in Spiritual books like the Bible.  My particular interest in the Bible is knowing it is accepted as ‘Truth’ in any Court, so I figure the moral message it Presents is one worth knowing.  I included, ‘We do have the Mind of Christ’ in the above quote A Sean because Christ’s Character in the Bible is the moral example Man is meant to follow (the Way). 😉

Perhaps the best of the Good News, at least for Me, is that I am thing King this means I can remain a virtual nobody in My Microcosm a little while longer.  I have always suggested that the real Common Law Court is right here, where We are now.  I don’t need to ‘appeal’ any decision made by a Court Justice, all I have to do is Publish it here, which is already done.  I Will provide a very thorough breakdown as to why dis-Honourable justice Beaudoin’s decision is not only incorrect and unreasonable, but bias and bigoted, potentially with intent to harm.  His Words are a beautiful demonstration of a decision unbecoming of a justice and an embarrassment to Canada’s judicial system.

The other Great Gift of this ‘Good’ News, is that I have the Freedom to criticize the decision made by the justice because I am not a legal entity.  I cannot be sued for sharing My opinion with You.  The Power to Publish, the Power to Author a Writ is so under estimated.  A lawyer cannot criticize the decision made by a justice, publicly or otherwise!  Yup, it’s true.  One can lose One’s license for criticizing a justice, I don’t have a license to lose.

It is also why You are so important to this Blog, to this Publication.  At the end of the day, ultimately You get to decide whether the decision made by the justice was correct or not, whether this was a frivolous and vexatious lawsuit, or whether My critique of the justice is valid.  The most notable thing about the summary judgment by the justice, is that I was not Given an opportunity to respond, so the rules of procedure the justice is referring to were not even applied – he skirted judicial procedure and made the decision without Giving Me the opportunity to respond and he did so knowingly.  [Don’t worry, I’ll provide My sources when I conduct My full critique.]

Finally, for this Magical Motive A Sean Edition, I am ready to share some of My plans moving forward.  A Good number of things I had Wished to share with the world about Our current system of Law was also somewhat ‘on hold’ because some of the bigger secrets about how the system works I had Wished to reveal in Court – now that is no longer a concern, I have more to Write about.

Also, to quote Will Smith:

“Plan B?  There is no ‘plan B’.  Having a ‘plan B’ only distracts from Plan A.  There is only Plan A. Focus on an Idea, and make it happen.” – Will Smith (though paraphrasing)

Which leaves Me back at the Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean, a collection of portraits of Canada’s elected officials and their Duties and responsibilities to the People of Canada in a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy, and the ‘relevance’ of their Character in My Story as I determine to Establish God’s Kingdom as the Common Law Jurisdiction of every Man on Earth.

See, now I have a new Character to add to My Story, the dis-Honourable Justice, ‘Bobby’ Beaudoin.

And I’m still war King on this One but almost done the main paintwork, though there is a considerable amount of Writing to be added and I’m not sure how I Will do that yet.


I hope You are all having a wonderful start to Your week!

Love and Blessings,



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